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[project-description] Fix extraction of the ns-3 version.
[simgrid.git] / tools / jenkins / project_description.sh
2022-07-04 Arnaud Giersch[project-description] Fix extraction of the ns-3 version.
2022-04-23 Augustin Degomme[ci-skip] Update project_description.sh
2022-03-16 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'add_barrier_python_bindings' into 'master'
2022-03-15 Arnaud GierschExtract eigen3 version from build logs.
2022-03-15 Arnaud GierschFix column numbers for sortTable.
2022-03-15 Arnaud Giersch[project-description] Put build status starting at...
2022-03-15 Arnaud GierschAdd eigen3 to project_description.sh
2022-02-07 Arnaud GierschFix error 404 for grey.png with recent jenkins [ci...
2021-10-13 Arnaud GierschKill trailing whitespaces in source code files.
2021-09-14 SUTER FredericMerge branch 'master' of https://framagit.org/simgrid...
2021-07-21 Arnaud GierschWe don't use Travis anymore.
2021-01-13 agougeonMerge branch 'master' of https://framagit.org/simgrid...
2020-12-15 Augustin DegommeMerge branch 'Adrien.Gougeon/simgrid-master'
2020-11-26 Ehsan AzimiMerge branch 'master' of github.com:simgrid/simgrid...
2020-11-25 Arnaud Gierschprojet_description: lookup in ModelChecker build too...
2020-11-25 Ehsan AzimiMerge branch 'master' of github.com:simgrid/simgrid...
2020-11-22 Arnaud GierschRevert "Adapt projet_description again."
2020-11-22 Arnaud GierschAdapt projet_description again.
2020-11-22 Augustin Degommeadapt projet_description for new python3 detection
2020-10-23 Arnaud GierschMerge branch 'pikachuyann/simgrid-stoprofiles'
2020-10-08 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'klement/simgrid-klement' into master
2020-09-30 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'adrien' into 'master'
2020-09-30 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' into adrien
2020-09-29 Arnaud GierschAdd input file.
2020-09-28 Martin Quinsonproject description: show me the ns-3 version
2020-09-26 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of framagit.org:Adrien.Gougeon...
2020-07-14 Augustin Degommeshellcheck tools/jenkins scripts.
2020-05-15 Augustin Degommebump osx version on travis
2020-02-06 Arnaud GierschMerge branch 'pikachuyann/simgrid-xbt_random'
2019-11-28 Frederic SuterMerge branch 'master' of https://framagit.org/simgrid...
2019-11-28 Augustin Degommereplace ticks by version of python in project descripti...
2019-10-07 Frederic SuterMerge branch 'master' into CRTP
2019-07-27 Augustin Degommeavoid mixing travis builders
2019-07-26 Augustin Degommeadd color for travis and appveyor builds
2019-07-26 Augustin Degommetypo
2019-07-26 Augustin Degommeappveyor's back
2019-07-24 Martin Quinsontravis: we now use travis
2019-07-22 Augustin Degommeadd some grey
2019-07-22 Augustin Degommeadd some color to project description
2019-07-18 Augustin Degommecmake 3.15 changed its boost detection message
2019-07-06 Augustin Degommecosmetics for sorting
2019-07-06 Augustin Degommeswitch to mojave on travis
2019-07-06 Augustin Degommeupdate description to remove appveyor and add travis...
2019-06-15 Martin QuinsonCosmetics around ns-3
2019-05-31 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'tracemgrsplit' into 'master'
2019-05-23 Arnaud GierschFix project_description.sh.
2019-05-17 Arnaud GierschCosmetics.
2019-05-16 Frederic SuterMerge branch 'master' of https://framagit.org/simgrid...
2019-05-15 Augustin Degommefix mess with quotes
2019-05-14 Augustin Degommeadd sorting to project description
2019-01-08 Martin Quinsontravis is on Xenial now
2018-12-28 Augustin Degommecosmetics.
2018-12-28 Augustin Degommeupdate description of SImgrid ci job with NS3 and Python
2018-10-15 Augustin Degommehave description use current build and not latest one...
2018-10-11 jed56 ( Jean-Emile... Merge branch 'master' into v3.20-expose-simgrid-jni
2018-09-13 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' into master
2018-08-24 degommetravis updated osx environment last month
2018-08-03 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'async_io' into 'master'
2018-08-01 Arnaud GierschFix double dashes.
2018-08-01 degommeadd scripted description update for appveyor and travis
2018-07-31 Augustin Degommeadd the dumb script used to update project description...