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2010-04-20 navarropAdd revision to test labels into cdash and forced to...
2010-04-20 schnorrrenaming value of presence state to "presence" (to...
2010-04-20 schnorrrenaming more tracing functions
2010-04-19 navarropAdd files to gitignore generated by build.
2010-04-19 navarropAdd version to shared lib and full path for sources.
2010-04-19 navarropCorrect command for examples in the install command.
2010-04-19 navarropAdd examples to install dir.
2010-04-19 navarropPatch for debian.
2010-04-19 velhoCople with ctest 2.8 still compatible with previous...
2010-04-19 navarropDelete dependencies for ring.
2010-04-15 navarropPath for png.
2010-04-15 mquinsonkill an example with a very strange license
2010-04-15 mquinsonClarifications
2010-04-15 mquinsonImprove the license statement of these files
2010-04-15 mquinsonimprove the license statement to make it clear that...
2010-04-15 navarropAdd make sync-gforge command.
2010-04-15 velhoAdded a tesh colorizer simple script.
2010-04-15 navarropAdd gras_stub_generator dependencies for some targets.
2010-04-15 mquinsonClose useless tasks in the trace also (thanks to Ghisla...
2010-04-15 mquinsonMake sure that it's ok to execute 0-sized tasks
2010-04-15 piniActually, we want a RDV not a deadlock.
2010-04-15 navarropTesh files for 32 bits arch.
2010-04-15 schnorrrenaming the tracing functions that set the host/link...
2010-04-15 schnorrremoving code that was used to trace every single surf...
2010-04-15 schnorrrenaming some tracing functions to make easy to remembe...
2010-04-15 navarropVerification of bibtex2html.
2010-04-15 mquinsonupdate the NEWS file in preparation of hte release
2010-04-15 navarropSome make command were unvailable if they were launch...
2010-04-15 schnorrfix so enable_compile_warnings works nice when enable_t...
2010-04-15 schnorrproperly removing entries from dictionaries used by...
2010-04-15 schnorrcleaning tracing code
2010-04-15 schnorrremoving unused tracing variable
2010-04-15 piniAlso compile in paranoid mode.
2010-04-15 schnorrtracing vivaldi x,y,h for each host
2010-04-15 piniTypos, cosmetics and RDV protocol.
2010-04-15 navarropEnable java tests to be executed out of project directory.'
2010-04-15 navarropAdd lucas bins to ignored files.
2010-04-15 navarropAdd vivaldi to tests.
2010-04-15 navarropCorrect tesh files after patch time commit.
2010-04-14 navarropSet tracing location for binaries with cmake command...
2010-04-14 navarropAdd source included vivaldi.
2010-04-14 navarropMake testall to src/.
2010-04-14 navarropSecond commit for cmake in an other directory.
2010-04-14 navarropFirst commit for do cmake in an other directory.
2010-04-14 eyraudlConsider the time 0.0 of logs at initialisation time...
2010-04-14 schnorradding another example with the declaration of multiple...
2010-04-14 schnorrcreating specific tests to verify the simulation trace...
2010-04-14 mquinsonAdd an example of vivaldi platform, and a deployment...
2010-04-14 mquinsoncommit generated files produced by flexml and friends
2010-04-14 mquinsonAdd a Vivaldi network model, coded live during SUD...
2010-04-14 mquinsonTight exception declaration
2010-04-14 navarropBe sure we can execute this script.
2010-04-14 schnorrchanging src and dst attributes so drawings are nicer
2010-04-14 schnorrimplement TRACE_start as function instead of pre-proces...
2010-04-14 suterAdd three more papers (1 each year since 2008)
2010-04-14 navarropAdd scripts to distrib.
2010-04-14 alegrandImprove the documentation.
2010-04-14 schnorrchanging message for tracing option
2010-04-14 navarropEnable launch cmake in different directories.
2010-04-13 alegrandadd a bunch of publication from the SUD attendees
2010-04-13 alegrandBugfix + better output
2010-04-13 schnorronly way to know if a category is well declared is...
2010-04-13 navarropNow generate simgrid.jar with libsimgrid and not at...
2010-04-13 schnorrdo not throw an exception if category is already create...
2010-04-13 schnorrcorrecting exception message to let user know which...
2010-04-13 navarropCosmetics and remove bindings if there are enabled.
2010-04-13 piniMake SMPI parameters names more consistent.
2010-04-13 coldpeacereceiving line command arguments
2010-04-13 navarropDeclare that one ruby test failed.
2010-04-13 schnorrproperly closing host containers on simulation trace...
2010-04-13 navarropAdd sources for target testall for pipol deployment.
2010-04-13 schnorrremoving old text about paje visualization
2010-04-13 navarropDelete double negation for option.
2010-04-12 navarropAdd source for making testall when not in maintainer...
2010-04-12 navarropUpdate uninstall command for bindings.
2010-04-12 navarropAdd link for bindings during install.
2010-04-12 navarropRemove correctly binaries from install dir.
2010-04-12 schnorradding parameter so we can properly trace the simulatio...
2010-04-12 schnorradding new test for masterslave_mailbox
2010-04-12 schnorrparameter "--trace" to control whether to trace masters...
2010-04-12 mquinsonkill dead code
2010-04-12 schnorrtracing the masterslave_mailbox example
2010-04-12 schnorrremoving instrumentation tracing from migration example
2010-04-12 velhoAdded verification before adding tests, by Pierre.
2010-04-12 velhoPrevent the print o redundant messages.
2010-04-12 velhoCorrected GTNetS to cople with the tracing facillity.
2010-04-12 velhoRemoved double free on GTNetS code.
2010-04-09 mquinsonour libs depend on -lm, and sanitize a bit the ruby...
2010-04-09 mquinsonaccept useless 'level' attributes to <job> since LIGO...
2010-04-09 mquinsonAdd a SD_task_set_name() function
2010-04-09 mquinsonallow the use of MSG_TIMEOUT_FAILURE if MSG_USE_DEPRECA...
2010-04-09 navarropAdd binaries to install.
2010-04-09 navarropRemove old libsimgrid_ruby to install.
2010-04-09 mquinsonlua need *that* link to work
2010-04-09 mquinsonnext release is 3.4, not 3.3.5
2010-04-09 navarropAdd testall to test.
2010-04-09 mquinsonignore supernovae cruft
2010-04-09 mquinsonplug a memleak
2010-04-09 mquinsonfurther improvement of ChangeLog. Everything should...
2010-04-09 mquinsonDocument smpi changes of this release