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2015-07-24 Gabriel Corona[mc] Add some doc to the simulated-application-side API
2015-07-24 kbaatipeersimgrid release 1.0
2015-07-24 Gabriel Corona[mc] Do not allow to xbt_new things with (non-trivial...
2015-07-24 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove HTML in a comment (this is ugly)
2015-07-24 Gabriel Corona[mc] Comment the binary search in ObjectInformation...
2015-07-23 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix out of range error in the binary search implem...
2015-07-23 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix: can't build a std::string with nullptr
2015-07-23 Gabriel Corona[mc] Give a real override if we know it's available
2015-07-23 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove a lot of typedefs and typedef usage
2015-07-23 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove remainings of an old type
2015-07-23 Gabriel Corona[mc] Simplify lookup of maps
2015-07-21 Christian Heinrich[Doc] Minor changes to introduction.doc
2015-07-21 Christian Heinrich[Platforms] Created folder 'storage' for storage specif...
2015-07-21 Christian Heinrich[Platforms] Added missing attribute in storage.xml
2015-07-21 Christian Heinrich[Platforms] Fixed indentation of storage.xml
2015-07-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove useless/unused stuff
2015-07-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove MC_post_process_functions()
2015-07-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove MC_dwarf_register_variable()
2015-07-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] Avoid the O(n^2) incremental construction of sorte...
2015-07-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] Add comments on ObjectInformation
2015-07-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] Make ObjectInformation::function_index a std:...
2015-07-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] Make ObjectInformation::file_names a std::string
2015-07-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] Make Process::subprograms a std::unordered_map
2015-07-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] Make type_is an integer instead of a string and...
2015-07-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] Move ObjectInformation methods in mc_object_info.cpp
2015-07-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] Move some declarations in mc_object_info.h
2015-07-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] Make Frame::variables, Frame::scopes and ObjectInf...
2015-07-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] C++ location lists and expressions
2015-07-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] C++ify Frame
2015-07-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] C++ify Variable
2015-07-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] OOPify/C++ify Type (cont)
2015-07-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] OOPify/C++ify Type (cont)
2015-07-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] OOPify/C++ify Type
2015-07-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] OOPify/C++ify ObjectInformation
2015-07-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] C++ification of memory_map.cpp
2015-07-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] Cleanup/C++ification of {ModelChecker,PageStore...
2015-07-21 Christian Heinrich[SURF] Callbacks now use the INITIALIZER macros
2015-07-17 Christian Heinrich[SURF] Cosmetics - indented assignments in surf_routing...
2015-07-17 Christian Heinrich[Doc] Added Cluster description. Fixes #18
2015-07-17 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove content addressable page store
2015-07-17 Gabriel Corona[mc] Cleanup mc_hash
2015-07-17 Gabriel Corona[doc] Add missing layers (MC, SIMIX, SIMDAG) in README...
2015-07-17 Gabriel Corona[doc] Various fixes to README.git
2015-07-17 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix another signedness conversion issue with addre...
2015-07-17 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove useless cast
2015-07-16 Christian Heinrich[Doc] Changed stylesheet to make headings look better
2015-07-16 Christian Heinrich[Doc] Significant update to the storage documentation
2015-07-16 Christian Heinrich[SURF] Cosmetics in surfxml_parse.c
2015-07-16 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix cross process memory access in 32 bit
2015-07-16 Gabriel Corona[mc] SimGrid 3.11 Chanelog/NEWS
2015-07-16 degommeprotect against MPI_BOTTOM
2015-07-16 degommeFix fortran mpi_type_struct and mpi_type_create_struct...
2015-07-14 Martin QuinsonRevert "A candidate patch to Github issue #15. Three...
2015-07-14 Martin QuinsonRevert "rename SIMIX_process_get_maxpid() to SIMIX_proc...
2015-07-14 Martin Quinsonkill an unused definition
2015-07-14 Martin Quinsonrename SIMIX_process_get_maxpid() to SIMIX_process_get_...
2015-07-14 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of github.com:mquinson/simgrid
2015-07-14 Martin QuinsonMerge pull request #17 from mpoquet/master
2015-07-12 Martin Quinsonkill two empty files
2015-07-12 Martin Quinsonwho needs such an empty constructor?
2015-07-12 Martin Quinsonless void*, new type: surf_host_t
2015-07-10 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2015-07-10 Martin Quinsondo not output a user unfriendly line
2015-07-10 Martin Quinsonignore more cruft
2015-07-10 Martin QuinsonMASSIVE cleanup: s/workstation/host/
2015-07-10 Lucas Schnorrusing trace timestamp precision when printing to trace...
2015-07-10 Lucas Schnorrnew option to set trace timestamp precision
2015-07-09 Gabriel Corona[mc] Cleanup the DSO ignore list and add some entries
2015-07-09 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix the DSO debug ignore list
2015-07-09 Gabriel CoronaFix the cmake for the host-on-off tests
2015-07-09 Gabriel CoronaFix the host-on-off refcount test
2015-07-07 Gabriel Coronahost-on-off: add basic tests
2015-07-03 Gabriel Corona[jenkins] Enable debug (Ã-g) in the builds
2015-07-03 Gabriel CoronaAdd the missing breaks
2015-07-03 Gabriel CoronaMove the host-on-off fix above
2015-07-02 Gabriel CoronaClean the possibly dangling waiting_synchro pointer
2015-07-02 Gabriel CoronaFix host-on-off
2015-07-01 Arnaud LegrandFix the documentation
2015-07-01 Arnaud LegrandComment on a function whose behavior may be misleading...
2015-06-30 Gabriel CoronaDo not build html/msg-tuto-src.tg anymore
2015-06-29 Gabriel CoronaAdd missing #include
2015-06-29 Gabriel Coronagenerate-dwarf-functions: add a 'Usage' comment
2015-06-29 Gabriel CoronaFix reference to generate.sh (now generate-dwarf-functions)
2015-06-29 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix include guards
2015-06-29 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove ugly #include
2015-06-29 Gabriel CoronaAdd some #includes
2015-06-26 degommesecond attempt
2015-06-26 degomme(attempt to) Disable fortran for mac platforms, for...
2015-06-25 Frederic Suterhappy now?
2015-06-25 Frederic Suterplease the paranoid freak
2015-06-25 Frederic SuterDon't try to change the rate of task once it's done...
2015-06-25 Frederic Suterforgot to declare newly added actions_io.txt and
2015-06-25 Frederic Suterfirst prototype of storage action replay
2015-06-25 Frederic Suterprepare implementation of first prototype of I/O trace...
2015-06-25 degommeadd two declarations for fortran
2015-06-25 degommefix memory leak
2015-06-25 Gabriel CoronaFix thread safety issue in process cleanup
2015-06-25 Arnaud LegrandImprove the doc and checkings of SD_task_set_rate.
2015-06-23 Martin Quinsondo not generate the timestamps to help debian building...
2015-06-23 degommeFind objdump before admitting privatization is possible...