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[tesh] cleanups in the handling of child processes
[simgrid.git] / tools / tesh / catch-timeout.tesh
2015-10-08 Martin Quinson[tesh] cleanups in the handling of child processes
2015-09-30 Martin Quinson[windows] don't call tesh as a script as cmake fails...
2015-09-30 Martin Quinson[tesh] greatly normalize the self-tests
2015-09-30 Martin QuinsonReimplement tesh with IPC::Run
2015-09-29 Martin Quinsondon't pass --log to tesh: the perl version ignores...
2013-01-30 Arnaud GierschIncorporate simgrid-java in simgrid-java/.
2011-12-26 Martin Quinsonmerge back the master trunk into the smpi branch
2011-10-20 Martin Quinsonmerge branches
2011-10-13 Christophe ThiéryMerge branch 'lua'
2011-10-05 Arnaud GierschAdd --enable-coverage to tesh self-tests.
2010-12-01 agierschFix usage of testsuite_name.
2007-06-08 mquinsonAllow to disable timeouts
2007-06-06 mquinsonAdapt the tests to the new code (and use log layouts...
2007-05-07 mquinsonHuge code cleanup + implementation of the background...