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2014-11-04 Augustin Degommedeactivate test that actually needs MPI_Type_get_envelope
2014-11-04 Augustin Degommecleanup after martin's cleanup
2014-11-03 Martin Quinsonclean after augustin ;)
2014-11-03 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2014-11-03 Martin Quinsonfix the tesh of one last command
2014-11-03 Augustin Degommechangelog update
2014-11-03 Augustin DegommeAdd preliminary support for MPI_Pack, MPI_Pack_size...
2014-11-03 Augustin Degommefix compilation without mpich3 testsuite
2014-11-03 Augustin Degommeupdate gitignore and changelog
2014-11-03 Martin Quinsonrevalidate yet another tesh output
2014-11-03 Martin Quinsonrevalidate another tesh file
2014-11-03 Martin Quinsonrevalidate a tesh output
2014-11-03 Augustin DegommeAdd mpich3 tests for MPI_Info calls.
2014-11-03 Augustin DegommeAdd MPI_Info_* support.
2014-11-03 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix the previous stack-cleaning optimisation
2014-11-03 Gabriel Corona[mc] Do nto clean the main stack
2014-11-03 Gabriel Corona[mc] Add stack-cleaning compiler wrappers
2014-11-03 Martin QuinsonRemove some most simcall HEADERs
2014-11-02 Martin Quinson[popping] allow to omit the handler
2014-11-02 Martin Quinsondocument my recent changes in simix
2014-11-02 Martin Quinsonrename smx_action_t to smx_synchro_t
2014-11-02 Martin Quinsonbetter handling of blocking simcalls in the generated...
2014-11-02 Martin Quinsonsome more cosmetics in the popping generator
2014-11-02 Martin QuinsonGenerate automatically the simcall_HANDLER_* prototypes
2014-11-02 Martin Quinsonkill dead code
2014-11-02 Martin Quinson[popping] cosmetics in doc and generator
2014-11-02 Martin Quinsonrename all SIMIX_pre_* to simcall_HANDLER_*
2014-11-02 Martin QuinsonRename smx_user to libsmx (to mimick libc/smx)
2014-11-01 Martin Quinsonfinish the s/smurf/popping/ renaming
2014-11-01 Martin Quinsonimprove a bit the documentation of popping, and align...
2014-11-01 Martin Quinsonmake smx_popping_bodies.c parsable by eclipse (kinda)
2014-11-01 Martin Quinsoncosmetics in the popping generator
2014-11-01 Martin Quinsontypo
2014-11-01 Martin Quinsonkill dead code
2014-11-01 Martin Quinsonfurther simplification of the popping in simix
2014-11-01 Martin QuinsonRemove the 'TUTORIAL: New API' chunks
2014-11-01 Martin Quinsonrename a generated file involved in the kernel popping
2014-11-01 Martin Quinsonkill dead code
2014-10-31 Gabriel Corona[mc] Split config code into mc_config.c
2014-10-31 Gabriel Corona[mc] Make MC_resolve_subtype() and MC_resolve_subtype...
2014-10-31 degommesmall correction
2014-10-31 degommeprovide user-friendly errors when replay encounters...
2014-10-30 degommeSomehow .. we forgot to replay allgather.
2014-10-30 degommeroot should be optional for gather replay (as it is...
2014-10-30 degommeAdd tracing for RMA calls
2014-10-30 degommeprevious commit was a mistake. Handle the case more...
2014-10-30 Augustin Degommedon't push null request back in the dynar
2014-10-30 Augustin Degommewe should not set error flag when wait or test is calle...
2014-10-30 Augustin Degommeavoid code duplication that lead to out-of-date fortran...
2014-10-30 Gabriel Corona[mc] Document/simplify MC_request_is_enabled()
2014-10-30 Gabriel Corona[mc] Simplify mc_update_comm_pattern
2014-10-30 Gabriel Corona[mc] DRY with mc_update_comm_pattern() (broken)
2014-10-30 Gabriel Corona[mc] DRY by adding get_call_type()
2014-10-30 Gabriel Corona[mc] Try to DRY in MC main loops
2014-10-29 degommeadd a (unused) fortran datatype for compilation of...
2014-10-29 degommesomehow we forgot MPI_REAL datatype C-fortran compatibility
2014-10-22 etortilopezMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2014-10-22 etortilopezusing walltimer in adaptive algorithm
2014-10-21 Augustin Degommedoc update
2014-10-21 Augustin DegommeApply patch suggested by fabien Chaix. This avoids...
2014-10-17 Augustin DegommeLoooong due Changelog update
2014-10-17 Augustin DegommeAdd option to configure the factors used for IB model
2014-10-17 Gabriel Corona[smpi+mc] When restoring a snapshot, always remap the...
2014-10-16 Augustin Degommereally fix dist
2014-10-16 Augustin Degommefix dist
2014-10-16 Augustin DegommeChange verbosity of debug messages
2014-10-16 Augustin DegommeAdd a new Infiniband network model, based on the works...
2014-10-16 Augustin DegommeAdd a safe version of lmm_get_var_from_cnst to avoid...
2014-10-16 Gabriel CoronaRemove irrelevant API documentation
2014-10-15 Martin Quinsondisable clang on travis
2014-10-15 Martin Quinsondon't test if we cant build
2014-10-15 Martin Quinsonbecause we need noise on IRC
2014-10-15 Martin Quinsonadd a little link to travis status from the README
2014-10-15 Martin Quinsonsharing config between travis and jenkins seems non...
2014-10-15 Martin Quinsontell travis which config to test
2014-10-15 Martin Quinsonwe need doxygen, and I fail to see who's creating the...
2014-10-15 Martin Quinsontry to use the jenkins on travis too
2014-10-15 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2014-10-15 Martin QuinsonI'm not sure of why flexml generated a different flex...
2014-10-15 Martin Quinsontest if I can write a little travis config file
2014-10-13 etortilopezbetter estimate of window for adaptive algorithm
2014-10-13 Lucas Mello... Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2014-10-13 Lucas Mello... PJ_value_get assumes value exists, this is not the...
2014-10-13 Gabriel Corona[mmalloc] Expand the junkarea
2014-10-13 Gabriel Corona[mc] Add support for DW_OP_regN locaitions from DW_AT_f...
2014-10-13 Gabriel Corona[mc] Prepare support for register location in DWARF...
2014-10-13 Gabriel Corona[mmalloc] Fix junkarea handling in free
2014-10-11 Martin Quinsontry to simplify the way simcalls are generated
2014-10-11 Martin Quinsonkill dead code
2014-10-11 Martin Quinsonask swig to please doxygen. Tools will drive me nuts
2014-10-11 Martin Quinsonignore more cruft
2014-10-11 Martin Quinsonrename SIMIX_simcall_{pre,post} to SIMIX_simcall_{enter...
2014-10-11 Martin Quinsonensure that the generated files are autonomous and...
2014-10-11 Martin Quinsonplease doxygen keep calm
2014-10-09 Martin Quinsonthat file was seriously outdated
2014-10-09 Martin Quinsonmake my previous commit also compile under MC (sorry)
2014-10-09 Martin Quinsonour usage of doxygen is improvable
2014-10-09 Martin Quinsonuse an automatic table of contents instead of a manual one
2014-10-09 Martin QuinsonMake it much easier to follow control flow through...
2014-10-09 Martin Quinsonok eclipse, change your config file yourself, you're...