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2017-12-24 Martin Quinsonrelease v3.18 v3.18
2017-12-24 Martin Quinsonimprove doc
2017-12-24 Martin Quinsontry to fix Apple privatization after recent default...
2017-12-24 Martin Quinsondefault privatization when not using SMPI should be...
2017-12-24 Martin Quinsonfix some borken links in doxygen
2017-12-23 Martin Quinsonfix some doxygen warnings
2017-12-23 Martin Quinsondeprecate MSG in the documentation
2017-12-22 Augustin Degommeoops, too early
2017-12-22 Augustin Degommeput back the fix for broken dlopen+thread on freebsd
2017-12-21 Martin Quinsonfix the fallbacks around privatization on BSD
2017-12-21 Martin Quinsondocument augustin's changes
2017-12-21 Martin Quinsonimprove the doc of the SMPI module
2017-12-21 Augustin Degommeoops, this should be yes (it's the same, but it makes...
2017-12-21 Augustin DegommeSMPI: make dlopen default privatization method, and...
2017-12-19 Martin Quinsonsonar: remove redundent declarations
2017-12-19 Frederic Sutertracking works better if signals are triggered
2017-12-19 Martin Quinsonsonar: remove a left-over struct
2017-12-19 Martin Quinsondon't load a private header from s4u/NetZone.hpp
2017-12-19 Martin Quinsontypos
2017-12-19 Martin Quinsonmake ns3 not segfault anymore. Now it timeouts
2017-12-19 Martin QuinsonImprove doc on the privatization methods
2017-12-19 Martin Quinsonconvert another example to S4U (and document it)
2017-12-19 Martin Quinsonevery setter in s4u::Activity return the activity
2017-12-19 Frederic Suteradd live migration plugin in java.
2017-12-19 Frederic Sutercleanups
2017-12-18 Frederic Suterone step toward a live migration plugin
2017-12-18 Frederic Suteradd some signals
2017-12-18 Frederic Sutermv VM shutdown to the plugin
2017-12-18 Frederic SuterMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2017-12-17 Arnaud GierschFix concurrent run of msg-trace-* examples.
2017-12-17 Arnaud GierschFix lua tests (app-token-ring has moved).
2017-12-17 Arnaud GierschMissing XBT_PUBLIC.
2017-12-16 Martin Quinsonslight doc improvment
2017-12-16 Martin Quinsondeport three other MSG examples
2017-12-15 Martin Quinsondocument another s4u example
2017-12-15 Martin Quinsonborken links in examples
2017-12-15 Martin QuinsonDocument the exec-ptask example
2017-12-15 Martin Quinsonkill an ancient file that I'm not particularly proud...
2017-12-15 Frederic Sutermove VM setBound to the plugin
2017-12-15 Martin QuinsonThis is not really linked to energy
2017-12-15 Martin Quinsonadd some missing examples to the doc
2017-12-15 Martin Quinsonreorganize the S4U examples in the doc
2017-12-14 Martin Quinsonfix some of the many doxygen warnings
2017-12-14 Martin Quinsonfix some broken links in the doc after the example...
2017-12-14 Martin Quinsonuse the C++ API here
2017-12-14 Martin Quinsonthis is actually an example of exec, no link to energy...
2017-12-14 Martin Quinsonconvert another example to s4u, and move the MSG versio...
2017-12-14 Martin Quinsonadd Host::by_name(char*)
2017-12-14 Martin Quinsonimprove doc for the next version
2017-12-14 Frederic Sutersimpler S4u version of chainsend
2017-12-12 Martin Quinsonsonar: remove unused local variables
2017-12-12 Martin Quinsonsonar: this simcall does not need a handler anymore
2017-12-12 Martin Quinsonanother MSG example fades away
2017-12-12 Martin Quinsonplug a memleak and cosmetics
2017-12-12 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of github.com:simgrid/simgrid
2017-12-12 Martin Quinsonimprove documentation a tiny bit
2017-12-12 Martin Quinsonprepare the future release
2017-12-12 Martin QuinsonMerge pull request #250 from kovin/master
2017-12-12 Kevin PiotrkowskiFix bug in java binding for Comm.waitAny
2017-12-12 Arnaud GierschFields are declared in Model, delete them in ~Model.
2017-12-12 Arnaud GierschFix remaining warnings with mingw.
2017-12-12 Frederic Suterfix MC. Host names always bite me
2017-12-12 Frederic Suterfinally add this converted test
2017-12-11 Frederic Sutermv trace-platform from MSG to S4U
2017-12-11 Frederic Suteradd test() for asynchronous executions
2017-12-11 Martin QuinsonPliz don't have two log channels with the same name
2017-12-11 Martin Quinsonimprove doc
2017-12-10 Martin Quinsonyet another msg examples thrown away
2017-12-10 Martin Quinsonmove another msg example to the dungeon
2017-12-10 Martin Quinsongitignore: deal with recent file movments
2017-12-10 Martin Quinsonrename the replay example as such
2017-12-10 Martin Quinsondoc improvements
2017-12-10 Martin Quinsonsimplification: no need for new/delete here
2017-12-09 Martin QuinsonTODO--
2017-12-09 Martin Quinsons4u::Host->getLoad() returns the achieved speed in...
2017-12-09 Martin Quinsonmove exec_init and exec_async to the this_actor namespace
2017-12-09 Martin Quinsonsonar: remove unused parameter
2017-12-09 Martin QuinsonNew test for the remote exec
2017-12-09 Martin Quinsonallow remote exec: s4u::Exec->setHost()
2017-12-09 Martin Quinsonmove process-join to teshsuite/msg
2017-12-09 Martin Quinsondocument asynchronous executions (fix #234)
2017-12-09 Martin Quinsonbetter example on monitoring s4u::Exec activities
2017-12-09 Martin Quinsonimplement s4u::Exec->getRemainingRatio()
2017-12-09 Martin Quinsons4u::Exec->getRemains() should not fail on terminated...
2017-12-09 Martin Quinsonbetter integration of this example
2017-12-09 Martin Quinsonexplain to the users what's going on here
2017-12-09 Martin Quinsonadd the exec-async example to the doc
2017-12-09 Martin Quinsonsort examples, improve doc
2017-12-09 Martin Quinsondoc improvement
2017-12-09 Martin Quinsonmore ignore of the buggy output of cmake for circleci
2017-12-09 Martin Quinsoncircleci have a borken install of cmake
2017-12-09 Martin Quinsonremove a useless 'friend' statement (+cosmetics)
2017-12-09 Martin Quinsonremove a useless assert: valgrind will tell us on need
2017-12-09 Martin Quinsonmark overriden methods as virtual (thx sonar)
2017-12-09 Martin Quinsonuse assert instead of throw std:logic_error
2017-12-09 Martin Quinsonthis example will never be launched with ECOFEN again
2017-12-09 Martin Quinsonthese files do not exist anymore
2017-12-09 Martin Quinsonsonar: throw static exceptions
2017-12-09 Martin Quinsoncosmetics: rename some tests in teshsuite/simix
2017-12-09 Martin Quinsonnew signal: s4u::onDeadlock()