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2018-05-04 Arnaud GierschCosmetics: define function before use.
2018-05-04 Arnaud GierschUse kernelImmediate for simcall cond_init.
2018-05-04 Frederic Sutermsg_process_from_PID => sg_actor_by_PID
2018-05-03 Arnaud GierschRemove assert on hot path.
2018-05-03 Arnaud GierschUse kernelImmediate for simcalls execution_{,parallel_...
2018-05-03 Arnaud GierschUse kernelImmediate for simcall set_category.
2018-05-03 Arnaud GierschUse s4u.
2018-05-03 Arnaud GierschExplicitly capture the required variables (sonar).
2018-05-03 Augustin Degommeprotect MPI_Test, Iprobe and Probe the same way
2018-05-03 Augustin Degommefix bug on MPI_Recv when MPI_IGNORE_STATUS is used...
2018-05-03 Arnaud GierschModernize simcall process_on_exit.
2018-05-03 Arnaud GierschModernize simcall process_killall.
2018-05-03 Arnaud GierschModernize simcall process_cleanup.
2018-05-03 Arnaud GierschKill unused simcall process_count.
2018-05-03 Arnaud GierschComplete search path for simcall_HANDLER_*.
2018-05-03 Arnaud GierschImprove formatting of simcalls.py's output..
2018-05-03 Arnaud GierschRemove unused forward declarations.
2018-05-03 Arnaud GierschRemove obsolete FIXME.
2018-05-02 Martin Quinsonremove on_config_in_platform_done(): that's redundent
2018-05-01 Martin Quinsontry to make Engine::on_config_in_platform_done() useles...
2018-04-30 Frederic Suterthis is a bool, say it. It's C++, dude
2018-04-30 Frederic SuterObey! Move signal trigger at a better place
2018-04-30 Frederic Suterrefactor
2018-04-30 Frederic Suterremove useless include
2018-04-30 Frederic Suteradd new signal trigerred when some config has been...
2018-04-30 Frederic Sutersnake_case Engine signals
2018-04-30 Frederic Suterbetter use of signals for TRACE init/exit
2018-04-30 Frederic Suterremove useless call to TRACE_end
2018-04-26 Frederic SuterTODO--
2018-04-26 Frederic SuterI see brain overload ...
2018-04-26 Arnaud GierschMissing include.
2018-04-26 Arnaud GierschReplace deprecated method.
2018-04-26 Arnaud GierschFix source path (untested).
2018-04-26 Arnaud GierschMove samples in private (anonymous) namespace.
2018-04-26 Arnaud GierschFix more Doxygen warnings.
2018-04-25 Arnaud GierschMake ActorImpl::userdata private.
2018-04-25 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2018-04-25 Frederic Suterallow to have TI data for popEvent
2018-04-25 Frederic Sutermove this file out of src/surf
2018-04-25 Arnaud GierschMerge branch 'master' of ssh://scm.gforge.inria.fr...
2018-04-25 Arnaud GierschAvoid using a branching statement as the last in a...
2018-04-25 Frederic Suteruse signals a bit more to create tracing stuff
2018-04-25 Arnaud GierschFlag is useless (always true).
2018-04-25 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2018-04-25 Martin Quinsonsnake_case and cleanup some more methods of s4u::Engine
2018-04-25 Arnaud GierschAvoid explicit call to close() on an auto-closeable...
2018-04-24 Arnaud GierschKill useless declaration.
2018-04-24 Arnaud GierschKill useless array powers2 and simplify code.
2018-04-24 Arnaud GierschUse initialization list.
2018-04-24 Arnaud GierschPut deprecated annotation at declaration.
2018-04-24 Arnaud GierschDon't loose first result for 'failed'.
2018-04-24 Arnaud Gierschjenkins: simplify logic for installation.
2018-04-24 Frederic SuterMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2018-04-24 Frederic Sutersimplication and uniformization
2018-04-24 Martin Quinsonconsistency in host/storage/netpoint registering
2018-04-24 Martin Quinsonfurther snake_case s4u::Engine
2018-04-24 Frederic Sutersimplify/extend setup of resource tracing
2018-04-24 Frederic Suteradd missing include for accumulate
2018-04-24 Frederic Suterreduce brain overload (at least try)
2018-04-23 Martin Quinsonjenkins: try to disable CMAKE_DISABLE_SOURCE_CHANGES...
2018-04-23 Martin Quinsonjenkins: save SIMGRID_VERSION as a variable, so that...
2018-04-23 Martin Quinsonjenkins: stop handling Windows builds differently
2018-04-23 Martin Quinsonfurther snake_case s4u::Engine
2018-04-23 Martin Quinsonrewrite the actor-create example
2018-04-23 Martin Quinsonstart snake_casing s4u::Engine
2018-04-23 Martin Quinsonsmpicc: give -lm to all architectures, not only linux
2018-04-23 Martin Quinsonstart enforcing our new coding standards
2018-04-23 Martin Quinsonjenkins: make sure that we don't modify the source...
2018-04-23 Arnaud GierschFix some doxygen warnings.
2018-04-23 Arnaud GierschFix doc generation in CMAKE_BINARY_DIR/doc.
2018-04-23 Arnaud GierschAllow to give search directory on command line.
2018-04-23 Arnaud GierschPrint debug messages on stderr.
2018-04-23 Arnaud GierschSonar: have a single return.
2018-04-20 Christian Heinrich[SMPI] Re-add missing quotation mark :(
2018-04-20 Christian Heinrich[EXAMPLES] Remove header from examples/replay
2018-04-20 Christian Heinrich[CMAKE] Add missing header file.
2018-04-20 Christian Heinrich[SMPI] Initial commit of the LB plugin
2018-04-20 Christian Heinrich[SMPI] Replay: Apply clang-format to replay.cpp
2018-04-20 Christian Heinrich[SMPI] Replay: Move ReplayAction definitions to replay.hpp
2018-04-20 Christian Heinrich[SMPI] Replay: Apply clang-format to ArgParsers
2018-04-20 Christian Heinrich[SMPI] Replay: Indent ArgParsers correctly.
2018-04-20 Christian Heinrich[SMPI] Replay: Move ArgParsers + macro to simgrid/smpi...
2018-04-20 Christian Heinrich[SMPI] Cosmetics (indentation)
2018-04-20 Christian Heinrich[SMPI] Added two comments...
2018-04-19 Arnaud GierschUse SIGABRT when SIGTRAP is not available (win32).
2018-04-19 Arnaud GierschKill duplicates.
2018-04-19 Arnaud GierschAdd test for --cfg=simix/breakpoint.
2018-04-19 Arnaud GierschAdd parameter simix/breakpoint. Fixes #143.
2018-04-19 Arnaud GierschChange option name in doc too.
2018-04-19 Arnaud GierschDocument changes in xbt/config.
2018-04-19 Arnaud GierschCosmetics.
2018-04-19 Arnaud GierschSonar: dont't duplicate declarations.
2018-04-19 Arnaud GierschConvert last bits from the xbt/config C interface.
2018-04-19 Arnaud GierschConvert xbt_cfg_set_parse -> simgrid::config::set_parse.
2018-04-19 Arnaud GierschConvert xbt_cfg_set_as_string -> simgrid::config::set_a...
2018-04-19 Arnaud GierschConvert xbt_cfg_is_default_value -> simgrid::config...
2018-04-19 Arnaud GierschDeprecate xbt_cfg_setdefault_<type>().
2018-04-19 Arnaud GierschChange xbt_cfg_set_default_<type> -> simgrid::config...
2018-04-19 Arnaud GierschDefine simgrid::xbt::set_default<>.
2018-04-19 Arnaud GierschDeprecate xbt_cfg_set_<type>().