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2017-03-24 Frederic SuterTESH: msg to s4u - act 1
2017-03-24 Frederic Suterbug-- and a bit less brain overload
2017-03-24 Frederic Sutermatch new with delete in fact
2017-03-24 Martin Quinsonrestore a check ensuring that this example is not...
2017-03-24 Martin Quinsonmatch free with mallocs
2017-03-24 Frederic SuterMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2017-03-24 Frederic Suterplug leak
2017-03-24 Frederic Suterimprove that mess a bit
2017-03-24 Frederic Suterno need to test if hard coded value is in a range
2017-03-23 Martin Quinsonpet sonar: kill a 'using namespace'
2017-03-23 Martin Quinsonsonar: ignore missing namespaces in examples
2017-03-23 Martin Quinsonpetting sonar as every night before bed
2017-03-23 Martin Quinsonfix case of a header file
2017-03-23 Martin QuinsonAdd s4u::Mutex to the doc
2017-03-23 Frederic Suterno need to call cimix everytime for that
2017-03-23 Frederic Sutersurf_fopen to ifsopen + no need to reimplement streambu...
2017-03-23 Frederic Suter32-bit requires smthg longer than size_t
2017-03-23 Frederic Suterstart to mess up with storage
2017-03-23 Martin QuinsonImprove the doc on how to release
2017-03-23 Martin QuinsonInitialize the 3.16 release cycle
2017-03-22 Martin Quinsonrelease v3.15 v3_15
2017-03-22 Martin Quinsondoxygen fixups, again
2017-03-22 Martin Quinsondoxygen fixups
2017-03-22 degommeSMPI copyright bump before release
2017-03-22 degommeChangelog update
2017-03-22 degommeAdd mpi_get_accumulate call. And MPI_NO_OP operation
2017-03-22 Martin Quinsonwe will release today
2017-03-22 Frederic Suterfix links
2017-03-22 Frederic SuterMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2017-03-22 Frederic Suterpre-release update
2017-03-22 Martin Quinsoncleanups on NEWS and ChangeLog
2017-03-22 Frederic Sutersmells -= a lot
2017-03-22 Frederic Suterbugs and smells
2017-03-22 Frederic Suterfix example (bummer)
2017-03-22 Frederic SuterMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2017-03-22 Frederic Suteradd actor-kill S4U example
2017-03-22 degommesmells --
2017-03-22 degommeBetter handling of lock modes. Should avoid some rare...
2017-03-22 Frederic Suteryet another example conversion
2017-03-22 Frederic Sutervain attempt to chase last leak in ptaskL07
2017-03-22 Martin Quinsonanother round for sonar
2017-03-22 Martin Quinsoncosmetics: fix the 'work' of clang-format
2017-03-22 Martin Quinsonplease sonar
2017-03-22 Martin Quinsonplug two memleaks
2017-03-22 Martin QuinsonImplement natively VM_getVMByName. Java VMs are now...
2017-03-22 Martin QuinsonAllow maestro to do simcalls in the Java world too
2017-03-22 Martin QuinsonImplement VM::all() as a native, and use it in tests
2017-03-22 Martin Quinsons4u::VM: make getState() public, and add a state for...
2017-03-22 Martin Quinsoncosmetics
2017-03-22 Martin Quinsonjava: rename an internal method
2017-03-22 Martin Quinsonjava examples: make it easier to run them from the...
2017-03-21 Frederic Suterplug (massive) leak with ptaskL07
2017-03-21 Martin Quinsonmake it easier to run that example from eclipse directly
2017-03-21 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2017-03-21 Martin Quinsonthat malloc is really useless
2017-03-21 Martin Quinsonjtask: remove the ability to receive from a given host
2017-03-21 Frederic SuterMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2017-03-21 Frederic Suterupdate documentation with new examples
2017-03-21 degommemake this test a bit shorter
2017-03-21 degommeFix stupid tag collision bug. RMA tag is used to order...
2017-03-21 Martin Quinsonjtask: reduce the code duplication
2017-03-21 Martin Quinsonsanitizes the msg_task fields default value
2017-03-21 Frederic Suterpartially address a bug in Java initialization
2017-03-21 Martin Quinsoncode cleanups in jtask
2017-03-21 Martin Quinsonallow to use this test as a crash test
2017-03-21 Martin Quinsonjava example simplification and cosmetics
2017-03-21 Martin Quinsonjava example simplification + reindent + cosmetics
2017-03-21 Martin Quinsonjava: plug a memleak
2017-03-21 Martin Quinsonincrease a bit the size of this java test (+cosmetics)
2017-03-21 Martin Quinsonguess what? I hate our java crufty code
2017-03-21 Frederic Suteradd suspend/resume to S4U
2017-03-21 Martin Quinsonmore cleanups to jprocess
2017-03-21 Martin Quinsoninitialize all fields of the xbt_ex_t class
2017-03-21 Martin Quinsonjava: inline a function and don't leak a global ref
2017-03-20 Frederic Suterattempt to extend S4U to migrate actors
2017-03-20 Martin Quinsonjprocess: more cruft removed
2017-03-20 Martin Quinsonfurther the jprocess creation by not testing conditions...
2017-03-20 Martin Quinsondeperlify the Java process creation: no need to pass...
2017-03-20 Martin Quinsonjava: code simplification: no need for an extra boolean...
2017-03-20 Martin Quinsonjava: well, use a closure if you really want to
2017-03-20 Martin Quinsoncode simplification by using directly the function...
2017-03-20 Martin Quinsonmsg: make another function public, even if it's C+...
2017-03-20 Martin Quinsonstop being ugly, Adrien, this cannot happen
2017-03-20 Martin Quinsonreindent, no real change
2017-03-20 degommechange some tests to avoid useless global variables
2017-03-20 degommeDebug in progress :\
2017-03-20 degommeok, I stop trying to please sonar.
2017-03-20 Frederic SuterMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2017-03-20 Frederic Suterconvert another example to s4u
2017-03-20 Martin Quinsonactually, there is nothing unexpected here
2017-03-20 Martin Quinsontry removing old semaphores before creating the new...
2017-03-20 Frederic Sutertest properties for cluster too
2017-03-20 Martin Quinsondon't free the properties of the cluster before the...
2017-03-20 Martin Quinsonadapt the comments to the state of things
2017-03-20 Frederic Suteryet another simplification pass
2017-03-20 degommeUpdate changelog
2017-03-20 Martin QuinsonVM migration: don't send with timeout because the recei...
2017-03-20 degommeActivate Win_lock/unlock tests
2017-03-20 degommeSimple MPI_Win_lock and MPI_Win_unlock implementation.
2017-03-20 degommeactuvate few more working rma tests