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2018-04-07 Martin Quinsonignore newly generated files
2018-04-07 Martin Quinsonalways use the right type for link sharing policy
2018-04-07 Augustin Degommecut replay multiple files to make test shorter
2018-04-07 Martin Quinsonchange e_surf_link_sharing_policy_t into a proper enum...
2018-04-07 Martin Quinsonvarious useless cosmetics
2018-04-07 Martin Quinsonkill ALL trailing whitespace (and deprecate a function...
2018-04-07 Martin Quinsoncodacy: trailing whitespace
2018-04-07 Martin Quinsonmove all network models to the kernel::resource namespace
2018-04-06 Martin Quinsonkill useless C datatypes
2018-04-06 Martin Quinsoncut another bunch of include
2018-04-06 Martin Quinsonmove the definition of surf_network_model in a lame...
2018-04-05 degommeforce gnu_source here.
2018-04-05 Arnaud GierschUse dladdr(3) to get region filename.
2018-04-05 Arnaud GierschUse XBT_DEBUG instead of disabled fprintf(stderr).
2018-04-05 Arnaud GierschDon't depend on <stdbool.h>.
2018-04-05 Arnaud GierschReduce code duplication.
2018-04-05 Martin Quinsonempty a C->C++ wrapper that will soon die
2018-04-05 Martin Quinsonreduce the scope of some #include, and cut useless...
2018-04-04 Martin Quinsonmake option 'network/crosstraffic' clean and nice
2018-04-04 Martin Quinsonreduce the amount of included headers
2018-04-04 Martin QuinsonMake cmd-line option "network/TCP-gamma" neat and clean
2018-04-04 Martin Quinsondocument last change
2018-04-04 degommetry to get rid of warning by defining calls here
2018-04-03 Augustin Degommeprotect against uninitialized/absent smpi
2018-04-03 degommefix tests with timers by properly detecting POSIX_TIMERS
2018-04-03 degommefix dependency issue to prevent problems with make -jx
2018-04-03 degommeavoid undefined NULL
2018-04-03 Arnaud GierschKill unused typedefs from xbt::string.
2018-04-03 Arnaud GierschPlease sonar: use typedefs s_xbt_log_*_t.
2018-04-03 Arnaud GierschKill useless typedef s_xbt_dict_cursor_t.
2018-04-03 Martin Quinsonsensible error messages when ending the daemons result...
2018-04-03 Arnaud GierschRemove useless C linkage.
2018-04-03 Arnaud GierschKill useless typedef tmgr_Trace.
2018-04-03 Arnaud GierschKill useless typedefs const_lmm_element_t and lmm_const...
2018-04-03 Arnaud GierschKill useless typedefs routing_NetPoint and sg_netpoint_t.
2018-04-03 Arnaud GierschPlease sonar: use s_xbt_mheap_t.
2018-04-03 Arnaud GierschKill unused typedef SMPI_Process.
2018-04-03 Arnaud GierschKill useless typedef s_smx_simcall_t.
2018-04-03 Arnaud GierschKill useless typedefs surf_Resource and sg_resource_t.
2018-04-03 Arnaud GierschConstify attribute.
2018-04-03 Arnaud GierschTypo.
2018-04-03 Arnaud GierschFix compilation warning.
2018-04-03 degommetry to handle getopt internal global variable
2018-04-03 Martin Quinsons4u: test what happens when we kill a newborn actor...
2018-04-03 Martin Quinsonfix some issues arising when killing new-born actors...
2018-04-03 Martin Quinsonsonar: make inheritance public
2018-04-03 Martin QuinsonDragonflyZone: do not save the whole ClusterCreationArg...
2018-04-03 Martin Quinsonsnake_case routing
2018-04-02 Martin Quinsonfurther snake_case in routing
2018-04-02 Martin Quinsonsnake_case routing::NetPoint
2018-04-02 Martin Quinsonsnake_case in resource::Resource
2018-04-02 Martin Quinsonconvert getCname to get_cname
2018-04-02 Martin Quinsonfinish snake-casing resource::Model
2018-04-01 Martin Quinsonresource:: extract action_heap into its own class
2018-04-01 Martin Quinsoninline a useless function
2018-04-01 Martin QuinsonCosmetics and snake_casing in Action and Model
2018-03-31 Martin Quinsonmake Model::update_algo a constant field, set at initia...
2018-03-31 Martin Quinsonreindent to please clang
2018-03-31 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2018-03-31 Augustin Degommefix build ?
2018-03-31 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2018-03-31 Martin Quinsondeprecate a function to snake_case it
2018-03-31 Martin QuinsonCosmetics in HostImpl
2018-03-31 Arnaud GierschDisable privatization for smpi_replay.
2018-03-31 Arnaud Gierschsmpirun: really disable privatization with -no-privatize.
2018-03-31 Arnaud GierschMove debug message.
2018-03-31 Arnaud GierschDisable privatization when not run through smpi_main().
2018-03-31 Arnaud GierschUse enum class for smpi privatization strategies.
2018-03-31 Arnaud GierschAnother fix in regexp.
2018-03-31 Martin Quinsoncosmetics in cpu_ti
2018-03-31 Martin Quinsonhave the maxmin system create by itself what it needs...
2018-03-31 Martin Quinsonlmm::System: rename some fields, and initialize them...
2018-03-30 Martin QuinsonCpuCas01: set updateAlgo as initializer
2018-03-30 Martin Quinsoncleanup the declaration and handling of the cpu/optim...
2018-03-30 Martin Quinsonconfig::Flag: allow to pass a map of the valid values
2018-03-30 Martin Quinsonreduce the visibility of xbt/config.hpp file to the...
2018-03-30 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of github.com:simgrid/simgrid
2018-03-30 Martin Quinsoncosmetics
2018-03-30 Martin QuinsonMerge pull request #259 from simgrid/configfix
2018-03-30 Gabriel Coronaconfig: fix declareFlag template
2018-03-30 Martin Quinsonchange a fixme into an assert
2018-03-30 Martin Quinsonvarious sonar fixes
2018-03-30 degommefix regexp. again.
2018-03-30 degommefix regexp
2018-03-30 Arnaud GierschMove variable definition in cpp file.
2018-03-30 Arnaud GierschFix comment.
2018-03-30 Arnaud GierschFix memory leak.
2018-03-30 Martin Quinsondon't link_set after link_add to not erase the -shared...
2018-03-30 Martin Quinsonbe verbose when the SMPI_PRETEND_CC trick is activated
2018-03-29 Martin Quinsonsmpicc: don't add -shared when SMPI_PRETEND_CC is on
2018-03-29 degommeadd gnu+11 flags to smpicxx as this seems needed
2018-03-28 Arnaud GierschUse C++ style casts.
2018-03-28 Arnaud GierschIt won't compile without C++ anyway.
2018-03-28 Arnaud GierschVariables are already declared in surf_interface.hpp.
2018-03-28 Arnaud GierschFile surf.hpp is C++ only. Remove SG_BEGIN/END_DECL.
2018-03-28 Arnaud GierschFunction surf_get_clock() is already declared in surf...
2018-03-28 Martin Quinsonprefer this_actor:: to Actor::self()->
2018-03-28 Martin Quinsonbetter approximation of a typed #define
2018-03-28 Martin Quinsonforgot to rename this one
2018-03-28 Christian Heinrich[SMPI] Replay: Fix datatype initialization