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2014-03-20 Gabriel Corona[mc] Add support for inheritance
2014-03-20 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix documentation of the field 'full_type'
2014-03-18 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix compile_warnings
2014-03-18 Gabriel Corona[mc] Use reference to types intead of type IDs
2014-03-18 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix type name handling
2014-03-18 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix mismatch between expected snapshot address...
2014-03-18 Gabriel Corona[mc] Add location field in struct/class-members
2014-03-10 Gabriel Corona[mc] Pass arguments everywhere in the state comparator...
2014-03-10 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove useless code in MC_unwind_stack_frame
2014-03-10 Gabriel Corona[mc] DW_OP_deref
2014-03-07 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove old code (mc_location_t)
2014-03-07 Gabriel Corona[mc] Use new expression evaluation code frame_base
2014-03-07 Gabriel Corona[mc] Implement DW_OP_call_frame_cfa using libunwind
2014-03-07 Gabriel Corona[mc] Use new DWARF expression code for variables
2014-03-06 Gabriel Corona[mc] Partial implementation of DWARF expression evaluator
2014-03-06 Gabriel CoronaMerge branch 'mc' into mc++
2014-03-06 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix bug when trying to handle DW_OP_regN in MC_dwa...
2014-03-06 Gabriel Corona[mc] Support DWARF4 DW_FORM_sec_offset (found in libpth...
2014-03-03 Gabriel Corona[mc] Add support for DW_TAG_unspecified_type (nullptr_t...
2014-03-03 Gabriel Corona[mc] Bring back old code for MPI_Finalize (disabled)
2014-02-28 Gabriel CoronaMerge branch 'mc++' into mc-merge
2014-02-28 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix broken tests with surf++ (because simcall...
2014-02-28 Gabriel Corona[mc] Log some information for the prefiltering phase...
2014-02-25 Gabriel Corona[mc] Handle DW_TAG_class_type as DW_TAG_structure_type...
2014-02-25 Gabriel CoronaMerge branch 'mc' into mc++
2014-02-25 Gabriel CoronaMerge bugfix from branch mc-refactor
2014-02-25 Gabriel CoronaMerge branches 'mc'
2014-02-25 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix format strings
2014-02-25 Gabriel CoronaMerge bugfix
2014-02-25 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix buf introduces by previous commit
2014-02-25 Gabriel Corona[mc] Handle reference_type and rvalue_reference_type...
2014-02-25 Gabriel Corona[mc] Skip declaration of data_members (C++)
2014-02-25 Gabriel Corona[mc] Skip variables/members which are compile time...
2014-02-25 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix typos
2014-02-25 Gabriel Corona[mc] Handle DW_AT_start_scope (for constants)
2014-02-25 Gabriel Corona[mc] Handle DW_TAG_namespace (C++)
2014-02-25 Marion Guthmullermodel-checker : smpi examples for the communication...
2014-02-25 Marion Guthmullermodel-checker : print comm pattern
2014-02-25 Marion Guthmullermodel-checker : use separate configuration flags for...
2014-02-25 Marion Guthmullermodel-checker : check if action not NULL before using it
2014-02-25 Gabriel Corona[mc] Basic namespace support (for types)
2014-02-24 Gabriel Corona[mc] Do not use linkage_name as a name
2014-02-24 Gabriel Corona[mc] Add MC_dwarf_tag_classify()
2014-02-24 Gabriel Corona[mc] Do not try to handle scopes inside a subprogram
2014-02-24 Gabriel Corona[mc] Use dynar instead of dict for storing functions
2014-02-24 Gabriel Corona[mc] Move MC_ignore_local_variable and MC_ignore_global...
2014-02-24 Gabriel Corona[mc] Add missing DW_FORM_data1 (enable C++ support)
2014-02-24 Gabriel CoronaMerge 'master' into mc
2014-02-24 Gabriel CoronaMerge branch 'mc-perf' into mc
2014-02-24 Gabriel CoronaFix compilation
2014-02-21 Arnaud GierschUse the full jar here.
2014-02-21 Arnaud GierschAdd an option to control whether native libraries are...
2014-02-21 Arnaud GierschIsolate generation of the NATIVE path for the jar file.
2014-02-21 Arnaud Gierschdistcheck again.
2014-02-21 Arnaud GierschCosmetics.
2014-02-21 Pierre VeyreDisk usage computation bug fix
2014-02-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] Avoid resolving TLS over and over again
2014-02-21 Pierre VeyreMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2014-02-21 Pierre VeyreMSG_file_write() bug fix + tesh files improvements
2014-02-21 Paul BédarideUpdate changelog and news v3_11_beta
2014-02-21 Paul BédarideClean surf
2014-02-21 Paul BédarideAdd script to generate multi-platform jar
2014-02-21 Arnaud GierschMake check_dist_archive accept the newly created .gitve...
2014-02-21 Augustin DegommeChangelog update
2014-02-21 Augustin Degommethis was not needed anymore
2014-02-21 Paul BédarideAdd .gitversion to dist
2014-02-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] Merge add_compared_pointers and already_compared_p...
2014-02-20 Arnaud GierschFix warnings with make simgrid_documentation.
2014-02-20 Paul BédarideFIX: forget to update filename in DefinePackage.cmake
2014-02-20 Paul BédarideAdd SG version and Git version in MANIFEST.MF
2014-02-20 Pierre VeyreFix MSG_storage_get_proporties() bug
2014-02-20 Gabriel Corona[mc] Avoid (slow) type lookups by name or ID (xbt_dict_...
2014-02-20 Gabriel Corona[mc] Move mc_find_frame_base in mc_dwarf.c where it...
2014-02-20 Gabriel Corona[mc] Use resolved addresses in entry.low_pc and entry...
2014-02-20 Gabriel Corona[mc] Use resolved addresses in frame->low_pc and frame...
2014-02-20 Pierre VeyreMissing commit for introduce model specific properties...
2014-02-20 Pierre VeyreMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2014-02-20 Pierre VeyreIntroduce model specific properties for storage_type
2014-02-19 Arnaud GierschCleanup.
2014-02-19 Paul BédarideUpdate changelog
2014-02-19 Paul BédarideFix normalize-pointers script
2014-02-18 Arnaud GierschInform user when model-checking has been disabled becau...
2014-02-18 Arnaud GierschFix some overflows in msg_vm on 32bits archs.
2014-02-18 Arnaud GierschReindent function.
2014-02-18 Gabriel Corona[mc] Do not waste time calling libunwind get_proc_name...
2014-02-18 Marion Guthmullermodel-checker : conflit
2014-02-18 Marion Guthmullermodel-checker : minor fix
2014-02-18 Marion Guthmullermodel-checker : new configuration flag for the detectio...
2014-02-18 Marion Guthmullermodel-checker : remove or comment some printf
2014-02-18 Marion Guthmullermodel-checker : fix comm destroy for send detached...
2014-02-18 Marion Guthmullermodel-checker : try to fix the model-checker in case...
2014-02-18 Arnaud GierschRemove obsolete comment.
2014-02-18 Arnaud GierschRemove useless length modifier 'l' in %l[efg] for printf.
2014-02-18 Paul BédarideFill java-cloud-migration tesh file
2014-02-18 Marion Guthmullermodel-checker : wait with timeout is always dependant...
2014-02-18 Paul BédarideMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2014-02-18 Marion Guthmullerfix debug log
2014-02-18 alebreFix java cloud migration test - Adrien
2014-02-18 Marion Guthmullermodel-checker : use MC_assert instead of assert for...
2014-02-18 Paul BédarideFix java cloud