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2005-02-08 mquinsondocument last changes
2005-02-08 mquinsonDocument last changes
2005-02-04 mquinsonDocument last changes
2005-01-31 alegrandWe should have done that more often...
2004-12-16 mquinsonDocument last changes
2004-11-29 alegrandFailures now taken into account. Need to write clean...
2004-11-16 alegrandRenamed host to cpu. That was really confusing.
2004-11-16 mquinsonPort to ARM
2004-11-15 alegrand2004-11-15 Arnaud Legrand
2004-11-04 alegrandForgot to commit the changes for surf.
2004-11-03 alegrandNow the testsuite compile.
2004-11-02 mquinsondocument last change
2004-10-07 mquinsonAvoid memcpy while retrieving data from dynars (speed up)
2004-10-06 mquinsonCurrent state. See changelog, sorry, I'm out of time
2004-09-29 mquinsondocument last changes
2004-09-16 mquinsondocument last change (size_t fixes for 64bits)
2004-09-09 mquinson - Reduce the number of system headers loaded, overloa...
2004-09-07 mquinsonfix paths so that make distcheck works again
2004-09-06 mquinsonrelease 0.6.2. The code changes (interface simplificati...
2004-08-17 mquinsonV0.6.1
2004-08-11 mquinson Version 0.6 (protocol not changed; ABI expended)
2004-08-10 mquinson Version 0.5 (protocol not changed; ABI changed)
2004-08-08 mquinsondocument last changes, and get 0.4 out of the door
2004-07-27 mquinson2004-07-26 Martin Quinson
2004-07-24 mquinsonDocument last changes
2004-07-22 mquinsonMake a proper gras/ directory in the include one, and...
2004-07-22 mquinsonSince I broke compatibility, bump to v0.2 instead
2004-07-22 mquinsondocument last changes
2004-07-21 mquinsonDocument last changes
2004-07-13 mquinsonVersion 0.1
2004-07-13 mquinsonRename the changelog to follow the 'standards' wtr
2004-01-27 mquinsonInitial revision