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2013-12-10 Arnaud GierschFix segfault at end of simulation.
2013-12-10 Arnaud GierschFix build with MSG_USE_DEPRECATED.
2013-12-07 Arnaud GierschOne more valgrind suppression for backtrace/makecontext.
2013-12-06 Arnaud GierschCosmetics: use dashes instead of underscores in test...
2013-12-06 Arnaud GierschCosmetics: fix spacing.
2013-12-05 Arnaud GierschUse values of type double.
2013-12-05 Arnaud GierschParse contents *after* having set other fields (particu...
2013-12-05 Arnaud GierschThis is already called by the constructor of the base...
2013-12-05 Arnaud GierschDelete temporary strings.
2013-12-05 Arnaud GierschFields already initialized by constructor of the base...
2013-12-05 Arnaud GierschField already exists in StorageModel.
2013-12-05 Arnaud GierschThis is already destroyed by Storage::~Storage.
2013-12-05 Arnaud GierschRemove unused methods.
2013-12-05 Arnaud GierschMake prototype match overloaded function from class...
2013-12-05 Arnaud GierschComment unused parameter.
2013-12-05 Arnaud GierschComment unused functions.
2013-12-05 Arnaud GierschFix initialization order.
2013-12-05 Arnaud GierschRemove useless information from debug message.
2013-12-05 Arnaud GierschInitialize variables.
2013-12-05 Arnaud GierschUse SG_{BEGIN,END}_DECL() for what it's designed to...
2013-12-05 Arnaud GierschIn XBT_LOG_NEW_SUBCATEGORY_helper, protect function...
2013-12-05 Arnaud GierschUntabify.
2013-12-05 Paul BédarideRestructure surf++ workstation vmworkstation
2013-12-03 Arnaud GierschThese defines are useless.
2013-12-03 Paul BédarideRestructure surf++ storage
2013-11-29 Paul BédarideFix network_interface bug
2013-11-29 Paul BédarideAdd missing files (again)
2013-11-29 Paul BédarideRestructure surf++ cpu and network
2013-11-29 Pierre VeyreFix WorkstationCLM03::fileSeek return type
2013-11-29 Pierre VeyreAdd MSG_file_seek function
2013-11-29 Pierre VeyreAdd MSG_file_tell function and prepare MSG_file_seek
2013-11-29 Pierre VeyreUpdate io tesh file according to MSG_file_write bug fix
2013-11-29 Pierre VeyreFix MSG_file_write bug
2013-11-29 sutercategory will be strduped in surf.cpp: Action::setCateg...
2013-11-28 Paul BédarideFix memleak
2013-11-28 suterno need to protect surf_mins by ifdef, allocated whatev...
2013-11-28 sutercannot compare dynar to 0
2013-11-28 Paul BédarideFix memleak
2013-11-28 Paul BédarideFix smpi memleak
2013-11-28 suterleak--
2013-11-28 Paul BédarideOops I forget to add new header to DefinePackages.cmake
2013-11-28 Paul BédarideFix issue with surf.h included in simix.h
2013-11-27 Paul BédarideFix network constant issues
2013-11-25 Paul BédarideFix Memleaks
2013-11-22 Arnaud GierschFix perms for files installed on scm.gforge.inria.fr.
2013-11-22 Paul BédarideMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2013-11-22 Paul BédarideFix memleak
2013-11-22 Arnaud GierschProtect special characters.
2013-11-22 Paul BédarideFix free of uninitialized values
2013-11-22 Paul BédarideResolve memory leaks
2013-11-22 Arnaud GierschMove quote to run this test correctly with memcheck...
2013-11-22 Arnaud GierschDoc update.
2013-11-22 Arnaud GierschRelease goal++
2013-11-22 Augustin Degommefixes were trashed by merge
2013-11-21 Arnaud GierschShould be sg_size_t.
2013-11-21 Arnaud GierschInitialize variable there too.
2013-11-21 Arnaud GierschInitialize another bunch of variables.
2013-11-21 Arnaud GierschCorrect condition.
2013-11-21 Arnaud GierschParameters are unused.
2013-11-21 Arnaud GierschInitialize a few more variables.
2013-11-21 Martin QuinsonOk, ok. Let's keep 32bits for a while
2013-11-21 Paul BédaridePut set_bound and set_affinity at Cpu level
2013-11-21 Paul BédarideFix storage.cpp writeActions issue
2013-11-21 Arnaud GierschInitialize variables.
2013-11-21 Arnaud GierschFix delete/free mismatch.
2013-11-21 Arnaud GierschFix clang warnings about mismatched declarations (struc...
2013-11-21 Arnaud GierschFix doxygen/javadoc warnings.
2013-11-21 Arnaud GierschConnect new log categories.
2013-11-21 Arnaud GierschParse c++ files too.
2013-11-21 Paul BédarideFix no storage share resource in VM
2013-11-21 Arnaud GierschMore updates in next release goals.
2013-11-21 Arnaud GierschMisc cleanups: remove unnecessary casts, use unsigned...
2013-11-21 Augustin Degommenew attempt
2013-11-21 Augustin DegommeRevert "fix flags for c++, sometimes lstdc++ link is...
2013-11-20 Augustin Degommefix flags for c++, sometimes lstdc++ link is not implicit
2013-11-20 Arnaud GierschAdd missing SG_{BEGIN,END}_DECL.
2013-11-20 Arnaud GierschFix initialization order.
2013-11-20 Arnaud GierschRemove unused function.
2013-11-20 Arnaud GierschRemove unused variables.
2013-11-20 Arnaud GierschComment unused parameters.
2013-11-20 Arnaud GierschFix warnings about comparisons of integers of different...
2013-11-20 Arnaud GierschDestructor should be virtual.
2013-11-20 Arnaud GierschInitialize variables.
2013-11-20 Arnaud GierschRemove unused static function.
2013-11-20 Arnaud GierschThrow unimplemented.
2013-11-20 Arnaud GierschReturn values.
2013-11-20 Arnaud GierschTypos.
2013-11-20 Arnaud GierschInstall boost. Also sort lines by package names.
2013-11-19 Arnaud GierschAdd some words about integer typesi in README.coding.
2013-11-19 Arnaud GierschMissing include.
2013-11-19 Arnaud GierschRemove warning about uninitilized variable.
2013-11-19 Martin Quinsonpropose another release goal
2013-11-19 Paul BédarideNo vm when ptask on
2013-11-19 Paul BédarideNo vm when ptask on
2013-11-19 Arnaud GierschEnable warnings for C++, and stop hiding potential...
2013-11-19 Arnaud GierschDelegated constructors are a c++11 feature, avoid them.
2013-11-19 Arnaud GierschStop building with c++0x/c++11 support. It's currently...
2013-11-19 Arnaud GierschDie on error if Boost was not found.
2013-11-18 Arnaud GierschNo need to repeat word.
2013-11-18 Arnaud GierschThese changes were apparently lost during the surf...