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Add availability_file and state_file to peer tag.
[simgrid.git] / src / surf / simgrid_dtd.c
2010-12-08 navarropAdd availability_file and state_file to peer tag.
2010-12-08 navarropAdd availability_file and state_file in cluster.
2010-12-05 alegrandAllow cluster tag to use the core tag...
2010-12-02 alegrandUpdate simgrid_dtd flexml files to cope with recent...
2010-12-01 mquinsonregenerate maintainer files (although I have no idea...
2010-12-01 navarropRemove symetrical for symmetrical.
2010-11-05 navarropBy default setting route symetrical to YES
2010-11-05 navarropAdd a backbone sharing policy in dtd.
2010-10-27 navarropSetting symetrical = NO by default.
2010-10-27 navarropAdd in DTD direction for link_ctn and sharing_policy...
2010-10-11 alegrandIndent include and src using this command:
2010-10-06 navarropUpdate maintainer source.
2010-10-06 navarropClean DTD and add tag config.
2010-10-04 mquinsonmerge
2010-09-28 navarropModify DTD and files for cluster Tag
2010-09-28 navarropAdd cluster tag
2010-09-28 navarropNew maintainer sources for simgrid dtd
2010-06-18 navarropDefine correctly variables for windows.
2010-06-17 navarropNow sources are generated with #line.
2010-04-14 navarropMake testall to src/.
2010-04-14 mquinsoncommit generated files produced by flexml and friends
2010-04-06 mquinsonregenerate flex generated files with a more recent...
2009-11-04 donassbrRemove parameter timestep.
2009-08-26 donassbrMerge changes of maxmin_selective_update branch into...
2009-06-30 mquinsonSURF: Unify the types of models in a uniq s_surf_model_...
2009-05-28 mquinsonmerge with git master
2009-05-26 mquinsonReindent everything (possibly breaking all branches...
2008-11-10 mquinsonRegenerate with newest flex, so that new gcc paranoia...
2008-06-20 cheriermisatty is already declared in io.h
2008-03-06 mquinsonRegenerate all flexml-generated files to fix a FTBFS...
2008-02-03 mquinsonFix the DTD wrt trace:connect. I like it better this...
2008-01-23 mquinsonRegenerating autogenerated files
2007-12-20 mquinsonmv surfxml.dtd simgrid.dtd