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ease the reduction of the number of tests, do reduce the number of tests so that...
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2005-01-31 alegrandhelper...
2005-01-28 mquinsonkill bad char
2005-01-27 alegrandIt's just a crappy perl script. But it may help those...
2005-01-27 alegrandconvenient scripts to generate platforms
2005-01-27 alegrandImporting the documentation !!! :)
2004-07-25 mquinsonadd the file boundary to the config.log on success...
2004-07-24 mquinsonAppend the config.log even on successful executions
2004-07-13 mquinsonautoconf generated
2004-07-13 mquinsonHtml generation toy
2004-07-13 mquinsonHelper script for compilation on adverse platforms
2004-07-08 mquinsonmv