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2015-08-24 Gabriel Coronatesh: Let a grace period of 1s for the child process...
2015-08-19 Martin Quinsonsort a bit the cmake file
2015-08-16 Martin Quinsonuniformize simcall_comm_send() and simcall_comm_recv()
2015-08-16 Martin Quinsonspellcheck
2015-08-16 Martin Quinsonkill SIMIX_comm_isend(), use simcall_HANDLER_comm_isend...
2015-08-12 Martin Quinsonmove the cmake files in tools/cmake
2015-08-11 Martin Quinson[jenkins] disable MPICH3 test on coverage to avoid...
2015-08-11 Martin Quinsonremove unused jenkins scripts, and document some others
2015-08-11 Martin QuinsonFail loudly when someone tries to unlock a mutex owned...
2015-08-09 Martin Quinsonrename simcall process_change_host -> process_set_host
2015-08-09 Martin Quinsonspell check the comments
2015-08-08 Martin Quinsonremove dupplicated dependency that is also given out...
2015-08-08 Martin Quinsonadd some more words to ignore
2015-08-08 Martin Quinsonimprove the usage message, and count the total amount...
2015-08-08 Martin Quinsonthis comment was seriously outdated
2015-08-08 Martin Quinsontranslate a comment
2015-08-07 Martin Quinsonfix make dist
2015-08-05 Martin QuinsonCleanups in the Constant model
2015-08-05 Martin Quinsonadd a platform with routing=None
2015-08-05 Martin Quinsoninitialize some fields
2015-08-05 Martin Quinsondon't redeclare globals, use headers
2015-08-05 Martin QuinsonReduce the amount of (protected) multiple includes
2015-08-05 Martin QuinsonUpdate copyright notices
2015-08-05 Martin Quinsondon't artificially add the current year to the copyrigh...
2015-08-05 Martin Quinsononly proceed files with an existing SimGrid copyright...
2015-08-05 Martin Quinsonthe routing 'None' must be uppercased in the XML
2015-08-01 Martin QuinsonRemove GTNetS. It was not working anyway
2015-07-30 Gabriel CoronaFix another typo
2015-07-30 Martin Quinsonfix a typo
2015-07-30 Gabriel Corona[mc] Ignore stdout/stderr of the umpire tests
2015-07-30 kbaati[psg] add tutorial source
2015-07-29 Martin Quinsonactivates the ISP test for model-checking
2015-07-29 Martin Quinson[appveyor] request the image that is intended for MinGW
2015-07-29 Martin Quinson[appveyor] give it a try when java is not blocking...
2015-07-29 degommethese are already defined in public simix.h or surf...
2015-07-29 degommeforgotten XBT_PUBLIC
2015-07-29 Martin Quinsondisable lto for gcc 4.8 too
2015-07-28 Martin Quinson[appveyor] show compile command lines (plus: kill dead...
2015-07-28 Martin Quinsonpthread is not necessarily defined on windows
2015-07-28 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2015-07-28 Martin QuinsonActually, pthreads are not mandatory (win32_ucontext...
2015-07-28 Martin Quinson[appveyor] more verbose on problems
2015-07-28 Martin Quinson[appveyor] copy everything from the pthread libs, not...
2015-07-28 Martin Quinsonpthread is mandatory
2015-07-28 Martin Quinson[windows] fix a typo in 32bits detection
2015-07-28 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fail if we can't unprotect the stack guard
2015-07-28 Gabriel Corona[mc] Do not attempt to make the heap writeable
2015-07-28 Martin Quinson[appveyor] dump gcc's builtins symbols
2015-07-28 Martin Quinson[appveyor] be more verbose about what's going on
2015-07-28 Gabriel Corona[mc] Use the real override
2015-07-28 Martin Quinsonstrdup is not part of ansi standards, and msys compiler...
2015-07-28 Martin Quinsonok, it wont work with MSVC
2015-07-28 Martin Quinsonwondering whether MinGW C headers are C++ protected :)
2015-07-28 Martin Quinson[appveyor] install pthread directly in mingw, not in...
2015-07-28 Martin Quinson[appveyor] Get it working with MSYS (or almost)
2015-07-28 Martin QuinsonFix distcheck
2015-07-28 Martin Quinson[appveyor] configuration file
2015-07-28 Martin Quinsonlet's be brutal for now
2015-07-28 Martin QuinsonDon't forbid the use of MSVC, to test AppVeyor
2015-07-27 Martin Quinson[jenkins] try to build in-source when on windows
2015-07-27 Martin Quinson[jenkins] ask for verbose compilations, to see what...
2015-07-27 Martin QuinsonMerge branches 'master' and 'master' of github.com...
2015-07-27 Martin Quinsonadd the files bug-17132 to the tarball even if smpi...
2015-07-27 Martin Quinsontry to fix the yaml file for travis
2015-07-27 Gabriel Corona[jenkins] Fix optimization variable name
2015-07-27 Gabriel Corona[jenkins] Remove debugging
2015-07-27 kbaati* update tutorial
2015-07-27 Martin Quinsontry to fix the yaml file for travis
2015-07-27 Martin QuinsonJenkins: sh syntax error when speaking to windows
2015-07-27 Martin Quinsonjenkins fun
2015-07-27 Gabriel Corona[jenkins] Workaround for Windows
2015-07-27 Gabriel Corona[jenkins] Temporary test
2015-07-27 Gabriel Corona[jenkins] Check build mode before making the archive
2015-07-27 Gabriel Corona[jenkins] Display arguments passed to the script
2015-07-27 Gabriel Corona[jenkins] Fix jenkins
2015-07-27 Gabriel Corona[jenkins] ulimit -c may not be available
2015-07-27 Gabriel Corona[jenkins] Add windows support in build.sh
2015-07-27 Gabriel Corona[jenkins] Add makedist.sh script
2015-07-27 Gabriel CoronaRevert "[cmake] Use -std=c++0x if -std=c++11 is not...
2015-07-27 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix constness issue in MC_make_functions_index()
2015-07-27 Gabriel Corona[cmake] Check g++ version before checking c++11 support
2015-07-27 Gabriel Corona[cmake] Use -std=c++0x if -std=c++11 is not available
2015-07-27 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove mc_object_info.cpp
2015-07-27 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove useless functions
2015-07-27 Gabriel Corona[mc] Move Frame, ModelChecker, ObjectInformation, Type...
2015-07-25 Martin QuinsonTesh: Use 0 as a default sorting prefix
2015-07-25 Martin QuinsonOoops, I bork a test
2015-07-25 Martin Quinsontesh: be much more verbose when sorted output don't...
2015-07-25 Martin Quinsonget the ChangeLog and NEWS ready for a release
2015-07-25 Martin Quinsontesh now reports if the outputs were sorted on mismatch
2015-07-25 Martin Quinsonignore some cruft generated by scala
2015-07-25 Martin QuinsonMove some internal tools out of the way, to not scare...
2015-07-25 Martin Quinsontypo
2015-07-25 Martin Quinsonfix the tool to spellcheck the comments
2015-07-25 Martin Quinsonmove the tesh.pl with its friend
2015-07-25 Martin Quinsonreduce cmake verbosity
2015-07-25 Martin Quinsonfix the log hierarchy extraction wrt mc_main, that...
2015-07-25 Martin QuinsonMake it possible to compile the doc without javadoc...
2015-07-25 Martin Quinsonfix some outrageously outdated parts of the doc
2015-07-25 Martin Quinsonremove some more cruft related to gcc v4.6 (we request...