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2022-11-07 Arnaud GierschCosmetics.
2022-11-06 Martin Quinsonsetter function only need a simcall in MC or with paral...
2022-11-04 Martin QuinsonMove a function to the right file and other cleanups
2022-10-06 Arnaud GierschMerge branch 'wifi_clean' into 'master'
2022-10-04 Arnaud GierschRemove deprecated features for next release (3.33).
2022-03-16 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'add_barrier_python_bindings' into 'master'
2022-03-15 Arnaud GierschRegroup common code.
2022-03-14 Arnaud GierschMark more smx_* type aliases as deprecated.
2022-03-14 Arnaud GierschMark smx_actor_t as deprecated.
2022-03-11 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'add_remaining_comm_sync_bindings' into...
2022-03-08 Arnaud GierschMove Simcall from namespace simix to kernel::actor.
2022-03-08 Arnaud GierschRename popping.cpp -> simcall.cpp to better reflect...
2022-03-08 Arnaud GierschMake Simcall a real class.
2022-03-08 Arnaud GierschUse existing XBT macro to declare enum class Simcall.
2022-03-08 Arnaud GierschMark all of simix.h as deprecated.
2022-03-08 Arnaud GierschDefine Comm::send and Comm::recv (replace simcall_comm_...
2022-03-06 Arnaud GierschMark old simcall_comm_isend/irecv/wait as deprecated.
2022-02-28 Arnaud GierschMinor sonar smells, and other cosmetics.
2022-02-27 Martin QuinsonNo future.
2022-02-27 Martin QuinsonRename sg::k::actor::simcall ::actor::simcall_answered
2022-02-27 Martin QuinsonFurther cleanups in simix remains
2022-02-27 Martin Quinsonreduce the visibility of popping_private
2022-02-27 Martin QuinsonAnd now kill simcalls.py: simix v2 is not completely...
2022-02-27 Martin QuinsonKill popping_{enum,generated}
2022-02-27 Martin Quinsonsimix simplification: no need to marshal generic parame...
2022-02-27 Martin Quinsonsimix simplification: no need for a template here
2022-02-27 Martin QuinsonKill popping_bodies.cpp
2022-02-26 Martin QuinsonKill popping_accessors.hpp
2022-02-20 SUTER Fredericremove old wait any simcall
2022-02-19 Martin QuinsonKill Simcall::COMM_WAIT
2022-02-19 Martin QuinsonKill Simcall::COMM_RECV, COMM_IRECV, COMM_SEND and...
2022-02-18 Martin QuinsonMC does not need a mc_value_ in the simcall anymore
2022-02-17 Arnaud GierschPylint docs/find-missing.py, src/simix/simcalls.py.
2022-02-16 Arnaud GierschUse bounds checking method array::at().
2022-02-08 SUTER Fredericsimplify calls to CommImpl::isend and CommImpl::irecv
2022-02-05 Martin QuinsonMC: isend/irecv are not blocking
2022-02-05 Martin QuinsonMC: do not segfault when the logs are activated
2022-02-04 Martin Quinsonconvert more isend/irecv locations to the new simcalls...
2022-02-03 SUTER Fredericremove old simcall_comm_test and simcall_comm_testany
2022-02-03 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'wifi_rate_zero' into 'master'
2022-02-03 Arnaud GierschMerge branch 'stable'
2022-02-02 SUTER Fredericmark some old simcalls as deprecated (test, test_any...
2022-01-31 Arnaud GierschRemove deprecated features for next release (3.31).
2022-01-20 SUTER FredericCleanup in log categories
2022-01-06 Arnaud GierschUse more efficient greedy quantifier in RE.
2022-01-06 Arnaud GierschUpdate copyright lines for 2022.
2021-11-10 SUTER FredericRevert "use smart pointers for kernel timers"
2021-11-10 SUTER Fredericuse smart pointers for kernel timers
2021-11-09 SUTER Fredericrename log category from simix_context to ker_context
2021-11-05 SUTER Fredericinclude cleanups after deprecation
2021-11-04 SUTER FredericReorganize VM code
2021-10-08 Arnaud GierschRemove deprecated features for next release (3.30).
2021-10-06 SUTER Fredericdeprecate SIMIX_is_maestro
2021-10-06 SUTER Fredericempty out src/simix/smx_context.cpp
2021-10-06 SUTER Fredericmodernize some SIMIX functions
2021-10-02 Arnaud GierschAvoid spurious diff for generated file.
2021-10-01 SUTER Fredericdeprecate 2 simix functions
2021-09-21 SUTER Fredericplease sonar
2021-09-21 SUTER Fredericremove smx_global.cpp
2021-09-21 SUTER Fredericmove MC stuff from simix_global to EngineImpl
2021-09-21 SUTER Fredericcleanups
2021-09-19 Arnaud GierschMissing includes.
2021-09-17 SUTER FredericMerge branch 'no_simix_global'
2021-09-17 SUTER FredericMerge branch 'master' of https://framagit.org/simgrid...
2021-09-17 SUTER Fredericget rid of SIMIX_global_init
2021-09-17 SUTER Fredericmove context_mod_init to EngineImpl
2021-09-17 SUTER Fredericget rid of simix_global and smx_private.hpp
2021-09-17 SUTER Frederictransfer some parts of the initialization from SIMIX_gl...
2021-09-15 SUTER Fredericmove maestro to EngineImpl. breaks a unit-test
2021-09-14 SUTER FredericMerge branch 'master' of https://framagit.org/simgrid...
2021-08-30 Arnaud GierschMerge branch 'lost+found_github-master'
2021-08-30 Arnaud GierschMerge branch 'segvhandler_fix' into 'master'
2021-08-30 Julien EMMANUELFix incorrect suggestion in segvhandler
2021-07-14 Arnaud GierschRemove deprecated features for next release (3.29).
2021-06-23 Arnaud GierschUse ssize_t as return type for Comm::wait_any.
2021-06-23 Arnaud GierschUse ssize_t as return type for Comm::test_any.
2021-06-22 Arnaud GierschAdd missing copyright notices.
2021-06-08 Augustin DegommeMerge branch 'factor_in_actions' into 'master'
2021-06-04 Arnaud GierschRestore public smpi_init_options().
2021-06-03 Arnaud GierschFix include.
2021-06-03 Arnaud GierschMake smpi_switch_data_segment check if a switch is...
2021-06-01 Arnaud GierschPointer-to-const for Sonar.
2021-05-31 Arnaud GierschA few more 'const'.
2021-05-27 SUTER Frederic get rid of SIMIX_clean
2021-05-27 Arnaud GierschDeprecate SIMIX_get_clock().
2021-05-26 SUTER Fredericmake simix_global->maestro_ private
2021-05-26 SUTER Fredericprepare transition of context_factory: make it private
2021-05-25 SUTER Fredericremove cruft [ci-skip]
2021-05-25 SUTER FredericChange way Mailboxes are create, stored, and destroyed
2021-05-25 SUTER Fredericdelete Timer when shutting down EngineImpl
2021-05-25 SUTER FredericContinue to migrate contents of simix_global to EngineImpl
2021-05-21 SUTER Fredericmigrate actors_to_run and actors_that_ran to EngineImpl
2021-05-17 SUTER Fredericmigrate daemons from simix::Global to kernel::EngineImpl
2021-05-17 SUTER Fredericmigrate execute_tasks from simix::Global to kernel...
2021-05-17 SUTER Fredericmigrate wake_all_waiting_actors from simix::Global...
2021-05-17 SUTER FredericSIMIX_run becomes EngineImpl::run
2021-05-17 SUTER Fredericmove another function out of simix + private field
2021-05-16 SUTER Fredericmove kernel timers from simix:: to kernel::timer::
2021-05-05 Martin QuinsonMC: Start implementing the dependency functions on...
2021-04-27 Arnaud GierschThe header <typeinfo> must be included before using...