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2016-05-30 Gabriel Corona[surf] Fix NetCard leak
2016-05-30 Gabriel CoronaMake some constructors explicit
2016-05-30 Gabriel CoronaAvoid multiple declaration on the same line/statement
2016-05-30 Gabriel Corona[xbt] xbt_assert(level >= 0) in xbt_lib
2016-05-30 Gabriel CoronaSet the levels to -1 by default
2016-05-30 Gabriel Corona[surf] Init ROUTING_ASR_LEVEL
2016-05-30 Gabriel Corona[s4u] Add member initializers
2016-05-30 Gabriel CoronaUse std::string for Synchro instead of char*
2016-05-30 Gabriel CoronaMake Synchro PUBLIC
2016-05-30 Christian Heinrich[SMPI Examples] srcdir should become bindir
2016-05-30 Gabriel CoronaDon't include inside extern C {}
2016-05-30 Gabriel CoronaFix a leak in XML parsing
2016-05-30 Gabriel CoronaComment overloaded method in HostImpl for covariant...
2016-05-30 Gabriel CoronaReally override resume() in BoostParallelContext
2016-05-30 Gabriel Corona[simix] Match delete with new for the maestro Process
2016-05-30 Martin Quinsontravis: don't try to launch the tests if the compilatio...
2016-05-30 Martin Quinsonwoopsy, forgot to commit that file
2016-05-30 Martin Quinsonadditional doc resulting from discussions with kenenbek
2016-05-30 Gabriel CoronaFix compilation
2016-05-30 Gabriel Corona[s4u] Group fields at the end of the class
2016-05-30 Gabriel Corona[msg] Give name to parameters in declarations
2016-05-30 Gabriel CoronaLimit scope of variables
2016-05-30 Gabriel CoronaUse verbose cast
2016-05-29 degommesome more "fixes" for sonar
2016-05-29 Martin Quinsonmake sonarqube happy
2016-05-29 degommefix stupid mistake, and stop inserting thousands of...
2016-05-29 degommesome more files for sonar
2016-05-28 Martin Quinsoncleanups in XML so that sonarqube manages to parse...
2016-05-28 Martin Quinsontravis: Switch to Trusty, and cleanup old workarounds
2016-05-28 Martin Quinsonchange some sprintf into snprintf
2016-05-28 Martin Quinsontry to make our travis-sonarqube.sh useful to others too
2016-05-28 Martin Quinsonmy g++ refuses -Wmissing-prototypes
2016-05-28 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2016-05-28 Martin Quinsonuse snprintf instead of sprintf
2016-05-27 degommeActually sonar did find an actual (tiny) bug. Requalify...
2016-05-27 degommeint -> bool for replay control
2016-05-27 degommemake sonar happier with smpi_base.cpp
2016-05-27 degommeMake instr_smpi.cpp more sonarqube friendly
2016-05-27 degommeint -> bool for smpi tracing (so many of these ...)
2016-05-27 degommeuse env for perl in this script
2016-05-27 degommethat was moved to another file
2016-05-27 degommeUpdate lying doc.
2016-05-27 Christian Heinrich[SMPI Examples] Fix absolute paths, part 2.
2016-05-27 Christian Heinrich[SMPI Examples] Use absolute paths for the tracing...
2016-05-27 Christian Heinrich[gitignore] Blacklist call location test binary.
2016-05-27 Christian Heinrich[SMPI Examples] Remove binary blob that was not blacklisted
2016-05-27 Christian Heinrich[SMPI] Only allocate memory for call-loc when cfg-optio...
2016-05-27 Christian Heinrich[SMPI] Fix memory leak
2016-05-27 Christian Heinrich[SMPI Examples] Change path to trace file in tesh
2016-05-27 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2016-05-27 Christian Heinrich[SMPI Examples] Fix tesh for windows.
2016-05-27 Christian Heinrich[SMPI] Reverted removal of 'extern C' as this broke...
2016-05-27 Martin Quinsontravis: also build on mac; sonar: fail loudly on issues
2016-05-27 Martin Quinsontravis is unable to compile MC, so adapt sonar
2016-05-27 Martin Quinsontravis: install MC dependencies
2016-05-27 Frederic SuterMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2016-05-27 Gabriel CoronaName parameters in function declarations
2016-05-27 Gabriel CoronaUse & when forming pointer-to-functions
2016-05-27 Christian Heinrich[SMPI Examples] Make SMPICC the compiler under windows
2016-05-27 Frederic Sutera few more fixes
2016-05-27 Frederic SuterMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2016-05-27 Gabriel CoronaMerge master branches
2016-05-27 Martin Quinsonsonar: enable MC, hide our test code
2016-05-27 Martin Quinsonsonar+doc: a word of how it's implemented on our side
2016-05-27 Gabriel Corona[cmake] Give CMAKE_C_FLAGS and CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS higher...
2016-05-27 Gabriel Corona[cmake] Use the same way to pass warning flags in C...
2016-05-27 Christian Heinrich[SMPI] Fix if() condition to verbose comparison.
2016-05-27 Christian Heinrich[SMPI Examples] Enable the call location test.
2016-05-27 Christian Heinrich[SMPI Examples] Add C-example for call location tracing.
2016-05-27 Christian Heinrich[SMPI] Fix headers for call-location tracing.
2016-05-27 Christian Heinrich[SMPI] Fix smpicc.in for call-location tracing.
2016-05-27 Christian Heinrich[Examples] Cmake indentation
2016-05-27 Frederic Suterremove a couple of dumb sprintf
2016-05-27 Gabriel CoronaAdd missing 'override'
2016-05-27 Martin Quinsonmake clean before make all for sonarqube
2016-05-27 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2016-05-27 Frederic SuterSmelly code, smelly code, how are they writing you
2016-05-27 Frederic Suterhave a try at solving some SonarQube issues
2016-05-27 Martin Quinsonsonar: typo
2016-05-27 Martin Quinsonsonar: also test include and testsuite (but not the...
2016-05-26 Martin Quinsonsonar: reduce verbosity now that it works
2016-05-26 Martin Quinsondoc: sonarqube is working for us \o/
2016-05-26 Martin Quinsonsonar: dont specify the language we need -> take all...
2016-05-26 Martin Quinsonthe github project was renamed
2016-05-26 Martin Quinsonsonar: try to also analyse C and Java source files
2016-05-26 Martin Quinsonmake it work with -Werror=undef
2016-05-26 Martin Quinsonfix config with maintainer mode enabled
2016-05-26 Martin QuinsonFix make distcheck
2016-05-26 Martin Quinsondoc: explain how to setup your own project
2016-05-26 Martin Quinsonsonar: fix syntax in build script
2016-05-26 Martin Quinsonsonar: verbose mode, and verify examples too
2016-05-26 Martin Quinsonsonarqube improvements
2016-05-26 Martin Quinsonuse unordered_map instead of map for sake of speed
2016-05-26 Martin Quinsoncopyright header+include everything in ifdef+cosmetics
2016-05-26 Martin Quinsonthe project was renamed
2016-05-26 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2016-05-26 Martin Quinsontry to run sonarqube on travis
2016-05-26 Christian Heinrich[SMPI] Remove outcommented include from mpi.h
2016-05-26 Gabriel CoronaMove some C++ helpers in xbt/
2016-05-26 Christian Heinrich[SMPI/INSTR] Header cleanup.