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Do connect all log channel manually to parent using XBT_LOG_CONNECT() too, so that...
[simgrid.git] / src / simix / smx_config.c
2008-03-06 mquinsonDo connect all log channel manually to parent using...
2007-12-11 quasareliminating KCCFLN05 model
2007-08-16 velhoSubstitution of the word "resource" by "model" in every...
2007-08-06 alegrandReindent!
2007-08-02 alegrandKeeping up with the new surf model description.
2007-08-01 alegrandbring new network models to end users
2007-07-25 velhoCorrected error message.
2007-07-16 alegrandsurf_workstation_model -> workstation_model
2007-07-06 velhoCorrected some bugs, added the simix support to the...
2007-04-04 donassbrFunctions added and changed. Keeps the cvs updated.
2007-03-21 donassbrChanges in the functions, correct prototype function...
2007-03-01 donassbrCopyright corrected.
2007-03-01 donassbrSimix Initial structure