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2 days ago Arnaud GierschMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/master' master next
3 days ago Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'tesh-fix-background-kill' into 'master'
3 days ago Millian Poquet[tesh] global pgid: unique value -> list
3 days ago Millian Poquet[tesh] setsid -> setpgid(0,0)
3 days ago Augustin DegommeMerge branch 'tesh-check-output-on-timeout' into 'master'
3 days ago Millian Poquet[tesh] check output on timeout
4 days ago Loic Gueganlmm testing:
4 days ago Loic Gueganlmm testing: Clean code
5 days ago Martin Quinsoncosmetics in cmake error messages
5 days ago Martin QuinsonMC: cosmetics
5 days ago Martin Quinsonfurther simplify the MC initialization
5 days ago Martin Quinsonmc: don't catch exceptions we cannot deal with
5 days ago Martin Quinsonbugfix++
5 days ago Martin Quinsondoc: Fix Debian installation instruction
5 days ago Loic Gueganlmm testing: Correct maxmin precision
5 days ago Loic GueganExtends lmm tests
5 days ago Loic GueganLMM Testing:
5 days ago Loic GueganStart Testing LMM
6 days ago Martin Quinsontesh: do return 0 when calling with --help
6 days ago Martin Quinsoncode simplification in MC start sequence
7 days ago Martin Quinsoncleanups in the debug config items
9 days ago Martin Quinsonsonar: overriding functions should not return a subclass
9 days ago Martin QuinsonRemove a useless FIXME
10 days ago Martin Quinsoncmake: more informative error message
10 days ago Martin Quinsonwe need a recent version of pybind11
10 days ago Martin Quinsoncmake: Try harder to detect pybind11 when it's there...
10 days ago Martin QuinsonCosmetics
10 days ago Augustin DegommeUpdate sonar-project.properties to ignore MPI quirks
10 days ago Martin Quinsonremove an old windows cruft
10 days ago Martin QuinsonImprove how we search for pybind11
10 days ago Martin Quinsonback to unstable work
10 days ago Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'stable'
10 days ago Martin Quinsonfixups in the releasing process
10 days ago Martin Quinsongitlab-ci: use release as a testing script to reduce... stable
10 days ago Martin QuinsonJenkins host name changed since last dot release
10 days ago Martin Quinsonprepare the release of 3.22.4
11 days ago Martin Quinsonkill some remaining bits that tested lmm::lagrange
11 days ago Martin QuinsonLMM: rename sharing_weight into sharing_penalty for...
11 days ago Martin QuinsonBuild nice python source packages
11 days ago Martin QuinsonRename cmake option 'minimal_java' into 'minimal-bindings'
12 days ago Martin Quinsonci: don't check external links because of the false...
12 days ago Martin Quinsonbuilding the pages needs to rebuild python beforehand
12 days ago Martin QuinsonRename Action::priority into Action::sharing_penalty...
12 days ago Martin Quinsonbug fixed++
12 days ago Martin QuinsonHide the destructor of resource::Model
13 days ago Martin Quinsonsonar: kill unused parameter
13 days ago Martin QuinsonMC: kill an unused field and a useless method
13 days ago Martin QuinsonMC: kill an unused field
13 days ago Martin QuinsonSimplify mc::Region::read()
13 days ago Martin QuinsonCleanups in class mc::Region
13 days ago Martin Quinsonlmm: cosmetics in documentation (reduce redundency)
13 days ago Martin Quinsonfinish the removal of lagrange-related things
13 days ago Martin Quinsonlmm: rename some fields for clarity
13 days ago Martin QuinsonRemove the lagrange-based models
13 days ago Martin Quinsonlmm::{Variable,Constraint}: Obey our coding conventions...
13 days ago Martin QuinsonAvoid a >>unused parameter ‘host’<< error on user code
13 days ago Arnaud GierschReduce code duplication.
13 days ago Arnaud GierschCosmetics.
13 days ago Arnaud GierschDon't leave an empty catch block.
13 days ago Arnaud GierschUnused parameters argc/argv.
13 days ago Arnaud Giersch[sonar] Replace private inheritance with a private...
13 days ago Arnaud GierschAdd gemm.c to sonar exclusions, this code is not ours.
2019-06-01 Martin Quinsonfix MC builds on gcc
2019-06-01 Martin Quinsonfix lua builds
2019-05-31 Martin QuinsonMC: rename some files
2019-05-31 Martin QuinsonMC: finish emptying an old C file
2019-05-31 Martin QuinsonMC: inline a function that is now trivial
2019-05-31 Martin Quinsonrename a file
2019-05-31 Martin Quinsonfix build on stable debian
2019-05-31 Martin Quinsonfix make dist, stupid f*** bummer
2019-05-31 Martin Quinsonpoint to the right sonar repo
2019-05-31 Martin Quinsoncleanup after the split of kernel/resource/profile...
2019-05-31 Martin QuinsonMC::Region: Also remove the permanent_addr thingy
2019-05-31 Martin Quinsonmc: cosmetics
2019-05-31 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'tracemgrsplit' into 'master'
2019-05-30 Martin Quinsonfix make dist
2019-05-30 Martin Quinsonfix gitlab-ci.yml
2019-05-30 Martin Quinsoninline a function
2019-05-30 Martin Quinsonkill the RegionSparse subclass now that there is no...
2019-05-30 Martin QuinsonMC: cosmetics (fight the mc_model_checker singleton)
2019-05-30 Martin QuinsonMC: remove support for flat storage of regions
2019-05-30 Martin Quinsonci: don't rebuild specifically to build and linkcheck...
2019-05-30 Martin QuinsonMC::remote: snake case
2019-05-29 Martin Quinsonmc: Also remove the process_index
2019-05-29 Martin QuinsonKill the support for privatized SMPI in MC mode
2019-05-29 Augustin DegommeUpdate sonar-project.properties key
2019-05-29 Martin Quinsonsonar: move the simgrid project in the simgrid organization
2019-05-28 Martin QuinsonDon't pretend we can move a parallel exec
2019-05-28 Martin Quinsonmc: snake_case the checkers
2019-05-28 Martin Quinsonmc: snake_case a class
2019-05-28 Martin Quinsonmc: change 3 static functions into private methods
2019-05-28 Martin Quinsonmc: move code around in the hope that it will sort...
2019-05-28 Martin Quinsonignore java from coverage
2019-05-28 Arnaud GierschMissing include (HAVE_MREMAP).
2019-05-27 Martin Quinsonmc: tricks to improve the coverage
2019-05-26 Martin Quinsonfix non-MC builds when libevent is not found
2019-05-26 Martin Quinsonfurther tidy the includes in MC
2019-05-25 Martin Quinsonmc: kill some useless includes
2019-05-24 Martin QuinsonSpecify that we use framagit as a gitlab instance
2019-05-24 Martin Quinsonnope sonar, that's not some commented code