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use readlink instead of realpath because it's more commonly installed
[simgrid.git] / src / smpi / smpicc.in
2009-06-26 mquinsonuse readlink instead of realpath because it's more...
2009-06-25 mquinsonSet in release mode: remove temps and less debug
2009-06-25 mquinsonCompile about every existing SMPI examples (reduce...
2009-06-23 mquinsonBug fix: add the compiler name to the command line
2008-09-28 marklscleaned up mpi_comm_split code some more.
2008-09-26 marklschange spmirun and smpicc to use bash instead of sh...
2007-08-24 marklsmoving smpi.h to public include directory.
2007-08-08 marklsneeded to add new input files to build scripts to cvs.