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Fix compilation with tracing and new network_element_t
[simgrid.git] / src / cxx /
2008-09-12 cheriermChange the default string format the the double values.
2008-09-12 cheriermchange consecutive to the renaming of the CXX wrappers
2008-09-12 cheriermThe previous files renamed.
2008-09-12 cheriermDelete and create a new files prefixed by Msg because...
2008-08-19 cherierma sample of makefile for cpp wrappers library.
2008-08-19 cheriermlast change of cpp wrappers for msg
2008-08-11 cheriermThe default alias name is now build from the name of...
2008-07-11 cheriermA string utility class and a new Exception (used to...
2008-07-11 cheriermSome code refactoring
2008-07-08 cheriermnot needed now
2008-07-08 cheriermUse pointers instead references.
2008-07-03 cheriermSome new classes of CPP version of Msg
2008-07-03 cheriermLast Changes of CPP version of Msg
2008-06-20 cheriermCode refactoring on CPP
2008-05-21 cheriermRefactoring of code and documentation.
2008-05-21 cheriermAdd a class of exception for file not found and Msg...
2008-05-16 cheriermSome new files of the cxx version of the MSG API
2008-05-16 cheriermCode refactoring
2008-05-16 cheriermnot needed now.
2008-05-16 cheriermAdd comment and exception mechanism to the Host class.
2008-05-15 cheriermSome modifications and some files added.
2008-05-14 cheriermstarted of C++ wrappers for Msg