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Pre-release cleanup: rename libgrasrl to libgras and libgrassg to libsimgrid
[simgrid.git] / examples / ping / Makefile.am
2004-12-31 mquinsonPre-release cleanup: rename libgrasrl to libgras and...
2004-12-31 mquinsonLet's get funky and try to settle gras on top of msg...
2004-12-16 mquinsonCleanup library dependencies declaration
2004-10-06 mquinsonCurrent state. See changelog, sorry, I'm out of time
2004-09-27 mquinsonport the SG part to the new stuff intended to work...
2004-09-07 mquinsonfix paths so that make distcheck works again
2004-07-24 mquinsoncompile with -g; do not compile by default, but only...
2004-07-22 mquinsonmake distcheck is now successful
2004-07-20 mquinsonUse the shared libraries; build progs only on make...
2004-07-08 mquinsonget ride of the testing to XML, since SG is now compile...
2004-07-07 mquinsonLet make dist work even when SG is not there
2004-07-07 mquinsonFix make dist
2004-07-03 mquinsonLet it work in RL (yuhu)
2004-06-21 mquinsonCosmetics
2004-01-29 mquinsonFix the location of the gras library (again)
2004-01-29 mquinsonmv core Core
2004-01-27 mquinsonInitial revision