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kilkilkil useless and deprecated stuff
[simgrid.git] / testsuite / surf /
2004-12-08 alegrandFixed licence and copyright. No more reference to da...
2004-12-07 alegrandTaking latencies into account to bound the effective...
2004-12-07 alegrandOooups !
2004-12-07 alegrandNetwork module is working. Does not take latencies...
2004-12-02 alegrandSee the diff. Sorry for the noise.
2004-12-02 alegrandStarting the network module.
2004-12-02 alegrandUsing the Surf parser.
2004-11-29 alegrandRha!
2004-11-29 alegrandI can't believe this file was not committed !
2004-11-20 alegrandCPU can be created and used even though failures are...
2004-11-15 alegrandCosmetics
2004-11-15 alegrandAdd the trace library and fixed a few source of potenti...
2004-11-15 mquinsonSome more cleanup
2004-11-15 mquinsonsome cleanup
2004-11-11 alegrandMax-min solver written ! :) Seems to be working fine !
2004-11-05 alegrandEfficient linear max-minimization library : first version.