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Do connect all log channel manually to parent using XBT_LOG_CONNECT() too, so that...
[simgrid.git] / config.sub
2007-08-07 marklsadded SMPI_DEP to configure.ac and src/Makefile.am
2007-07-16 alegrandautomatically generated files
2005-06-29 alegrandautomatic updates
2005-06-23 mquinsonautomatic commit
2005-06-04 mquinsonthanks debian for taking care of updating those files...
2005-04-14 mquinsonAutomatic update (I love debian)
2004-12-31 mquinsonautomatic update
2004-09-15 mquinsonrelibtoolize
2004-06-04 mquinsonUpdate of external scripts
2004-01-28 mquinsonautomatic update
2004-01-27 mquinsonInitial revision