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2015-06-09 Christian HeinrichAdded small section on backbone.
2015-06-09 Christian HeinrichRemoved wrong endtags from documentation.
2015-06-09 Christian HeinrichUpdated section on network equipments (mostly cosmetics).
2015-06-09 Christian HeinrichUpdated description and presentation of available resou...
2015-06-09 Christian HeinrichUpdated the 'sharing policy' part for links.
2015-06-09 Christian HeinrichUpdated platform.doc to explain the cluster tag more...
2015-06-09 Christian HeinrichRephrased cluster description
2015-06-09 Christian HeinrichDocumentation overhaul started.
2015-06-05 Gabriel CoronaBoost.Context context factory
2015-06-05 Gabriel CoronaFix previous commit
2015-06-05 Gabriel CoronaTentatively fix the detection of ucontext.h in Darwin
2015-06-04 Christian HeinrichAdded xbt_assert statement to smpi_mpi_dt.c
2015-06-04 Christian HeinrichFixed bug in SMPI datatypes, causing SG to segfault.
2015-06-04 Christian Heinrich[SURF] Added comment for surf_share_resources
2015-06-04 Christian Heinrich[SURF] Added simple method comment for AsDijkstra:...
2015-06-02 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix realloc() in mc_process.cpp
2015-06-02 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix pointer dereference after free()
2015-06-02 Gabriel Corona[mc] exit() instead of abort() in normal operation
2015-06-02 Gabriel Corona[mc] Add a message to explain no property violation...
2015-06-02 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove mc_region_contain(), use the method instead
2015-06-02 Gabriel Corona[mc] C++ify RegionType, StorageType enums
2015-06-02 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix compilation error on clang (and group all...
2015-06-02 Gabriel Coronatemp
2015-06-02 Gabriel Corona[mc] Enable record in liveness mode
2015-06-01 Martin Quinsonstupid me
2015-06-01 Gabriel Corona[mc] Use vector<RegionSnapshot> instead of vector<uniqu...
2015-06-01 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix typo in e_mc_region_storage_type_t
2015-06-01 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove deprecated MC_snapshot_read()
2015-06-01 Gabriel Corona[mc] RegionSnapshot, make all fields private
2015-06-01 Gabriel Corona[mc] RegionSnapshot, make data private
2015-06-01 Gabriel Corona[mc] RegionSnapshot class
2015-06-01 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove broken test
2015-06-01 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove mc_translate_address()
2015-05-30 Martin Quinsonmore verbose error message on error
2015-05-28 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix mc_translate_address() for MC_REGION_STORAGE_T...
2015-05-28 Gabriel Corona[mc] Make Process::socket_ private
2015-05-28 Gabriel Corona[mc] Make Process::memory_map_ a std::vector
2015-05-28 Gabriel Corona[mc] Mark some Process attributes as private
2015-05-26 Christian Heinrich[SMPI] Fixed portability issues with shm_open.
2015-05-26 Christian Heinrich[SMPI] Added several document blocks for ois, or and ois
2015-05-26 Christian Heinrich[SMPI] Just some cosmetics (indentation), no changes
2015-05-26 Christian Heinrich[SMPI] Improved several comments in the code
2015-05-26 Christian Heinrich[SURF] Fixed config option network/weight_S_parameter
2015-05-26 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix cross-process access to simcall_comm_***any__g...
2015-05-26 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix remote_ptr
2015-05-26 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix printf format
2015-05-22 Gabriel Corona[mc] Replace the override word with MC_OVERRIDE
2015-05-22 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix spurious call fo remote()
2015-05-22 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remote deprecated functions MC_snapshot_read_pointer()
2015-05-22 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix the translation of privatisation section in...
2015-05-22 Gabriel Corona[mc] Private Process::pid
2015-05-22 Gabriel Corona[mc] Make a std::vector of Process::checkpoint_ignore
2015-05-22 Gabriel Corona[mc] Move cross process reading support for SBT structu...
2015-05-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] Move methods in Process class
2015-05-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] Add remote_ptr for marking pointers-to/addresses...
2015-05-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove compatibility stuff
2015-05-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix bug in Snapshot::read_bytes
2015-05-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] Make C++ classes out of addres_space, process...
2015-05-19 Christian HeinrichRemoved PIPOL documentation and added CI (Jenkins)
2015-05-19 Christian HeinrichRemoved broken reference from FAQ
2015-05-19 Adrien LebreFix the implicit declaration issue - Ad(rien)
2015-05-19 Adrien LebreMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2015-05-19 Gabriel CoronaFix java cloud integration tesh files
2015-05-19 Christian HeinrichAdded dependency on FLEX 2.5.39 to MaintainerMode
2015-05-19 Gabriel CoronaFix cloud integration tesh files
2015-05-13 Adrien LebreCompilation is at least ok - Ad(rien)
2015-05-13 Adrien Lebremissing to add few files - Ad(rien)
2015-05-13 Adrien LebreForgot to add the declaration - Ad(rien)
2015-05-13 Adrien LebreMore progress toward the atomic simcall for vm migratio...
2015-05-13 Adrien LebreFirst steps to add a new VM simcall - Ad(rien)
2015-05-12 Arnaud LegrandFix broken link
2015-05-12 Arnaud LegrandFix broken link
2015-05-07 Gabriel Corona[mc] Mark many MC symbols as hidden
2015-05-07 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix MC_free_object
2015-05-07 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix parameter order in unit test of mc_snapshot
2015-05-07 Gabriel Corona[mc] Only use prctl(PR_SET_PDEATHSIG) on Linux
2015-05-05 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix typo
2015-05-05 Gabriel Corona[mc] Knowledge about the size of pointer types in DWARF
2015-05-05 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove useless variable
2015-05-05 Gabriel CoronaFix xbt_fifo_foreach
2015-05-05 Gabriel Corona[mc] Cleanup horrible for loop
2015-05-05 Gabriel Corona[mc] Cleanup horrible for loop
2015-05-05 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix XBT_ERROR message
2015-05-05 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove designated initializers
2015-05-05 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove designated initializers
2015-05-05 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix formatting specification
2015-05-05 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove designated initializers
2015-05-05 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix type of zero_buffer_size in mc_process.c
2015-05-05 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix unitialized variable
2015-05-04 Gabriel Corona[mc] Add missing inttypes.h include
2015-05-04 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix mm_fake_malloc() implementation
2015-05-04 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix mmalloc with fortran
2015-05-04 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fixed the compilation on non-MC build
2015-05-04 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix the umpire tesh files
2015-05-04 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix segfault in MC_request_is_enabled() executed...
2015-05-04 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix umpire tests invocations (call simgrid-mc)
2015-04-30 Christian HeinrichAdded include_path and dependencies for FreeBSD < 10.0
2015-04-30 Christian HeinrichAdded reference link to comment in MakeLib.cmake
2015-04-28 Christian HeinrichFixed exception tests
2015-04-28 Christian HeinrichFixed typo in sg_config.c