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It does not work on apple to.
[simgrid.git] / CMakeLists.txt
2011-02-08 navarropIt does not work on apple to.
2011-02-08 navarropThose lines are UNIX only.
2011-01-27 agierschDelete useless option given to pwd.
2011-01-24 navarropCosmetics
2011-01-24 navarropWe can now compile simgrid into a link directory.
2011-01-18 navarropCosmetics.
2011-01-05 navarropCan compile out of source now.
2010-12-09 mquinsonsome preprocessor macros to detect which flavor of...
2010-12-03 navarropRenaming PROJECT_BINARY_DIR.
2010-12-03 navarropCosmetics.
2010-12-02 mquinsonSimGrid now refuse to get compiled without Perl. Removi...
2010-12-02 navarropSIMGRID NEED PERL!!!!
2010-12-02 navarropRemove variable enable_doc.
2010-12-02 navarropDefinitively remove old variable PROJECT_DIRECTORY...
2010-11-30 mquinsondefinitely fix doc generation, and inclusion of documen...
2010-11-29 navarropFix generated documentation.
2010-11-28 mquinsoncmake cleanup: redo the documentation generation
2010-11-12 mquinsonalways regenerate the unit tests when possible, even...
2010-11-12 mquinsonAlways check for perl since we need it quite a lot...
2010-11-09 mquinsonFix CMake detection of dependencies between source...
2010-10-31 mquinsonprefer out-of-source generated headers
2010-10-31 mquinsonlet it cross compile for real, now
2010-10-14 navarropAuto set the library extension for links.
2010-10-08 navarropEnable testing for windows.
2010-10-08 navarropGNU Version for windows.
2010-09-13 navarropWindows implementation
2010-09-13 navarropWindows compatibility.
2010-08-04 navarropMore windows compatibility for context.
2010-07-22 navarropOptimisation of pipol.
2010-07-21 navarropAdd local tests with pipol.
2010-07-06 navarropRemove doc/html with command make clean.
2010-06-21 navarropNow call the file for windows.
2010-06-18 navarropDefine correctly variables for windows.
2010-06-17 navarropFlags for coverage.
2010-06-17 navarropGenerate doc only if it is necessary. Set enable_doc...
2010-06-16 navarropDon't generate doc with windows.
2010-06-15 mquinsonActually build the doc
2010-06-03 navarropNow supernovae mode works out of project directory.
2010-06-02 navarropCosmetics for Windows
2010-06-02 alegrandRevert "Make gras compil with Visual C++." This commit...
2010-06-01 navarropMake gras compil with Visual C++.
2010-06-01 navarropSolve variable init value for windows.
2010-05-31 navarropAdd notes to cdash.
2010-05-21 navarropChanges path to find cmake files.
2010-05-20 navarropCosmetics and again windows compilation.
2010-05-19 navarropDelete error in windows.
2010-05-19 navarropAgain for windows.
2010-05-19 navarropPrepare to windows.
2010-05-18 navarropRename some variales and cosmetics.
2010-05-18 mquinsonfurther cleanups to the cmake files. We now have a...
2010-05-17 navarropAdd verification before install doc. Cosmetics.
2010-05-05 mquinsonWe are preparing v3.5
2010-05-04 navarropCosmetics for release 3.4.1
2010-05-04 navarropCorrect path for install ruby. New version.
2010-05-04 navarropCorrection of compilation flags
2010-04-27 navarropCosmetics for cmake and java.
2010-04-27 navarropAdd version for libs and release.
2010-04-21 navarropCdash cosmetics.
2010-04-21 navarropBe compatible with ctest 2.6 and 2.8
2010-04-20 navarropFilter for test properties.
2010-04-20 navarropRemove old command.
2010-04-20 navarropAdd revision to test labels into cdash and forced to...
2010-04-19 navarropAdd version to shared lib and full path for sources.
2010-04-14 navarropEnable launch cmake in different directories.
2010-04-09 navarropAdd binaries to install.
2010-04-09 navarropRemove old libsimgrid_ruby to install.
2010-04-09 navarropMake target testall for all.
2010-04-08 navarropDo memcheck on binaries and not on dash.
2010-04-07 navarropCosmetics.
2010-04-06 navarropCosmetics.
2010-03-30 navarropAdd debug to flexml.
2010-03-26 navarropAdd tests for memcheck.
2010-03-25 navarropEnable code coverage by option.
2010-03-25 piniCompile without profiling flags by default
2010-03-24 navarropCompact source code for Making Doc.
2010-03-23 navarropMassive mv to use cmake as the default compilation...