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Add revision to test labels into cdash and forced to use svn revision and not git...
[simgrid.git] / buildtools / Cmake / src /
2010-04-20 navarropAdd revision to test labels into cdash and forced to...
2010-04-19 navarropAdd version to shared lib and full path for sources.
2010-04-19 navarropCorrect command for examples in the install command.
2010-04-19 navarropAdd examples to install dir.
2010-04-19 navarropPatch for debian.
2010-04-15 navarropPath for png.
2010-04-15 navarropAdd make sync-gforge command.
2010-04-15 navarropAdd gras_stub_generator dependencies for some targets.
2010-04-15 navarropVerification of bibtex2html.
2010-04-15 navarropSome make command were unvailable if they were launch...
2010-04-15 navarropEnable java tests to be executed out of project directory.'
2010-04-15 navarropAdd vivaldi to tests.
2010-04-14 schnorradding another example with the declaration of multiple...
2010-04-14 schnorrcreating specific tests to verify the simulation trace...
2010-04-14 mquinsonAdd a Vivaldi network model, coded live during SUD...
2010-04-14 navarropBe sure we can execute this script.
2010-04-14 navarropAdd scripts to distrib.
2010-04-14 schnorrchanging message for tracing option
2010-04-14 navarropEnable launch cmake in different directories.
2010-04-13 navarropNow generate simgrid.jar with libsimgrid and not at...
2010-04-13 navarropCosmetics and remove bindings if there are enabled.
2010-04-13 navarropDeclare that one ruby test failed.
2010-04-13 navarropDelete double negation for option.
2010-04-12 navarropUpdate uninstall command for bindings.
2010-04-12 navarropAdd link for bindings during install.
2010-04-12 navarropRemove correctly binaries from install dir.
2010-04-12 schnorradding new test for masterslave_mailbox
2010-04-12 velhoAdded verification before adding tests, by Pierre.
2010-04-09 mquinsonour libs depend on -lm, and sanitize a bit the ruby...
2010-04-09 navarropAdd binaries to install.
2010-04-09 navarropRemove old libsimgrid_ruby to install.
2010-04-09 mquinsonlua need *that* link to work
2010-04-09 mquinsonnext release is 3.4, not 3.3.5
2010-04-09 navarropAdd testall to test.
2010-04-09 navarropMake target testall for all.
2010-04-09 navarropNow working.
2010-04-09 navarropLink to Libsimgrid.so.
2010-04-09 navarropAdd sources for distrib.
2010-04-09 mquinsonUse libsimgrid as name for the native simgrid module...
2010-04-09 navarropAdd rev number to BUILDNAME.
2010-04-09 navarropFix path for simgrid library.
2010-04-09 navarropRemove lines for debug.
2010-04-08 schnorrdocumentation that describes how to configure a graph...
2010-04-08 navarropRemove old lib simgrid_ruby for include ruby source...
2010-04-08 navarropAdd link to library for bindings.
2010-04-08 coldpeaceadding lua and ruby tesh file
2010-04-08 navarropDo memcheck on binaries and not on dash.
2010-04-08 schnorrdocumentation about triva - installation, execution...
2010-04-08 navarropRemove PIPOL error due to rm command line.
2010-04-07 piniAlso install the SMPI binaries.
2010-04-07 navarropAdd .classes to clean command.
2010-04-07 navarropAdd command make all-clean.
2010-04-07 navarropUpdate FAQ and cosmetics for options.
2010-04-07 coldpeaceChange cmake variable HAVE_RUBY_H to HAVE_RUBY for...
2010-04-07 coldpeaceRuby should be a shared lib
2010-04-07 coldpeaceMake sure that the define of Ruby is given to cmake
2010-04-07 navarropAdd Tracing for PIPOL tests.
2010-04-06 mquinsonRename the gtnets tests for clarity
2010-04-06 navarropAdd testall only if mainainer_mode.
2010-04-06 navarropCosmetics.
2010-04-06 navarropBe sure we can execute some scripts before use mainaine...
2010-04-06 navarropAdd files to dist.
2010-04-06 navarropChange Working directory command.
2010-04-06 navarropAdd uninstall command.
2010-04-06 navarropRedo the way to install simgrid.
2010-04-06 navarropSet sources files generated.
2010-04-01 navarropAdd a look for files which permits to generate source...
2010-04-01 schnorrmaking the sources for the instrumentation be present...
2010-04-01 schnorrfix: forget to add private.h to TRACING_SRC
2010-04-01 schnorrproper use of the HAVE_TRACING variable defined by...
2010-04-01 navarropReorganize order to make files when maintainer mode.
2010-04-01 navarropGive more details about how make doc if it fails.
2010-04-01 navarropFix Bibtex2html pb.
2010-04-01 navarropAdd maintainer_mode generate files.
2010-04-01 navarropAdd testall to cmake.
2010-04-01 alegrandHuge import with Lucas tracing modifications.
2010-03-31 navarropGenerate files in good order.
2010-03-31 navarropChange yes value to 1 value.
2010-03-31 navarropAdd check for HAVE_POSIX_GETTIME.
2010-03-31 navarropCorrection of the flexml part.
2010-03-30 navarropAdd time and date to distrib.
2010-03-30 navarropAdd debug to flexml.
2010-03-30 navarropEnable java with distcheck.
2010-03-30 navarropAdd make distcheck command and rename make package...
2010-03-30 navarropOption for debug print.
2010-03-30 mquinsonRename configuration variables *_model into */model...
2010-03-30 navarropSolve problem with lib name of java ruby and lua.
2010-03-26 navarropMemcheck again...
2010-03-26 navarropAdd tests for memcheck with perl.
2010-03-26 navarropAdd tests for memcheck.
2010-03-25 navarropAdd context to ccmake option.
2010-03-25 navarropEnable code coverage by option.
2010-03-25 navarropEnsure that we can launch mk_supernovae.sh after a...
2010-03-25 piniEnsure smpicc is executable.
2010-03-25 navarropAdd necessary files to distrib.
2010-03-25 navarropFix a bug with Fedora.
2010-03-25 navarrop??? What is it ???
2010-03-25 navarrop??? What is it ???
2010-03-25 navarropCompile smpi examples with smpicc. Fix lualib location...
2010-03-25 mquinsonuse the smpi(cc|run).in which are in the source tree...