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16 hours ago Arnaud GierschHide Context::StopRequest from python bindings too. experimental
16 hours ago Arnaud GierschUse boost::lexical_cast instead of xbt_str_parse_*... dev
16 hours ago Arnaud GierschUseless simplifications; config module should be rewrit...
16 hours ago Arnaud GierschDefine set_name() taking Rvalue reference.
16 hours ago Arnaud GierschPython tests known to fail on windows (appveyor). private
16 hours ago Arnaud GierschAsan false positive with msg-task-destroy-cancel.
16 hours ago Arnaud GierschAsan false positive with s4u-platform-failures.
16 hours ago Arnaud GierschAdd test for FG simgrid/simgrid#26. master next
17 hours ago Arnaud GierschEngine should be destroyed through RAII here (fix inval...
17 hours ago Arnaud GierschCorrectly cancel communications when a link is turned...
3 days ago Martin Quinsonproposal of a name + changelog for 3.23
3 days ago Martin Quinsondoc: RST fixups
3 days ago Arnaud GierschLGPL-2.1.
3 days ago Arnaud GierschFix tesh test and distcheck.
3 days ago Arnaud Giersch[sonar] Regexps are overkill here.
3 days ago Augustin DegommeChangelog update for 3.23
3 days ago Augustin Degommeunused
3 days ago Augustin Degommeremove spurious ;
3 days ago Augustin Degommeadd haiku support. Because why not.
4 days ago Frederic Suter [noci] really fix licence version in badge
4 days ago Frederic SuterMerge branch 'master' of https://framagit.org/simgrid...
4 days ago Frederic Suter[noci] fix licence version in badge
4 days ago Arnaud GierschMore dead links.
5 days ago Arnaud GierschFix remaining links to pls_ns3.
5 days ago Loic GueganMerge branch 'master' of framagit.org:simgrid/simgrid
5 days ago Loic Gueganlmm tests:
5 days ago Millian PoquetMerge branch 'tesh-keep-all-proc-output-on-unexpected...
5 days ago Millian Poquet[tesh] write cmd output with 1 print()
5 days ago Millian Poquet[tesh] bad cmd result: abort -> store retcode
6 days ago Martin Quinsonlmm_test: simplify the 2 first tests
6 days ago Martin Quinsondefaults values to lmm::System::variable_new
7 days ago Martin QuinsonVarious doc fixups
7 days ago Loic Gueganlmm testing: Add test expectations
8 days ago Martin QuinsonFix my cosmetics around ns-3
8 days ago Martin Quinson[doc] various doc small improvements
9 days ago Martin Quinsondoc: port a placeholder to the new doc to fix a borken...
9 days ago Martin Quinsoncut some content of the old doc that was converted
9 days ago Martin QuinsonCosmetics around ns-3
9 days ago Martin Quinsonsonar: ignore more issues, hide commented code, add...
9 days ago Martin Quinsonsanitize our detection of pybind11
9 days ago Martin Quinsondont copy the old doc in the tarball, even if it still...
9 days ago Martin Quinsonconvert the doc of ns-3 to the new formalism
9 days ago Martin Quinsonlittle tiny fix toward doc homogeneity
10 days ago Arnaud GierschPlug memory leaks.
10 days ago Arnaud GierschAdd method to free all variables at once.
10 days ago Arnaud GierschThis void* for Constraint::id_ is a Resource*.
10 days ago Arnaud GierschFix null pointer dereference.
10 days ago Martin Quinsonkill dead code
10 days ago Martin Quinsontiny doc improvements
10 days ago Arnaud GierschMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/master'
11 days ago Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'tesh-fix-background-kill' into 'master'
11 days ago Millian Poquet[tesh] global pgid: unique value -> list
11 days ago Millian Poquet[tesh] setsid -> setpgid(0,0)
11 days ago Augustin DegommeMerge branch 'tesh-check-output-on-timeout' into 'master'
11 days ago Millian Poquet[tesh] check output on timeout
12 days ago Loic Gueganlmm testing:
12 days ago Loic Gueganlmm testing: Clean code
13 days ago Martin Quinsoncosmetics in cmake error messages
13 days ago Martin QuinsonMC: cosmetics
13 days ago Martin Quinsonfurther simplify the MC initialization
13 days ago Martin Quinsonmc: don't catch exceptions we cannot deal with
13 days ago Martin Quinsonbugfix++
13 days ago Martin Quinsondoc: Fix Debian installation instruction
13 days ago Loic Gueganlmm testing: Correct maxmin precision
13 days ago Loic GueganExtends lmm tests
13 days ago Loic GueganLMM Testing:
13 days ago Loic GueganStart Testing LMM
2019-06-11 Martin Quinsontesh: do return 0 when calling with --help
2019-06-10 Martin Quinsoncode simplification in MC start sequence
2019-06-09 Martin Quinsoncleanups in the debug config items
2019-06-08 Martin Quinsonsonar: overriding functions should not return a subclass
2019-06-08 Martin QuinsonRemove a useless FIXME
2019-06-07 Martin Quinsoncmake: more informative error message
2019-06-07 Martin Quinsonwe need a recent version of pybind11
2019-06-07 Martin Quinsoncmake: Try harder to detect pybind11 when it's there...
2019-06-07 Martin QuinsonCosmetics
2019-06-06 Augustin DegommeUpdate sonar-project.properties to ignore MPI quirks
2019-06-06 Martin Quinsonremove an old windows cruft
2019-06-06 Martin QuinsonImprove how we search for pybind11
2019-06-06 Martin Quinsonback to unstable work
2019-06-06 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'stable'
2019-06-06 Martin Quinsonfixups in the releasing process
2019-06-06 Martin Quinsongitlab-ci: use release as a testing script to reduce... stable
2019-06-06 Martin QuinsonJenkins host name changed since last dot release
2019-06-06 Martin Quinsonprepare the release of 3.22.4
2019-06-06 Martin Quinsonkill some remaining bits that tested lmm::lagrange
2019-06-05 Martin QuinsonLMM: rename sharing_weight into sharing_penalty for...
2019-06-05 Martin QuinsonBuild nice python source packages
2019-06-05 Martin QuinsonRename cmake option 'minimal_java' into 'minimal-bindings'
2019-06-04 Martin Quinsonci: don't check external links because of the false...
2019-06-04 Martin Quinsonbuilding the pages needs to rebuild python beforehand
2019-06-04 Martin QuinsonRename Action::priority into Action::sharing_penalty...
2019-06-04 Martin Quinsonbug fixed++
2019-06-04 Martin QuinsonHide the destructor of resource::Model
2019-06-04 Martin Quinsonsonar: kill unused parameter
2019-06-03 Martin QuinsonMC: kill an unused field and a useless method
2019-06-03 Martin QuinsonMC: kill an unused field
2019-06-03 Martin QuinsonSimplify mc::Region::read()
2019-06-03 Martin QuinsonCleanups in class mc::Region
2019-06-03 Martin Quinsonlmm: cosmetics in documentation (reduce redundency)