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2017-04-07 Tom CornebizeFix the communication optimization.
2017-04-07 Tom CornebizeWorking copy optimization \o/
2017-04-07 Tom CornebizeKeep working on the communication optimization.
2017-04-06 Tom CornebizeBegin working on the communication optimization for...
2017-04-06 Tom CornebizeTests for the communication of partially shared buffer.
2017-04-06 Tom CornebizeMore complex test.
2017-04-05 Tom CornebizeAdd some assertions.
2017-04-05 Tom CornebizeAdd more tests for partial shared malloc.
2017-04-05 Tom CornebizeFix tests for shared and partial-shared.
2017-04-05 Tom CornebizeFix shared_malloc, add a macro for partial_sahred_malloc.
2017-04-04 Tom CornebizeImplement partial shared_malloc.
2017-04-04 Tom CornebizeSplit smpi_shared_malloc into several functions.
2017-03-31 degommeReally don't do anything in the copy callback if we...
2017-03-31 degommeIncrease our max limit for tag.. because 1M was low...
2017-03-31 degommeHide xbt_cfg cruft from smpi tesh files.
2017-03-31 degommeStop lying. Really activate privatization by default...
2017-03-31 Frederic Suterkill dead code
2017-03-31 Frederic Suterfix a bunch of recently introduced smells
2017-03-30 Frederic Suteranother leak plugged
2017-03-30 Frederic Suterleak plug
2017-03-30 Frederic Suterdo not initialize surf for nothing
2017-03-30 Frederic Suterattempt to plug all leaks for simdag.
2017-03-30 Frederic Suterremove dead code
2017-03-30 Frederic Sutermodernize two simcalls
2017-03-30 Frederic SuterRevert "Revert "cast once for all at surf level and...
2017-03-30 Frederic SuterRevert "cast once for all at surf level and not in...
2017-03-30 Frederic Sutercast once for all at surf level and not in the APIs
2017-03-30 Frederic SuterMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2017-03-30 Frederic Sutercomplete s4u::Storage interface, what a mess...
2017-03-29 degommeReplace linear search by a faster one.
2017-03-29 degommeoops
2017-03-29 degommeAdd a smpi/shared-malloc-blocksize option. This is...
2017-03-29 degommetiny optim
2017-03-29 degommeignore some more memcpys/serialization when a buffer...
2017-03-29 degommeconnect logs
2017-03-28 degommenothing to see here.
2017-03-28 degommeok, let's mess up the includes a bit more.
2017-03-28 Frederic SuterMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2017-03-28 Frederic Sutersome compilers don't like unused variables
2017-03-28 degommeSplit up smpi_bench.cpp .
2017-03-28 Frederic SuterI think I just killed a simcall
2017-03-28 Frederic Suterleak-- smell++ (C cast to avoid const_cast)
2017-03-28 Frederic Suterpleasing sonar was a bad idea there
2017-03-28 Frederic Sutertest conversion
2017-03-28 Frederic Suterleak plug and test AS properties
2017-03-28 Frederic Sutertypos and leak
2017-03-28 Lucas M. Schnorrtracing TODO marks
2017-03-28 Martin Quinsonplease sonar: this datatype is not used anymore
2017-03-28 Martin Quinsons4u: fix documentation
2017-03-28 degomme2 a.m. commits are always a good way to fail.
2017-03-28 degommeMainly on 32 bits systems, target_disp can be seen...
2017-03-27 degommeAdd an smpi_is_shared call, and ignore memcpys in SMPI...
2017-03-27 degommesupport MPI_Op_commutative call, as it was already...
2017-03-27 degommeactivate some more tests
2017-03-27 degommeAdd MPI_Win_allocate, MPI_Win_create_dynamic, MPI_Win_a...
2017-03-27 Frederic Suterplug leaks
2017-03-27 Frederic Suterfinish to plug ptaskL07 leak
2017-03-27 Frederic Suterthis test has been converted
2017-03-27 Frederic Suterdumb me
2017-03-27 Frederic Suterone more conversion
2017-03-27 Frederic Sutermake isend return a ref on the created Comm
2017-03-27 Frederic Sutertesh conversion
2017-03-26 Frederic Sutersunday bug chase
2017-03-26 Frederic Sutermostly cosmetics
2017-03-26 Frederic Suterdict to map for storage model properties
2017-03-26 Frederic Suterfix build?
2017-03-26 Frederic Sutersunday smell chase
2017-03-26 Frederic Suterconversion++
2017-03-26 Frederic Suterone more teshsuite convertion
2017-03-24 Frederic Suterbetter with that file ...
2017-03-24 Frederic SuterTESH: msg to s4u - act 1
2017-03-24 Frederic Suterbug-- and a bit less brain overload
2017-03-24 Frederic Sutermatch new with delete in fact
2017-03-24 Martin Quinsonrestore a check ensuring that this example is not...
2017-03-24 Martin Quinsonmatch free with mallocs
2017-03-24 Frederic SuterMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2017-03-24 Frederic Suterplug leak
2017-03-24 Frederic Suterimprove that mess a bit
2017-03-24 Frederic Suterno need to test if hard coded value is in a range
2017-03-23 Martin Quinsonpet sonar: kill a 'using namespace'
2017-03-23 Martin Quinsonsonar: ignore missing namespaces in examples
2017-03-23 Martin Quinsonpetting sonar as every night before bed
2017-03-23 Martin Quinsonfix case of a header file
2017-03-23 Martin QuinsonAdd s4u::Mutex to the doc
2017-03-23 Frederic Suterno need to call cimix everytime for that
2017-03-23 Frederic Sutersurf_fopen to ifsopen + no need to reimplement streambu...
2017-03-23 Frederic Suter32-bit requires smthg longer than size_t
2017-03-23 Frederic Suterstart to mess up with storage
2017-03-23 Martin QuinsonImprove the doc on how to release
2017-03-23 Martin QuinsonInitialize the 3.16 release cycle
2017-03-22 Martin Quinsonrelease v3.15 v3_15
2017-03-22 Martin Quinsondoxygen fixups, again
2017-03-22 Martin Quinsondoxygen fixups
2017-03-22 degommeSMPI copyright bump before release
2017-03-22 degommeChangelog update
2017-03-22 degommeAdd mpi_get_accumulate call. And MPI_NO_OP operation
2017-03-22 Martin Quinsonwe will release today
2017-03-22 Frederic Suterfix links
2017-03-22 Frederic SuterMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2017-03-22 Frederic Suterpre-release update