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[SMPI/LB] Small cleanups
[simgrid.git] / src / smpi / plugins / sampi_loadbalancer.cpp
2018-08-03 Christian Heinrich[SMPI/LB] Small cleanups
2018-08-02 Christian Heinrich[SMPI/LB] Make header file private
2018-08-02 Christian Heinrich[SAMPI] Move ampi signals to simgrid::smpi::plugin...
2018-08-02 Christian Heinrich[SMPI/LB] Add comment noting that an arg must not be 0
2018-08-02 Christian Heinrich[SMPI/LB] Check migration counter before the LB execution
2018-08-02 Christian Heinrich[SAMPI] Update the sampi_loadbalancer code
2018-07-17 Martin Quinsondoxygen: uniformity in command markers (@ vs. \)
2018-05-12 Martin QuinsonMissing copyright header
2018-04-20 Christian Heinrich[SMPI] Initial commit of the LB plugin