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Fix Bibtex2html pb.
[simgrid.git] / buildtools / Cmake / src / CMakeOption.txt
2010-04-01 navarropFix Bibtex2html pb.
2010-04-01 alegrandHuge import with Lucas tracing modifications.
2010-03-30 navarropOption for debug print.
2010-03-26 navarropAdd tests for memcheck.
2010-03-25 navarropAdd context to ccmake option.
2010-03-25 navarropEnable code coverage by option.
2010-03-25 navarropAdd necessary files to distrib.
2010-03-24 navarropCompact source code for Making Doc.
2010-03-22 navarropBy default active lua and ruby.
2010-03-11 navarropRename CPACK to Cmake.