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2011-07-26 Christophe... Improve what SIMIX_display_process_status() says.
2011-07-25 Christophe... Cancelling a non-running task: show a warning only...
2011-07-25 Christophe... Don't throw the impossible when the user cancels a...
2011-07-25 Christophe... SIMIX: clean the processes trash after each scheduling...
2011-07-21 Arnaud GierschDo not initialize mmalloc if !MMALLOC_WANT_OVERRIDE_LEGACY.
2011-07-20 Martin Quinsonmore verbose message when semaphores get disabled at...
2011-07-19 Arnaud GierschUse string literals for format.
2011-07-19 Arnaud GierschOutput debug messages at debug loglevel.
2011-07-19 Arnaud GierschFix xbt_str_diff.
2011-07-19 Arnaud GierschAdd some tests for xbt_str_diff.
2011-07-19 Arnaud GierschAdd const qualifier to parameters of xbt_str_diff.
2011-07-19 Arnaud Gierschxbt_str: move tests at end.
2011-07-19 Arnaud GierschCosmetics: structs have 4 fields.
2011-07-19 Arnaud GierschFix comments about gras_arch to actually match the...
2011-07-19 Arnaud GierschFix datadesc.big32_8_4 for new arch number.
2011-07-19 Arnaud GierschVerify arch name and number in tests datadesc_r_*.
2011-07-18 Arnaud GierschGras tests are not broken anymore.
2011-07-18 Arnaud GierschRegenerate data files for gras-datadesc tests.
2011-07-18 Arnaud GierschDeclare and free link_backbone where it is used.
2011-07-18 Arnaud GierschRegenerate surf/simgrid_dtd.l.
2011-07-18 Arnaud GierschRegenerate tesh file for test gras-synchro-sg-32 and...
2011-07-18 Arnaud GierschRegenerate tesh file for test gras-all2all-sg-32 and...
2011-07-18 Arnaud GierschIncrease timeout for gras-rpc tests.
2011-07-18 Arnaud GierschFix tesh files for tests gras-rpc-sg-32 and -64.
2011-07-18 Arnaud GierschDo not duplicate host name uselessly.
2011-07-18 Arnaud GierschFree globals before exit in timer example.
2011-07-18 Arnaud GierschUse strtol instead of sscanf+sprintf for parsing and...
2011-07-18 Martin Quinsonbump GRAS_PROTOCOL_VERSION since the wire protocol...
2011-07-18 Quintin Jean... Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2011-07-18 Quintin Jean... Changelog
2011-07-18 NavarropWe can use the cluster tag without backbone link if...
2011-07-18 NavarropUpdate tesh files for vivaldi.
2011-07-15 Quintin Jean... [SIMDAG] the dot file is not red
2011-07-12 NavarropAdd some tools to evaluate performances.
2011-07-11 NavarropAdd script and platforms for cabinet.
2011-07-11 NavarropMake a rulebased rule for gdx
2011-07-11 NavarropWe need to divide to pass from ms to s.
2011-07-11 NavarropAdd some peer traces.
2011-07-07 Navarrop"Refresh" example platforms.
2011-07-07 NavarropUpdate g5k platform.
2011-07-07 NavarropNew g5k platform.
2011-07-07 unknownAdd one arch to gras_arch_count.
2011-07-07 unknownAdd a new arch to gras. WIN64
2011-07-06 Martin Quinsontrivial merge of changes about gras architecture
2011-07-06 Martin Quinsonmore comments to document how gras architectures work
2011-07-05 unknownAdd an icon to installer.
2011-07-04 unknownInsert modules to install.
2011-06-30 unknownAdd logo and license page.
2011-06-30 unknownChange the install name
2011-06-30 unknownAdd a README and examples/platforms.
2011-06-30 NavarropAuto detect the remote for git version.
2011-06-30 unknownAdd CMAKE_SYSTEM_PROCESSOR instead of WIN_ARCH
2011-06-30 unknownCosmetics
2011-06-29 unknownThe HelloWorld works on windows.
2011-06-29 Arnaud GierschFix drand48() macro.
2011-06-29 NavarropAdd HelloWorld example for windows.
2011-06-29 NavarropUpdate doc for windows
2011-06-29 unknownAdd environment variables to windows system with nsis...
2011-06-29 NavarropReplace some variable for tesh.
2011-06-29 NavarropDrand48 does not exist on win32
2011-06-29 NavarropWin32 and APPLE have the same convention for ASM
2011-06-28 NavarropProcessor x86, i*86 is the same as i686 for raw context.
2011-06-28 NavarropRemove log.
2011-06-28 NavarropChange the name generate_files_to_clean by the right...
2011-06-28 NavarropHide line when configure.
2011-06-28 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2011-06-28 Martin Quinsontry to group the mallocs by finality instead of spreadi...
2011-06-28 NavarropAdd XBT_INLINE functions to doxygen documentation.
2011-06-28 NavarropPrefer the raw context to the ucontext by default.
2011-06-28 NavarropProcessor x86, i*86 is the same as i686 for raw context.
2011-06-28 NavarropRemove log.
2011-06-28 NavarropChange the name generate_files_to_clean by the right...
2011-06-28 NavarropHide line when configure.
2011-06-27 Arnaud GierschReturn type for main() should be int!
2011-06-27 NavarropAdd arg recursive to install doc command.
2011-06-27 NavarropAdd a documentation link.
2011-06-27 NavarropAdd headers and doc to win package.
2011-06-27 Martin QuinsonI'm a false Kenny fan, I admit
2011-06-27 Martin Quinsonrebootstrap the development of 3.7
2011-06-27 Martin Quinsonignore some more cruft
2011-06-27 Martin Quinsonadd missing file to the archive v3_6_1
2011-06-27 Martin Quinsoninclude patch version in release number so that archive...
2011-06-27 Martin Quinsonrelease 3.6.1
2011-06-27 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2011-06-27 Martin Quinsonmake sure that if semaphore are not usable, we detect...
2011-06-27 Martin Quinsondo not hardcode 1 instead of using value (bug in a...
2011-06-27 NavarropFirst step for a windows package.
2011-06-27 NavarropSet default value of smpi to off.
2011-06-24 Arnaud GierschFix test program for va_copy().
2011-06-24 NavarropAdd flag -Wno-error=unused-but-set-variable to enable_c...
2011-06-24 NavarropDon't use the compile optimizations with gcc4.6 and...
2011-06-23 Arnaud GierschReindent TRY/TRY_CLEANUP/CATCH constructs.
2011-06-23 Arnaud GierschUse CATCH_ANONYMOUS whenever possible, and remove unuse...
2011-06-23 Arnaud GierschDefine CATCH_ANONYMOUS.
2011-06-23 Arnaud GierschCosmetics: handle exception inside exception handler.
2011-06-23 NavarropCosmetics
2011-06-23 NavarropSorry, now we can use ucontext...
2011-06-23 NavarropTo use ucontext on OSX gcc must be greater than 4.5
2011-06-23 NavarropASM on mac is not the same as linux.
2011-06-23 NavarropChange true and false by 0 and 1.