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2018-11-21 Martin QuinsonMerge pull request #314 from simgrid/smpi-args-cleanup
2018-11-21 Millian Poquet[smpi args cleanup] remove load-balancer-replay
2018-11-21 Millian Poquet[smpi args cleanup] adapt replay examples
2018-11-18 Arnaud GierschSonar is currently failing, try to upgrade sonar-scanner.
2018-11-17 Frederic Suterforgot java too
2018-11-17 Frederic Suterretry with warnings activated
2018-11-17 Frederic Suterback to business!
2018-11-16 Millian Poquet[smpi args cleanup] internal changes for clean-up
2018-11-16 Millian Poquet[smpi args cleanup] xbt_replay args
2018-11-16 Millian PoquetMerge commit 'c619e9d16'
2018-11-16 Millian Poquet[misc] fix deprecation msg for Actor::setProperty
2018-11-15 Augustin Degommehandle MPI_ANY_SOURCE in recv replay
2018-11-15 Arnaud GierschMacro is always defined (by cmakedefine01).
2018-11-15 Arnaud GierschAdd a comment explaining the "ifndef".
2018-11-15 Arnaud GierschInclude seems useless.
2018-11-15 Arnaud GierschSIMGRID_HAVE_MC is already defined in <simgrid/config.h>.
2018-11-15 Arnaud GierschFix comments.
2018-11-15 Martin Quinsondocs improvements
2018-11-12 Martin Quinsonfix clang build
2018-11-12 Martin Quinsonsmall doc improvement
2018-11-12 Martin QuinsonContext creation: Fix one OOP design issue
2018-11-12 Martin Quinsonimprove a comment
2018-11-12 Martin QuinsonFactorize code between the calling sites of the ActorIm...
2018-11-11 Martin Quinsontiny factorizations and doc improvements
2018-11-11 Martin Quinsonremove the argc/argv version of simcall_process_create
2018-11-11 Martin QuinsonMSG: kill the MSG_process_create_from_stdfunc() pimple
2018-11-11 Martin Quinsonjava: stop using MSG_process_create_from_stdfunc
2018-11-11 Martin Quinsonjava process creation: this was already binded by java_...
2018-11-11 Martin Quinsoneclipse config file: there is some Java in this project
2018-11-11 Martin Quinsondoc: say that set_receiver() adds a silly ref to the...
2018-11-11 Martin QuinsonApple renamed all their OSes
2018-11-11 Martin Quinsonplease sonar: kill an unused type and reduce the visibi...
2018-11-07 Arnaud GierschFix distcheck.
2018-11-07 Arnaud GierschCosmetics.
2018-11-07 Martin QuinsonMerge pull request #309 from mpoquet/generate-pkg-config
2018-11-07 Millian Poquet[cmake] generate/install a pkg-config simgrid.pc
2018-11-06 Augustin Degommefix gcc 9 warnings. Have to check if the std::move...
2018-11-04 Martin Quinsonthese archaic callbacks are not used anymore, so kill...
2018-11-04 Martin Quinsonsimplify MSG process creation/destruction
2018-11-04 Martin QuinsonNote that this easy task is actually impssible as is
2018-11-04 Martin QuinsonDeprecate the C API of parallel_execute
2018-11-04 Martin Quinsonplug a memleak
2018-11-03 Augustin Degommetry to have mc work with freebsd 12 and flang
2018-11-03 Martin Quinsonfinish objectifying the backtraces
2018-11-02 Arnaud GierschUse $() instead of backticks and remove useless use...
2018-11-02 Arnaud GierschCopy constructor and assignment operators are implicite...
2018-11-01 Arnaud GierschUse libunwind-generic instead of specific libunwind...
2018-10-29 Martin QuinsonFix build without stacktrace_backtrace
2018-10-29 Martin Quinsonreplace our own crude code with Boost.stacktrace
2018-10-29 Augustin Degommeadd libboost_stacktrace_backtrace to excludes
2018-10-29 Martin Quinsonprovide a backtrace implementation that uses boost...
2018-10-29 Martin QuinsonHide the backtrace implementation in a private pimpl
2018-10-29 Martin QuinsonBuildSimGrid.sh: Try to install the lib if possible
2018-10-29 Martin Quinsoncmake: rewrite the detection of boost optional componen...
2018-10-28 Arnaud GierschWorkaround bug in Intel-C.cmake.
2018-10-28 Arnaud GierschAvoid bleeding edge ‘for’ loop initial declarations.
2018-10-28 Arnaud GierschKill obsolete config test programs.
2018-10-28 Arnaud GierschRemove obsolete exclusions.
2018-10-28 Arnaud GierschUdpate .mailmap.
2018-10-28 Martin Quinsontravis: this format is hard to read and I'm stupid...
2018-10-28 Martin Quinsontravis: Display full cmake logs on error
2018-10-27 Martin QuinsonHide the content of a simgrid::xbt::Backtrace and inlin...
2018-10-27 Martin QuinsonSimplify how we check for C++11 and friends
2018-10-27 Martin QuinsonFindSimGrid: Make sure our headers are compiled with...
2018-10-27 Martin Quinsontry to please sonar on this ugly code
2018-10-27 Martin Quinsonbacktrace: factorize the function headers between the...
2018-10-27 Martin Quinsondocs: fix all examples of git clone to use https
2018-10-27 Martin Quinsonbacktrace: fix various portability issues I just introduced
2018-10-27 Martin Quinsonthese portability bits should be useless
2018-10-27 Martin Quinsoninline two C files that were included (gosh)
2018-10-27 Martin Quinsonbacktrace: kill two unused functions
2018-10-27 Martin Quinsoninline an include file. Not used from C anymore
2018-10-27 Martin Quinsoncosmetics around backtraces
2018-10-27 Martin Quinsonremove an obsolete file
2018-10-27 Martin QuinsonRevert "[smpi] use maps on actor to use one buffer...
2018-10-27 Martin QuinsonRevert "Fix multiple memleaks in the replay of multiple...
2018-10-27 Martin Quinsonignore more examples' binaries
2018-10-26 Martin Quinsoncosmetics, sorry for the noise
2018-10-26 Martin QuinsonTuto algo: say how to specify where SimGrid is installed
2018-10-26 Martin QuinsonMPI tuto: use the https version of git repos
2018-10-25 Millian Poquet[examples] smpi-replay-mm: free -> xbt_free
2018-10-25 Millian PoquetMerge branch 'smpi-replay-mm-robustness'
2018-10-25 Millian Poquet[examples] smpi-replay-mm: sleep(1) at job end
2018-10-25 Millian Poquet[examples] smpi-replay-mm: fix output sort
2018-10-25 Millian Poquet[examples] smpi-replay-mm: align actors' name
2018-10-24 Martin Quinsondocs: Fix broken links, bummer
2018-10-24 Martin Quinsonupdate the releasing procedure to align with the new...
2018-10-24 Martin Quinsondocker smpi tuto: we need libboost-all-dev for replay.cpp
2018-10-24 Martin Quinsondocs: user-friendly URLs
2018-10-24 Martin QuinsonFix multiple memleaks in the replay of multiple SMPI...
2018-10-24 Martin Quinsontravis: try to use the addon to install homebrew packages
2018-10-24 Martin Quinsonfix some doxygen errors
2018-10-24 Martin Quinsondocs: Rewrite the intro of platform description
2018-10-23 Millian Poquet[examples] smpi-replay-mmd: hack--, memleak++
2018-10-22 Millian Poquet[examples] smpi-replay-mmd: (ugly) memory clean-up
2018-10-19 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'fix-multi-smpi-buffer-double-free' into...
2018-10-18 Martin QuinsonTODO--
2018-10-18 MERCIER Michael[smpi] use maps on actor to use one buffer for each
2018-10-17 Martin QuinsonSanitize the API of this_actor::parallel_execute()
2018-10-17 Martin QuinsonHide ugly things from the doc