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2010-02-09 mquinsonHello java 5
2010-02-09 mquinsonKill useless code
2010-02-09 mquinsonreindent
2010-02-09 mquinsonupdate documentation
2010-02-09 mquinsonmassive reindent
2010-02-09 navarropaccept lua option
2010-02-08 piniSMPI over SIMIX_network in a two days rush.
2010-02-05 navarropRemove arg Rate.
2010-02-04 suterone parameter less in SD_task_get_execution_time
2010-02-04 mquinsonKill the useless 'rate' argument of SD_task_get_executi...
2010-02-04 mquinsonin function SD_task_get_execution_time, return a time...
2010-02-04 mquinsonImprove documentation after discussion with FS
2010-02-04 navarropSet full path.
2010-02-04 navarropSet full path.
2010-02-04 suterRepair collective operations (changes made for asynchro...
2010-02-03 navarropAdd maintainer mode with flex and flexml
2010-02-03 navarropCompilation and context work on Mac
2010-02-03 navarropremove Args NO_POLICY_SCOPE for Mac compatibility
2010-02-02 alegrandHandle correctly (hopefully) timeouts in communications.
2010-02-02 alegrandIt's the least I can do in a cancel function...
2010-02-02 alegrandMake SIMIX_sem_block_onto public and fix a bug in SIMIX...
2010-02-02 alegrandWork even when names have ":"
2010-02-02 navarropModified for tesh test
2010-02-02 navarropAdd code coverage for simgrid compilation
2010-02-02 piniOops, forgot to add this in r7040.
2010-02-02 velhoAdded missing header file.
2010-02-01 alegrandCosmetics.
2010-02-01 alegrandFix the doc and update the biblio.
2010-01-29 piniAdded some missing MPI calls.
2010-01-28 donassbrAvoid adding elements to active_element_set when the...
2010-01-28 mquinsonfurther try at getting lua working (not quite there...
2010-01-28 mquinsonreindent and cosmetics
2010-01-28 mquinsonSome more memleaks removed
2010-01-28 mquinsonDisplay a warning if some actions remain to be done...
2010-01-28 mquinsonplug a few memleaks
2010-01-28 mquinsonOn the fly parsing of the actions file. One idle proces...
2010-01-28 mquinsonpoor man's try to save some memory in actions. Does...
2010-01-28 piniBetter fix for r7026.
2010-01-27 piniFix errors with relative includes with smpicc
2010-01-27 piniAdded missing include.
2010-01-27 piniIn smpi_mpi.c:
2010-01-26 navarropAdd test for LUA and more.
2010-01-25 navarropMake the gras.h with cmake.
2010-01-21 velhoCorrected GTNetS faq, bug found by Navarro.
2010-01-21 velhoFinally a proper working version of GTNets with RED...
2010-01-20 piniIn smpi_mpi.c:
2010-01-19 suteridentify sender on the recv lines
2010-01-19 piniAdded flag for printing more debug info
2010-01-19 piniFix stripping of first argument.
2010-01-17 mquinsonlet simgrid still compile when lua was not detected
2010-01-15 mquinsonoups, forgot that file
2010-01-15 mquinsonthat's properly integrated into the lib, now
2010-01-15 mquinsonbit more debug messages
2010-01-15 mquinsonadd a proper example of master/slaves, using mailboxes
2010-01-15 mquinsonBetterly integrated lua bindings (detected by configure...
2010-01-15 mquinsonfirst working prototype of the lua bindings. Veeeeeery...
2010-01-15 mquinsonfirst draft of lua bindings
2010-01-14 navarropMore functions and add a README.
2010-01-14 donassbrVerify NULL parameter before calling function.
2010-01-14 donassbrAdd a test to avoid calling the function SIMIX_action_c...
2010-01-13 navarropFiles for compil Simgrid with cmake and make a distrib...
2010-01-11 navarropscript for compiling simgrid with cmake
2010-01-05 navarropAdd verification for fig2dev
2009-12-27 mquinsonSetup the devel of v3.3.5, just in case anyone gets...
2009-12-27 mquinsonstupid copy/paste typo (bummer)
2009-12-24 mquinsonRelease 3.3.4
2009-12-24 mquinsonYet another typo, bummer
2009-12-24 mquinsonUpdate timings
2009-12-24 mquinsonTypo+ downgrade to older svn version
2009-12-24 mquinsonclean the archive before rebuilding to avoid 'binary...
2009-12-24 mquinsonscripts should be executable
2009-12-24 mquinsonIgnore apt-get issues
2009-12-24 mquinsonWhen svn is unusable because metadata are too advanced...
2009-12-24 mquinsonMinor cleanups to build on pipol
2009-12-24 mquinsonRemove the version built from buildname so that cdash...
2009-12-24 mquinsonFix the reduce test (by removing timings when -q is...
2009-12-24 mquinsonfix image name
2009-12-23 mquinsonInclude the svn version in the build name
2009-12-23 mquinsonReduce the walltime of every builds to not get backlogged
2009-12-23 mquinsonFix image name
2009-12-23 mquinsonTry harder to identify darwin on pipol
2009-12-23 mquinsonupdate target list
2009-12-23 mquinsonport to fedora
2009-12-23 mquinsonA script to do everything on pipol
2009-12-23 mquinsonSpecify the trigger site for ctest
2009-12-23 mquinsonReduce verbosity of cmake
2009-12-23 mquinsonMake sure that smx_context_thread.c ends up in the...
2009-12-23 mquinsonTry to load the stdio before defining getline (on mac...
2009-12-23 mquinsonTry to load the stdlib before defining getline (on...
2009-12-23 mquinsonAlso include the lex file of dax in the archive
2009-12-23 mquinsonFix my fix about building without flexml
2009-12-23 mquinsonthat's ok to have a failure in that section since we...
2009-12-23 mquinsonThis test fails in a really strange way. Mark it expect...
2009-12-23 mquinsonupdate timings for 64bits also
2009-12-23 mquinsonAlso mark this test as expected failure in autotools
2009-12-23 mquinsonIf we cannot use svn because that's an old release...
2009-12-23 mquinsonDon't fail when flexml is not installed and the dtd...
2009-12-23 mquinsonPut all the will_fail together, and add a word of expla...
2009-12-23 mquinsonreduce amount of output, and update the tesh files
2009-12-23 mquinsonAdd a function to check that the matrix is a sequence...