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Don't try to change the rate of task once it's done, the new test in
[simgrid.git] / src /
2015-06-25 degommefix memory leak
2015-06-25 Gabriel CoronaFix thread safety issue in process cleanup
2015-06-25 Arnaud LegrandImprove the doc and checkings of SD_task_set_rate.
2015-06-23 degommeFind objdump before admitting privatization is possible...
2015-06-22 Gabriel CoronaMSG_process_get_data(): don't segfault if there the...
2015-06-19 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove some extern "C"
2015-06-19 Gabriel CoronaAdd support for new Boost.Context API
2015-06-18 Gabriel CoronaParallel implementation for Boost.Context context
2015-06-18 Martin Quinsonmerge smpi_replay_init and smpi_replay_finalize into...
2015-06-18 Gabriel CoronaUpdate comments about process swag hookups
2015-06-17 Martin Quinsonsome sorting in the [smpi/xbt]_replay stuff
2015-06-17 Martin Quinsontypos in comments
2015-06-16 Gabriel Corona[java] Add missing throw NativeException specifications...
2015-06-16 Gabriel Corona[java] Fix javadoc
2015-06-16 Gabriel Corona[java] Synchronize Storage.getByName() throw specificat...
2015-06-16 Gabriel CoronaFix warning in xbt_os_time.c on Mach
2015-06-16 Gabriel CoronaAdd missing __APPLE__ test in xbt_os_thread.c
2015-06-16 Gabriel CoronaAdd missing headers in xbt_os_thread.c
2015-06-16 Gabriel CoronaGet rid of the MACOS tests
2015-06-16 Gabriel CoronaRemove extraneous parentheses
2015-06-16 degommefix unused return value warning
2015-06-16 Gabriel Corona[cmake] Try to simplify the ucontext checks
2015-06-15 Gabriel CoronaRemove PRINTF_STR
2015-06-15 Martin Quinsonuseful error message when requesting for the debug...
2015-06-15 Martin QuinsonSMPI replay: make sure that the replay is inited even...
2015-06-15 Martin Quinsonsmall doc improvement
2015-06-15 Gabriel CoronaRemove non-statis initializer in s_dw_type, s_mc_object...
2015-06-15 Gabriel CoronaRemove unused variable
2015-06-13 Olivier Richard[SMPI] smpi_process_init: revert to SIMIX_process_count...
2015-06-13 Olivier RichardCosmetics
2015-06-13 Olivier Richard[SMPI] index_to_rank_map must be a xbt_dict, not a...
2015-06-13 Olivier Richard[SMPI] change SIMIX_process_count() by process count
2015-06-13 Olivier Richard[SMPI] reqq must be a xbt_dict not a xbt_dynar
2015-06-13 Olivier Richard[SMPI] Fixed smpi_replay_init()
2015-06-13 Olivier Richard[SMPI] Fixed smpi_replay_init()
2015-06-11 Martin Quinsontiny small cleanup of a messssy code
2015-06-11 Martin QuinsonJava should prefer the bundled version of native libs
2015-06-10 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2015-06-10 Martin QuinsonNew functions getWattMinAt and getWattMaxAt
2015-06-10 Gabriel Corona[Windows] Proper declaration of [v]asprintf()
2015-06-10 Gabriel Corona[cmake] Fix Java binding generation
2015-06-10 Gabriel CoronaFix dllexport/dllimport declarations (Windows)
2015-06-09 Gabriel CoronaUse _mkdir in direct.h on Windows
2015-06-09 Gabriel CoronaTry to be consistent bewteen xbt_os_thread.h and xbt_os...
2015-06-09 Gabriel CoronaRemove an explicit declaration of pthread_mutex_timedlock()
2015-06-09 Christian Heinrich[Javadoc] Fixed wrong JDoc comment
2015-06-09 Christian Heinrich[Doc] Fixed doxygen bug: 'Userspace is not a file'
2015-06-09 Martin Quinsonimprove the doc of MSG_host_on() and friends
2015-06-09 Gabriel CoronaFix Windows build
2015-06-09 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2015-06-09 Martin QuinsonNew: MSG_host_get_pstate() and smpi_get_host_pstate()
2015-06-09 Gabriel CoronaUse xbt_strdup instead of strdup
2015-06-09 Gabriel CoronaSome (partial) fixes for cross-compiling to Windows
2015-06-09 Martin Quinsonforgot that reference to a renamed function
2015-06-09 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2015-06-09 Martin Quinsonfurther energy interface cleanups (see changelog)
2015-06-09 Martin QuinsonMSG_host_get_pstate_number() -> MSG_host_get_pstate_count()
2015-06-09 Gabriel Corona[mc] Make Process:object_infos a srd::vector of std...
2015-06-09 Gabriel Corona[mc] Give ctor/dtor for s_dw_type
2015-06-09 Gabriel Corona[mc] Add ctor/dtor for s_mc_object_info
2015-06-09 Gabriel Corona[mc] Make s_mc_snapshot_stack::context not a pointer
2015-06-09 Gabriel Corona[mc] Make s_mc_snapshot_stack::stack_frames a std:...
2015-06-09 Gabriel Corona[mc] Make s_mc_global_t::stacks a std::vector
2015-06-09 Gabriel Corona[mc] Make s_mc_stack_frame::frame_name a std::string
2015-06-09 Gabriel Corona[mc] Make s_mc_snapshot_stack::local_variables a std...
2015-06-09 Gabriel Corona[mc] Make s_local_variable::name a std::string
2015-06-09 Gabriel Corona[mc] Move s_local_variable in mc_snapshot.h
2015-06-09 Gabriel Corona[mc] Make Snapshot::snapshot_regions a std::vector
2015-06-09 Gabriel Corona[mc] Make Snapshot::to_ignore a std::vector
2015-06-09 Gabriel Corona[mc] Make Snapshot::ignored_data a std::vector
2015-06-09 Gabriel Corona[mc] Make Snapshot::current_fds a std::vector
2015-06-09 Gabriel Corona[mc] Make Snapshot::stack_sizes a std::vector
2015-06-09 Gabriel Corona[mc] Make Snapshot::enabled_process a std::set
2015-06-09 Gabriel Corona[mc] Marh the model-check/snapshot_fds option as disabled
2015-06-09 Christian HeinrichFixed typo in documentation of surf_routing.hpp
2015-06-05 Gabriel CoronaBoost.Context context factory
2015-06-04 Christian HeinrichAdded xbt_assert statement to smpi_mpi_dt.c
2015-06-04 Christian HeinrichFixed bug in SMPI datatypes, causing SG to segfault.
2015-06-04 Christian Heinrich[SURF] Added comment for surf_share_resources
2015-06-04 Christian Heinrich[SURF] Added simple method comment for AsDijkstra:...
2015-06-02 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix realloc() in mc_process.cpp
2015-06-02 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix pointer dereference after free()
2015-06-02 Gabriel Corona[mc] exit() instead of abort() in normal operation
2015-06-02 Gabriel Corona[mc] Add a message to explain no property violation...
2015-06-02 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove mc_region_contain(), use the method instead
2015-06-02 Gabriel Corona[mc] C++ify RegionType, StorageType enums
2015-06-02 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix compilation error on clang (and group all...
2015-06-02 Gabriel Coronatemp
2015-06-02 Gabriel Corona[mc] Enable record in liveness mode
2015-06-01 Gabriel Corona[mc] Use vector<RegionSnapshot> instead of vector<uniqu...
2015-06-01 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix typo in e_mc_region_storage_type_t
2015-06-01 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove deprecated MC_snapshot_read()
2015-06-01 Gabriel Corona[mc] RegionSnapshot, make all fields private
2015-06-01 Gabriel Corona[mc] RegionSnapshot, make data private
2015-06-01 Gabriel Corona[mc] RegionSnapshot class
2015-06-01 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove broken test
2015-06-01 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove mc_translate_address()
2015-05-28 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix mc_translate_address() for MC_REGION_STORAGE_T...
2015-05-28 Gabriel Corona[mc] Make Process::socket_ private
2015-05-28 Gabriel Corona[mc] Make Process::memory_map_ a std::vector