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Allow exceptions with NULL msg
[simgrid.git] / src / xbt / ex.c
2005-09-05 mquinsonAllow exceptions with NULL msg
2005-08-07 mquinsondon't include execinfo.h directly, but using portable...
2005-08-07 mquinsonFix a leak
2005-08-07 mquinsonSome more xbt_error_t eradication; change mismatch_erro...
2005-08-06 mquinsonONGOING work on exceptions plus minor cleanups.
2005-07-02 mquinsons/sg/xbt/ ; s/code/category/
2005-07-01 mquinsonfit libex into SimGrid (with an axe, I admit)
2005-07-01 mquinsonInclude the original version of the libex library....