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smpirun: turn error into warning only.
[simgrid.git] / examples / smpi / reduce.tesh
2012-04-02 Arnaud Gierschsmpirun: turn error into warning only.
2012-04-02 Arnaud Gierschbcast.tesh: "as much processes than hosts" is 5.
2012-01-11 Marion Guthmullermerge conflicts resolved
2012-01-09 Martin QuinsonMerge branches 'MC_LTL' and 'MC_LTL' of scm.gforge...
2011-12-26 Martin Quinsonmerge back the master trunk into the smpi branch
2011-12-25 Martin Quinsonfix the tests that my cleanups in the config variable...
2010-12-06 piniUse more precision by default when running SMPI.
2010-08-05 navarropGive LD_LIBRARY_PATH to smpirun.
2010-07-12 piniUpdated expected output.
2010-05-19 mquinsonfix a bunch of issues found by make distcheck
2010-04-29 piniRemove unnecessary output that makes these tests fail...
2010-04-15 navarropCorrect tesh files after patch time commit.
2010-04-08 piniRemove dummy output.
2010-04-07 navarropAdapt tesh files for smpi.
2009-12-24 mquinsonFix the reduce test (by removing timings when -q is...
2009-08-18 mquinsonMore fixes to VPATH testing
2009-08-17 mquinsonupdate tesh files (I assume that ordering differances...
2009-06-30 genaudadded automatic test of reduce