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[trace] cosmetics, remove TRACE_is_active, use TRACE_is_enabled instead
[simgrid.git] / src / instr / instr_smx.c
2011-05-24 Lucas Schnorr[trace] cosmetics, remove TRACE_is_active, use TRACE_is...
2011-04-12 Christophe ThiéryMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2011-04-11 Lucas Schnorrmerging tracing changes
2011-04-11 Lucas Schnorrcleaning deprecated ways of tracing resource utilization
2010-12-07 schnorr[trace] dictionary for holding smx_process_t -> categor...
2010-12-06 schnorr[trace] use of xbt functions inside instr
2010-12-06 schnorr[trace] declaring xbt_log categories for tracing
2010-12-03 schnorr[trace] replace IS_TRACING by TRACE_is_active() function
2010-12-02 schnorr[trace] adding comments to #endif's
2010-12-02 schnorr[trace] renaming almost all tracing files in src/instr