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17 hours ago Arnaud GierschReduce code duplication. master
17 hours ago Arnaud GierschCosmetics: parameter is obviously not empty.
29 hours ago Arnaud GierschUpdate .mailmap.
34 hours ago Lucas NesiRemove old fPIC placement
34 hours ago Lucas NesiEnsure a fPIC in case CMDARGS has a fPIE
8 days ago Arnaud GierschLambdas should not have too many lines (sonar). next
8 days ago Arnaud GierschKill obsolete FIXME.
13 days ago Arnaud GierschInitialize all members (PVS V730).
13 days ago Arnaud GierschUseless assignment (PVS V1048).
13 days ago Arnaud GierschAlso check result for last call of MPI_Alltoallv in...
13 days ago Arnaud GierschFix potential use of invalid data (PVS V1024).
13 days ago Arnaud GierschUse existing function.
13 days ago Arnaud GierschUse existing macros (and fix error code).
13 days ago Augustin Degommethis was not supposed to be modified, actually
2022-09-15 Arnaud GierschDelete unused file.
2022-09-15 adegommefat tree routing: fix d-mod-k usage of cables when...
2022-09-09 Arnaud GierschCompletely remove detached comms when they are finished.
2022-09-09 Arnaud GierschAuto for sonar.
2022-09-08 Martin QuinsonCentOS uses dnf nowadays
2022-09-06 Arnaud GierschFix double-free.
2022-09-04 Arnaud GierschIgnore ASan odr violation warnings seen with bmf unit...
2022-09-02 Arnaud GierschRevert change erroneously introduced in commit 223f79c1...
2022-09-02 Arnaud GierschDo not mangle recorded paths when building for coverage.
2022-08-31 Arnaud GierschUse std::string_view (sonar).
2022-08-31 Arnaud GierschReduce scope for global variables.
2022-08-29 Arnaud GierschIncrease test timeout for coverage too.
2022-08-29 Arnaud GierschTry gcovr with option --gcov-ignore-parse-errors.
2022-08-29 Arnaud GierschUse the init-statement to declare variables inside...
2022-08-29 Augustin DegommeMerge branch 'adegomme-master-patch-45262' into 'master'
2022-08-29 Augustin Degommelet's see if this finds more coverage reports
2022-08-27 Arnaud GierschGuard against invalid idx.
2022-08-26 Arnaud GierschType consistency.
2022-08-26 Arnaud GierschAttribute "printf" for ModelChecker::dot_output.
2022-08-26 Arnaud GierschDon't throw an exception from destructor.
2022-08-26 Arnaud GierschC++17 is required since commit d5718258083be61d600e55b7...
2022-08-26 Arnaud GierschReduce depth of nested statements
2022-08-26 Arnaud GierschDon't give write permissions to others with mkdir.
2022-08-26 Arnaud GierschUse "std::vector" instead of C-style array (sonar).
2022-08-26 Arnaud GierschAvoid to send/receive zero-size messages.
2022-08-25 Arnaud GierschUpdate tesh file.
2022-08-25 Arnaud GierschMisc cosmetics for sonar.
2022-08-25 Arnaud GierschRemove temporary object (sonar).
2022-08-25 Arnaud GierschDeclare functions "const" (sonar).
2022-08-25 Arnaud GierschMake parameters pointer/reference-to-const (sonar).
2022-08-22 Arnaud GierschKill redundant blank lines (codefactor.io)
2022-08-10 Augustin Degomme[ci-skip] try to help gcovr find files (it needs to...
2022-08-09 Martin QuinsonMC: apply some sonar advices
2022-08-09 Arnaud GierschFix the fixme (inline templated struct).
2022-08-09 Arnaud GierschUnused include.
2022-08-09 Augustin Degommeremove spurious debug message and warning
2022-08-09 Augustin Degommeupdate teshes
2022-08-09 Augustin Degommemultiple attemps to tune behavior of read/write_all
2022-08-09 Augustin Degommefix mpi_file set/get view to set shared pointer properl...
2022-08-09 Augustin Degommeupdate file pointer to match shared one after shared...
2022-08-09 Augustin Degommeseek and other calls must use number of elements and...
2022-08-09 Augustin Degommeupdate teshes as there are now more seek calls
2022-08-09 Augustin Degommesmpi io: restore position after calls which should...
2022-08-09 Augustin Degommes4u filesystem: correctly update size of files when...
2022-08-09 Augustin Degommeintercept getpid call in SMPI, to provide internal...
2022-08-09 Augustin Degommeimplement MPI_File_get_type_extent, MPI_File_s/get_atom...
2022-08-09 Augustin Degommefilesystem, correctly update file size when seeking...
2022-08-08 Martin QuinsonDon't test statequality: it's ~15h w/o DPOR and hard...
2022-08-08 Martin QuinsonCorrectly disable DPOR when StateEq reduction is enabled
2022-08-08 Martin QuinsonAdd the teshfiles to the archive even when MC is disabled
2022-08-08 Martin QuinsonAdd tests of state equality reduction and nodpor for...
2022-08-07 Martin Quinsonkill a parameter that is always true
2022-08-07 Martin Quinsonmc:DFSExplo: cosmetics in the backtracking
2022-08-07 Martin QuinsonMerge mc_safety.hpp into DFSExplorer class
2022-08-07 Martin QuinsonUseless cosmetics while trying to understand that code
2022-08-07 Martin QuinsonIntegrate the (WIP) hashing logic in the Snapshot object
2022-08-07 Martin QuinsonSmall cleanups in mc::Snapshot
2022-08-06 Martin QuinsonFinish the removal of mc::api by moving the last bits...
2022-08-06 Martin QuinsonMove mc:api::get_remote_heap_bytes() to RemoteProcess
2022-08-06 Martin QuinsonConvert simgrid::mc::snapshot_equal() into Snapshot...
2022-08-06 Martin QuinsonMove the dot_output global into ModelChecker
2022-08-06 Martin QuinsonMake the RemoteApp a field of the Exploration, and...
2022-08-05 Martin QuinsonSimplify the MC initialization code
2022-08-04 Martin Quinsononly 3 more functions to go in mc::api
2022-08-04 Martin QuinsonKill another mc::api function
2022-08-04 Martin QuinsonPass the remote app as a parameter to all exploration...
2022-08-04 Martin QuinsonKill 2 more functions from mc::api
2022-08-03 Martin QuinsonMove the automaton from mc::api to Liveness. An ugly...
2022-08-02 Martin Quinsonlog_state has nothing to do in RemoteApp, it belongs...
2022-08-02 Martin QuinsonSanitize MC finalization process and inline a function
2022-08-02 Martin QuinsonKill mc::api::get_remote_app()
2022-08-02 Martin QuinsonKill another function of mc::api
2022-08-02 Martin QuinsonKill an unimplemented declaration
2022-08-02 Martin QuinsonConvert Api::get_maxpid() into RemoteApp::get_maxpid()
2022-08-02 Martin QuinsonMerge an initialization function into the constructor
2022-08-02 Martin QuinsonRename mc::Session into mc::api::RemoteApp
2022-08-02 Augustin Degomme[ci-skip] activate ccache on sanitizer builds
2022-08-01 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of framagit.org:simgrid/simgrid
2022-08-01 Martin QuinsonEnsure that the verified application still works if...
2022-08-01 Augustin Degomme[ci-skip] Flags - let's see if this trailing whitespace...
2022-08-01 Augustin Degomme[ci-skip] use ccache on flags build as well.
2022-07-31 Martin QuinsonKill a now useless variable
2022-07-31 Martin Quinsonsanitize things around FINALIZE_REPLY despite my lazine...
2022-07-31 Martin QuinsonFix SMPI builds by reintroducing a killed MC function...
2022-07-30 Martin QuinsonMC further cleanups (let it compile, this time)
2022-07-30 Martin QuinsonMC: rename a file to sort out the mess