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2017-02-07 Martin Quinsonmore info to the user.
2017-02-07 Martin Quinsonbe even more informative to the user
2017-02-07 degommesort output of test
2017-02-07 degommetry to fix build for gcc 7
2017-02-07 Martin Quinsonand now fix NS3 builds, bummer
2017-02-07 Martin Quinsoncosmetics
2017-02-07 Martin Quinsonsmpirun: gracefuly handle the case where the user forge...
2017-02-07 Martin Quinsonfix lua builds
2017-02-07 Martin Quinsoncosmetics
2017-02-07 Martin QuinsonAdd a s4u::Link class, at least
2017-02-06 Martin Quinsonrename surf::Link into surf::LinkImpl to make room...
2017-02-06 Martin Quinsonrename an option and improve its doc: maxmin/concurrenc...
2017-02-06 Martin Quinsontest that joining a terminated process still works
2017-02-06 Martin QuinsonThis test requires concurrency_limit to 100 (but works...
2017-02-05 Martin Quinsonchange the default value of maxmin/concurrency_limit...
2017-02-05 Martin Quinsonmake this file usable with smpi
2017-02-04 Martin Quinsonuse NAS/ep as an example of SMPI_SHARED_MALLOC and...
2017-02-03 Martin Quinsoncosmetics
2017-02-02 Martin Quinsonplug a huge memleak that I created while optimizing...
2017-02-02 Martin QuinsonDon't specify RuntimeExceptions in throws clauses
2017-02-02 Martin Quinsonplease sonar by marking C functions as such
2017-02-02 Martin Quinsonplease sonar by writing lighter C++ code
2017-02-02 Martin Quinsonimprove the doc of the context factories
2017-02-01 Martin QuinsonFix MC builds, bummer
2017-02-01 Martin Quinsontry to speed up some some traversals
2017-02-01 Martin QuinsonNew callbacks: simgrid::s4u::onSimulationEnd (right...
2017-02-01 Martin QuinsonNew callback: simgrid::s4u::onPlatformCreated (right...
2017-02-01 Martin Quinsonyeah, eclipse. Whatever
2017-02-01 degommeAdd some missing types for MPI operators.
2017-02-01 Martin Quinsonoptimize this vector traversal
2017-02-01 Martin Quinsontry to gather more info on this error situation
2017-02-01 Martin QuinsonComment a particularly ... inventive code path
2017-02-01 Martin Quinsonfix NS3 builds
2017-02-01 Martin Quinsoncosmetics
2017-02-01 Martin Quinsondon't malloc tons of dynars in mpi_waitany
2017-01-31 Martin Quinsonlet the users know about config changes concerning...
2017-01-31 Martin Quinsonfinish the transition netcards->netpoints in the code
2017-01-30 Martin Quinsonnetcards were renamed to netpoints recently
2017-01-28 Martin Quinsonadapt simcall.py to recent code reorg in MC
2017-01-28 Martin Quinsonour semaphore cannot be unlimited since GRAS is gone...
2017-01-28 Martin Quinsontuto improvements, and add a link to the SMPI CourseWare
2017-01-27 Martin Quinsonfurther cleanup the files provided with the tuto
2017-01-27 Martin Quinsonjava: kill obscure NativeException
2017-01-27 Martin Quinsondocument the new MSG example I recently added
2017-01-27 Martin Quinsonimprove a FAQ entry
2017-01-26 Martin Quinsonsonar: these checks are just wrong in our context
2017-01-26 Martin QuinsonMake MSG_process_yield visible from java, and test it
2017-01-26 Martin Quinsonfix make distcheck
2017-01-26 Martin QuinsonNew example for MSG_process_yield()
2017-01-26 Martin Quinsonnew function MSG_process_yield()
2017-01-26 Martin QuinsonDocument last change
2017-01-26 Martin Quinsontell eclipse where to find the arch-dependent java...
2017-01-26 Martin QuinsonMake these example files compile
2017-01-26 Martin Quinsonallow java actors to kill themselves
2017-01-26 Martin Quinsoncheck that suiciding a process actually works in C
2017-01-26 Martin QuinsonI'm using openjdk-8 nowadays
2017-01-26 Martin Quinsonfix a memleak in Java VM when the used did not manually...
2017-01-26 Martin QuinsonMC: cosmetics
2017-01-25 Martin QuinsonMC: comment, rename stuff, don't change anything profund
2017-01-25 Martin Quinsonreduce the amount of mallocs and use space on the stack
2017-01-25 degommeone algo was missing from the doc
2017-01-23 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2017-01-23 Martin QuinsonRename NetCards to NetPoints
2017-01-23 Matthieu Volatdarwin: (preliminary) memory mappings + smpi variable...
2017-01-23 Matthieu VolatFix a typo in smpirun.
2017-01-23 Augustin Degommeremove weird blank characters
2017-01-22 Martin Quinsoncosmetics
2017-01-21 Martin Quinsontry to make SafetyChecker a bit easier to read
2017-01-20 Martin Quinsonplug a memleak
2017-01-20 Martin Quinsoninstall the tools from the packages when possible;...
2017-01-20 Martin Quinsonrevalidate a tesh file after a fix due to please sonar
2017-01-19 Martin Quinsonplease sonar, even if it is really pesky sometimes
2017-01-19 Martin Quinsonmake sure that the HostStateChange event is fired when...
2017-01-19 Martin Quinsonimplement the DVFS functions in Java
2017-01-19 Martin QuinsonIf you don't start the processes, the VM are actually...
2017-01-19 Martin Quinsonfix the build with older g++
2017-01-19 Martin QuinsonMake SIMIX_process_from_PID much faster
2017-01-16 Martin Quinsonclang-format broke my commit
2017-01-16 Martin Quinsoncontinue to split the source code of MC. Split remoting
2017-01-16 Martin Quinsoncosmetics
2017-01-16 Martin Quinsoninline some functions to make livenessChecker more...
2017-01-15 Martin Quinsoncosmetics
2017-01-14 Martin Quinsonfurther cleanups to the SafetyChecker
2017-01-14 Martin QuinsonMC: use exceptions to report errors, not integer return...
2017-01-14 Martin Quinsonmove the checker algorithms to their own directory
2017-01-14 Martin Quinsoncosmetics to make the SafetyChecker even easier to...
2017-01-14 Martin Quinsonremove a now unused parameter
2017-01-14 Martin Quinsonadd the properties as argument to NetZoneImpl->createHost
2017-01-14 Martin Quinsonproperly set the bindir for these tests too
2017-01-14 Martin Quinsonmake the propaganda useful (and thus desirable) to...
2017-01-13 Matthieu VolatIn smpiff/smpif90 program, make -o consume the next...
2017-01-12 Matthieu VolatReally remove (commented) alternative method of resolve...
2017-01-12 Matthieu VolatSanitize the rest of dwarf operation regarding stack...
2017-01-12 Matthieu VolatComment not working code in resolve_member() (before...
2017-01-12 Matthieu VolatFix an undefined C behavior.
2017-01-12 Martin Quinsonmore propaganda
2017-01-12 Martin Quinsontry to use a rpath for everything on Apple
2017-01-11 Martin Quinsona word of data provenance for g5k.xml
2017-01-11 Martin QuinsonI hope I understood how to use RPATH on Mac OSX
2017-01-11 Martin Quinsonfix a bug detected by mac (leading to segfault) but...