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2019-11-12 Frederic Suterdon't use a deleted container by the newly created one
2019-11-12 Martin Quinsonfix make distcheck and useless cosmetics
2019-11-12 Martin QuinsonRevert "Add the files generated by javasphinx in the...
2019-11-12 Martin Quinsonteshsuite: drop a test that is superseeded by a public...
2019-11-12 Martin Quinsonfix clang builds
2019-11-12 Frederic Suterfactoring
2019-11-12 Frederic Sutermigrate to set_host in java too
2019-11-12 Martin Quinsonfurther doc improvements
2019-11-12 Martin Quinsons4u::Actor: Rename migrate() into set_host()
2019-11-12 Martin Quinsontiny doc improvments
2019-11-12 Martin Quinsons4u::Actor: Merge signals on_migration_start/end into...
2019-11-11 Frederic Suterdeprecate a couple of SIMIX functions
2019-11-11 Martin Quinsonfurther API doc improvement
2019-11-11 Martin QuinsonAdd the files generated by javasphinx in the git
2019-11-11 Martin Quinsondocker/build-deps: install sphinx elements from the...
2019-11-11 Martin Quinsonautodoxy: show the class name when displaying method...
2019-11-10 Martin QuinsonMeld autodoxy into a single file for sake of import...
2019-11-10 Martin Quinsongitlab-ci: define PYTHONPATH explicitly to see if it...
2019-11-10 Martin QuinsonTry to debug the autodoxy pb on framagit builders
2019-11-10 Martin QuinsonFix autodoxy warnings
2019-11-10 Martin Quinsongitlab-ci: show sphinx output on error
2019-11-10 Martin Quinsondoc: let's import existing stuff
2019-11-10 Martin Quinsonpython cosmetics: not X in Y => X not in Y
2019-11-10 Martin Quinsondoc: use sections instead of rubric
2019-11-10 Martin QuinsonDocument the Actor with the new autodoxy extension...
2019-11-10 Martin Quinsonautodoxy: bug fix (copy/paste failure)
2019-11-10 Martin Quinsonautodoxy: if the meth signature does not match but...
2019-11-10 Martin Quinsondoc: add a autodoxyvar directive
2019-11-10 Martin Quinsondoc: try to add a :show: attribute to the showfile...
2019-11-10 Martin Quinsondoc: get rid of sphinxcontrib.contentui
2019-11-10 Martin Quinsonautodoxy: properly render verbatim blocks
2019-11-10 Martin Quinsondoc: cleanups in the scripts finding the missing references
2019-11-10 Martin QuinsonA script to search the undocumented symbols
2019-11-10 Martin Quinsonautodoxy: missing file
2019-11-10 Martin Quinsonautodoxy: improve error message when the prototype...
2019-11-10 Martin Quinsonautodoxy: allow overloaded methods, and fix the templat...
2019-11-10 Martin QuinsonAdd autodoxy, a sphinx extension heavily inspired from...
2019-11-10 Martin Quinsontiny doc improvements
2019-11-10 Martin Quinsonadd some missing functions in the python binding
2019-11-10 Martin Quinsondocs: remove an unused extension of sphinx
2019-11-10 Martin Quinsondocument sg_actor_start
2019-11-10 Martin Quinsoncosmetics in the doc
2019-11-10 Arnaud Giersch[python/pep8] Use "not in" to test for membership.
2019-11-10 Arnaud Giersch[python/pep8] Avoid wildcard imports.
2019-11-10 Arnaud GierschSlightly reorganize log categories; remove unused ones.
2019-11-10 Arnaud GierschFix test on slow machines.
2019-11-10 Arnaud GierschCode smells spotted by static analyzers.
2019-11-10 Arnaud GierschNo, scan-build, there is no memory leak here.
2019-11-08 Arnaud GierschAdd option -t for bison.
2019-11-08 Arnaud GierschPrefer $(...) to backticks.
2019-11-05 Frederic Suteradd example of GH#139
2019-11-04 Arnaud GierschMinor cleanups.
2019-11-04 Frederic Suteruser data should stay in user space
2019-11-04 Frederic Suterdeprecate simcall_process_sleep and add some reminders...
2019-11-04 Frederic SuterC wrappers to set/get user data of the current actor
2019-11-04 Frederic Suterreplace SIMIX_process_count by simgrid_get_actor_count
2019-11-04 Frederic SuterSIMIX cosmetics
2019-11-03 Martin Quinsonhide some cruft from the doc
2019-11-03 Martin Quinsonmove the README.rst in examples/ as it also describes...
2019-11-03 Martin Quinsonfurther convert the example documentation to the tabbed RST
2019-11-03 Frederic Sutermake msg task extendable too
2019-11-03 Frederic Suteruser data doesn't have to be stored at kernel level
2019-11-03 Arnaud GierschRemove old cruft.
2019-11-03 Frederic Sutermake s4u::File extendable
2019-11-03 Arnaud GierschName changed for sonar property.
2019-11-02 Arnaud GierschParameter for cleanup callback won't be null.
2019-11-02 Arnaud GierschRestore handling of msg_global->process_data_cleanup.
2019-11-02 Arnaud GierschAllow const parameter for sg_actor_data().
2019-11-02 Arnaud GierschCosmetics.
2019-11-02 Arnaud GierschReduce number of direct accesses to simix_global.
2019-11-02 Arnaud GierschRemove unused parameter 'free_ctn' for xbt_dict_set...
2019-11-02 Martin Quinsonbetter factorization of how examples are displayed...
2019-11-02 Martin QuinsonCosmetics on how we present examples in C++ and python
2019-11-02 Martin Quinsonadd the python binding to Actor::is_daemon
2019-11-02 Martin Quinsonstart documenting the C API in sphinx
2019-11-02 Martin QuinsonThe parenthesis of SG_BEGIN_DECL fools doxygen. Get...
2019-10-31 Arnaud GierschAdd test in activity-lifecycle turning off its own...
2019-10-31 Arnaud GierschHostImpl::turn_off(): SIMIX_process_self is maestro...
2019-10-31 Arnaud GierschUseless if().
2019-10-31 Arnaud GierschRestore test to its state before commit 08e94eb0482589e...
2019-10-30 Frederic Sutersimplify user data management in MSG
2019-10-30 Frederic Suteradd C interface to Actor::init and Actor::start
2019-10-28 Arnaud GierschMark deprecated virtual methods "final", and complete...
2019-10-27 Augustin Degommesecond attempt. Remove -g flag for flang from now,...
2019-10-27 Augustin DegommeRevert "remove useless (?) common block in fortran...
2019-10-27 Augustin Degommeremove useless (?) common block in fortran code as...
2019-10-26 Arnaud GierschKeep deprecated wrappers "virtual".
2019-10-25 Frederic Sutercosmetic (process->actor)
2019-10-24 Arnaud GierschCosmetic rename.
2019-10-24 Arnaud GierschEndgame mode is always enabled, remove option.
2019-10-24 Arnaud GierschRemove duplicate error message, and use xbt_assert.
2019-10-24 Arnaud GierschDon't shadow outer variable.
2019-10-24 Frederic Sutermake actors_at_boot_ private
2019-10-24 Frederic Suterboss not happy, partial revert
2019-10-24 Frederic Sutermake HostImpl::actor_list_ private
2019-10-24 Frederic Suteralmost useless old stuff... remove
2019-10-24 Frederic Sutersome process to actor renaming
2019-10-24 Frederic Suterremove direct accesses to pimpl_cpu
2019-10-22 Frederic Suterfix ns3
2019-10-22 Frederic Sutermake host's pimpl_netpoint private