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2007-05-07 mquinsonDo display the output when requested to not take it...
2007-05-07 mquinsonkeep up with lastest diff computation changes
2007-05-07 mquinsonKeep within the declared matrix, don't go to (-1,j...
2007-05-07 mquinsonsize_t is long, so don't play it smart and get it worki...
2007-05-07 mquinsonHuge code cleanup + implementation of the background...
2007-05-04 mquinsonplug a memleak
2007-05-04 donassbrCosmetics...
2007-05-03 donassbrFunctions gras_trp_sg_chunk_recv and send added.
2007-05-03 alegrandKeeping up with last modifications of INFO by Mt.
2007-05-03 alegrandGot rid of useless message.
2007-05-02 mquinsonupdate autogenerated
2007-05-02 mquinsonDamn, forgot to remove that debugging output before...
2007-05-02 mquinsongtnets integration
2007-05-02 mquinsontweak a bit gtnets integration in autotools mecanism
2007-05-02 kayof*** empty log message ***
2007-05-02 donassbrCorrect some bugs
2007-05-02 mquinsonThree new functions in xbt_str module: split&join ...
2007-04-30 mquinsonshorten
2007-04-30 mquinsonMake sure we don't went out of the string to handle...
2007-04-29 mquinsonDo not call strcpy but memmove since both zone may...
2007-04-29 mquinsonfurther cleanups
2007-04-29 mquinsonFurther cleanups
2007-04-27 mquinsonBetter modularization of the tesh source code
2007-04-27 donassbrBug corrected when compiling using --enable-simix.
2007-04-27 mquinsoncommit generated files
2007-04-27 mquinsonDo not display file position at INFO level (reduce...
2007-04-27 mquinsonKeep working during the SIMIX convertion
2007-04-26 mquinsonallow the command line arguments to be of the syntax...
2007-04-26 mquinsonTest several settings from the binary itself instead...
2007-04-26 mquinsonrefactoring: moving chunks of code around to try to...
2007-04-26 mquinsonFollow cleanups in the xbt_str module
2007-04-26 mquinsonremove _cleanup_double_spaces() since it's now exported...
2007-04-26 mquinsonfurther cleanups in the xbt_str module: add a proper...
2007-04-26 mquinsonconcatenate getline.c at the end of xbt_str.c
2007-04-26 mquinsonRename trim.c to xbt_str.c, so that we can have all...
2007-04-26 donassbrForgotten files
2007-04-26 donassbrChanges to test gras_simix.
2007-04-26 mquinsonMore verbose warning (long overdue commit)
2007-04-26 donassbrChanges to gras_simix
2007-04-26 donassbrA lot of changes made. Testing phase
2007-04-25 mquinsontypos
2007-04-24 mquinsonForgot to commit this
2007-04-24 mquinsontoto
2007-04-24 velhoRemoved references to lagrangedico.
2007-04-24 velhoRemoved this file, it is just an experience of optimal...
2007-04-24 velhoAdded #define NOSHORTS in order to fix a bug in the...
2007-04-21 velhoWorking and cleaned up.
2007-04-21 velhoRemoved file lagrangedico.c.
2007-04-21 velhoCleaning up the lagrange model.
2007-04-20 velhoWorking, still need some cleanup.
2007-04-20 donassbrInitial structure to implement gras using simix.
2007-04-20 donassbrRemoved debug message
2007-04-19 velhoCorrected some bugs.
2007-04-19 velhoCorrected some bugs.
2007-04-18 velhoAdded the test of lagrange with optimal step, also...
2007-04-18 velhoAdded lagrange_dicotomi_solve.
2007-04-18 velhoCorrected some bugs in when computting mu.
2007-04-18 velhoNew file, surf/lagrangedico.c, added. This module uses...
2007-04-18 velhoThe implementation of lagrange multiplier using a optia...
2007-04-17 cheriermDevloper Studio Project generation
2007-04-16 casanovafixed typo
2007-04-16 casanovaAdded a link to Kayo Fujiwara's M.S. thesis. Somebody...
2007-04-16 mquinsonIgnore simeng_usage
2007-04-16 mquinsonmerge trim.h into str.h, where it belongs to
2007-04-16 mquinsonCommit generated files
2007-04-16 mquinsonImprove the user experience of backtraces (?): Do not...
2007-04-16 cheriermuncomment a exception
2007-04-16 mquinsoncleanups + newline at end of file
2007-04-16 mquinsonInclude the prototypes of these functions
2007-04-16 mquinsonRemove funky non-ascii chars
2007-04-13 cheriermon windows the stub_generator use now the environnement...
2007-04-13 cheriermthe script of sg test on windows
2007-04-13 cheriermthe script of rl test on windows
2007-04-13 cheriermansi c declaration variables
2007-04-13 cheriermthe script of the rl test on Windows
2007-04-13 cheriermthe script of the sg test on Windows
2007-04-13 cheriermansi c declaration of variables
2007-04-13 cheriermthe script test_rl.vbs
2007-04-13 cheriermthe ansi c declaration of variables are at the begining...
2007-04-13 cherierma script of the sg test on windows
2007-04-13 cherierma script of the rl test on windows
2007-04-13 cheriermjust a little mistake on this example
2007-04-13 cherierma script to launch the rl test on Windows
2007-04-13 cherierma script to launch the sg test on Windows
2007-04-13 cherierma script to launch the real test on Windows
2007-04-12 donassbrFunctions added.
2007-04-12 velhoCorrected file.
2007-04-12 velhoSigma step working.
2007-04-11 cheriermused during the build process
2007-04-11 cheriermexport the _gras_procname variable in the dll
2007-04-11 cheriermcreate the last directory
2007-04-11 cheriermused during the build process
2007-04-11 cheriermchange the output directory of the dll
2007-04-11 cheriermjust a new line at the end of the file
2007-04-11 cheriermexport some variables
2007-04-11 cheriermmake file used to build the libgras dll and the libgras...
2007-04-11 cheriermmake file for gras examples
2007-04-11 cheriermchange the output directories
2007-04-11 cheriermto create the last directory
2007-04-11 cheriermthe windows source file of the libgras dll