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2015-11-02 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix error in dependency checking
2015-11-02 Gabriel Corona[mc] DRY in MC_request_depend()
2015-11-02 Gabriel Corona[mc] Use std::vector for Process::heap_info
2015-11-02 Gabriel Corona[mc] Use std::unique_ptr for Process::heap
2015-11-01 Martin Quinsoninline two more getter simcalls: host_get_core and...
2015-11-01 Martin Quinsonfix a test that got broken when I suppressed some simcalls
2015-11-01 Martin Quinsontypo (s/deamon/daemon/)
2015-11-01 Martin Quinsonadd another library to the whitelist of ignored debuggi...
2015-11-01 Martin QuinsonKill two getter simcalls, and replace them by (almost...
2015-10-31 Martin Quinsonkill two useless functions: surf_as_cluster_{get,set...
2015-10-31 Martin Quinsonkill an almost unused function: surf_model_name
2015-10-31 Martin Quinsonkill some dead (commented) code
2015-10-31 Martin Quinsonmake it easier to ignore SMPI temp files, and do so...
2015-10-31 Martin Quinsonnow that CMake dependency is bumped to 2.8.8, dont...
2015-10-30 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2015-10-30 Martin QuinsonBump the minimal version of cmake to 2.8.8
2015-10-30 Christian Heinrich[Gitignore] Ignore mpich3-test temporary files
2015-10-30 Christian Heinrich[Gitignore] Applied sort to examples.
2015-10-30 Christian Heinrich[Doc] Fixed misplaced link
2015-10-30 Christian Heinrich[Doc] Added description for the boost context factory
2015-10-30 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2015-10-30 Martin Quinsonupdate the preferred citation
2015-10-29 Christian Heinrich[SIMIX] Updated error messages for contexts
2015-10-29 Martin Quinsonkill dead code (duplicated from just above)
2015-10-29 Martin Quinsonremove old cruft dating from cdash
2015-10-28 Martin QuinsonKill an unused simcall: host_get_name
2015-10-27 Martin Quinsonkill dead code
2015-10-27 Martin Quinson[surf] tiny cleanups around the virtual machines
2015-10-26 Martin QuinsonKill the setset datacontainer: it's unused since a...
2015-10-25 Martin Quinsonfix build on non-linux arch
2015-10-25 Martin QuinsonReduce the amount of implicit include directories
2015-10-25 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2015-10-25 Martin Quinsoncleanups in cmake+perl interactions
2015-10-24 degommeforgot this one
2015-10-24 degommetry to fix some compilation erros
2015-10-24 Martin Quinson[cmake] tiny cleanup around smpi
2015-10-24 Martin Quinsondisable lua on CI for now
2015-10-23 Martin Quinsonwas too fast on merging the commits, sorry
2015-10-23 Martin Quinson[cmake] mark two variables as advanced to hide them...
2015-10-23 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2015-10-23 Martin Quinson[cmake] report the compiler version when we think it...
2015-10-23 degommetry to do what distcheck says..
2015-10-23 degommeahem :p (is this file even necessary?)
2015-10-23 degommeAdd CMakelists file
2015-10-23 degommehandle MPI_WIN_NULL in fortran
2015-10-23 degommemake tracing work better with gatherv and scatterv
2015-10-22 Martin Quinson[cmake] clean the gcc version detection and handling
2015-10-21 Martin QuinsonAdd missing files -- sorry
2015-10-21 Martin Quinsonrevalidate the tesh files after the modifications of...
2015-10-21 Martin Quinsonchanging this line back, as it breaks half a dozen...
2015-10-21 Martin Quinsonintegrate an example/test for energy+VMs
2015-10-21 Martin QuinsonDon't segfault when energy is not turned on
2015-10-20 Martin Quinsonenergy_platform: Add a third machine
2015-10-20 Martin Quinsonreindent
2015-10-20 Martin Quinsonfix the example so that it compiles [with no warning...
2015-10-20 Martin Quinsonenergy_platform: add pstates to the second host too
2015-10-20 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2015-10-20 Christian Heinrich[Doc] Removed understanding_simgrid.doc from Doxyfile.in
2015-10-20 Ad(rien) Lclean a bit - Adrien
2015-10-20 Ad(rien) LAdd energy VM example (simple but should be sufficient...
2015-10-20 Ad(rien) LFix conflict - Adrien
2015-10-20 Ad(rien) LAdd VM energy extensions - Adrien
2015-10-20 Martin Quinson[S4U] declare the classes as public for Windows
2015-10-19 Martin Quinson[cmake] kill useless endianess testing: we don't use it
2015-10-19 Martin Quinson[cmake] cleanups
2015-10-19 Martin QuinsonKill dead code in cmake and appveyor
2015-10-19 Martin QuinsonDisable building static libs.
2015-10-19 Martin Quinson[cmake] kill some unused declarations
2015-10-19 Martin Quinson[cmake] inline the nasty CompleteInFiles.cmake Cleanups...
2015-10-19 Martin Quinson[appveyor] switch back to regular boost libs (1_59...
2015-10-19 Martin Quinson[appveyor] disable lua for now
2015-10-19 Martin Quinson[travis] don't install lua from the source as it does...
2015-10-19 Martin Quinson[appveyor] try to use a precompiled lua.
2015-10-19 Martin Quinsonenergy: less code dupplication
2015-10-19 Martin Quinson[doc] copy some VMs' doc from Java to C
2015-10-19 Martin Quinson[cmake] try harder to find a dynamic lib for lua
2015-10-19 Martin Quinson[doxygen] fix a function comment
2015-10-19 Martin Quinson[travis] look for lua where I put it, bummer
2015-10-18 Martin Quinson[cmake] cleanups in the Lua detection
2015-10-18 Martin Quinson[appveyor] fix (?) the lua compilation
2015-10-17 Martin Quinson[appveyor] use 'tar' instead of '7z' to open tarfiles
2015-10-17 Martin Quinson[appveyor] temporary commit to see what's going on...
2015-10-17 Martin Quinson[travis/appveyor]: use Lua 5.3.1 instead of 5.3.0
2015-10-17 Martin Quinson[appveyor] 'make' is called 'mingw32-make' here
2015-10-17 Martin Quinson[cmake] Put FindLua.cmake where we look for it
2015-10-17 Martin Quinson[travis] cannot install to /opt (forbidden), so go...
2015-10-17 Martin Quinson[cmake] remove ghost files from the dist
2015-10-17 Martin Quinsonremove 51 from the name of FindLua51Simgrid: we now...
2015-10-17 Martin Quinson[cmake] better error messages when lua is not detected
2015-10-17 Martin Quinson[appveyor] try to correclty unpack the lua.tar.gz
2015-10-17 Martin Quinson[travis] install lua to /opt so that cmake finds it
2015-10-16 Martin Quinson[appveyor] try to install lua 5.3
2015-10-16 Martin Quinson[travis] fixups
2015-10-16 Martin Quinson[travis] install lua 5.3
2015-10-16 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2015-10-16 Gabriel CoronaFix build without lua
2015-10-16 Martin Quinsondocument the simgrid internals
2015-10-15 Christian Heinrich[Lua] Amended comments in chord.lua
2015-10-15 Christian Heinrich[Lua] Fixed compilation issue
2015-10-15 Christian Heinrich[Lua] Commented chord.lua example