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Fixed a race condition in msg for communication between two processes. The
[simgrid.git] / src / msg / msg_mailbox.c
2009-02-15 casanovaFixed a race condition in msg for communication between...
2008-11-10 mquinsonKill MSG_mailbox_put, which were not meant to be a...
2008-07-08 cheriermDetails of this changes:
2008-06-16 alegrandCosmetics
2008-06-16 alegrandclean treatment of timeouts and cond_free.
2008-06-12 alegrandPotential bug fix.
2008-06-12 alegrandBug fix
2008-06-12 alegrandAdd convenient debug function on conditions and use...
2008-06-12 alegrandindent -i2 -kr
2008-06-12 alegranddos2unix
2008-06-10 alegrandPlug memleak.
2008-05-07 mquinsonExport some mailbox related functions
2008-04-02 alegrandBug Fix. This function used to return the last task...
2008-01-11 cheriermThis change is relative with the mailbox concept :
2008-01-07 mquinsonSimplification (plus remove a warning blocking the...
2008-01-07 cheriermAdd end line in msg_mailbox* files and add the file...
2008-01-07 cheriermAdd the mailbox source file and header.