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2010-02-27 mquinsonKill a static function raising 'not implemented' which...
2010-02-27 mquinsonIn trace replay, allow to have one trace file per process
2010-02-27 mquinsonMake JniException a runtime exception, nobody wants...
2010-02-27 mquinsonthis function never send NullPointerE anymore
2010-02-27 mquinsontasks created without name and costs should still be...
2010-02-27 mquinsonAllow task name to be null
2010-02-27 mquinsonvarious cleanups to the java bindings
2010-02-27 mquinsondisplay all used arguments (to ease manual rerun)
2010-02-27 mquinsonSmaller instance for smaller run time
2010-02-27 mquinsonUse send/recv instead of put/get
2010-02-27 mquinsonRemove 2 useless examples
2010-02-27 mquinsoncosmetics, and add a README
2010-02-27 mquinsonAlso remove the pseudo-specific task type for this...
2010-02-27 mquinsonSimplify this example by not declaring BasicTask since...
2010-02-27 mquinsonrewrite to use send/recv instead of put/get (+ add...
2010-02-27 mquinsonAdd a simple README to that directory to help users
2010-02-27 mquinsonRewrite the basic master/slave example to use the send...
2010-02-27 mquinsonRemove the DTD and its resolver from the java bindings...
2010-02-27 mquinsonset source level of java to 6 (5 may be enough, but...
2010-02-26 navarropGtnets flags.
2010-02-26 navarropCorection of the gtnets-ruby bug with node.h and begini...
2010-02-25 piniUse an execute action instead of a sleep action.
2010-02-25 navarropSet a default path if ruby is not found.
2010-02-24 navarropSupernovae with lib msg.
2010-02-24 navarropDelete warning during compiling.
2010-02-24 navarropSelect ruby or not.
2010-02-24 navarropBe compatible with ruby.
2010-02-23 piniAdded implementation of missing case for Alltoall ...
2010-02-22 piniFix bug while counting created requests in alltoallv.
2010-02-22 coldpeacegit-svn-id: svn+ssh://scm.gforge.inria.fr/svn/simgrid...
2010-02-22 coldpeaceSimix Ruby Context
2010-02-22 coldpeaceStuks When a process ( Slave ) Tries to Recieve a...
2010-02-18 navarropDon't remove file if we can't make them.
2010-02-18 navarropAdd some test to cmake and correct bug in tesh file...
2010-02-17 navarropFind ruby.h.
2010-02-17 navarropMake ruby in consideration with cmake.
2010-02-17 navarropMore efficient with add definition
2010-02-17 navarropFind Ruby.h path.
2010-02-17 navarropFind Ruby.h path.
2010-02-17 navarropFix the getline prb with cmake.
2010-02-16 coldpeaceSome Modification on the Ruby Context File...
2010-02-16 coldpeaceAlmost Done ... Still Stuckin' Wiith Some MSG Error...
2010-02-16 navarropSet SIMGRID NEED GETLINE for Mac.
2010-02-16 navarropAdd flags for gtnets examples.
2010-02-16 navarropAdd makefile for gtnets.
2010-02-16 navarropFix the mcsc problem with mac.
2010-02-16 navarropTest gtnets.
2010-02-16 navarropSyntaxe.
2010-02-16 navarropCorrect the getline definition.
2010-02-16 navarropSet definitions with Darwin.
2010-02-16 navarropPut GTNETS buildname.
2010-02-15 navarropAdd gtnets to tests.
2010-02-15 navarropPass arg OPEN_SOURCE with C compile flags.
2010-02-12 navarropAdd XOPEN SOURCE flags for Mac.
2010-02-12 navarropMake a logical Site and Buildname for Cdash.
2010-02-12 navarropClean some unused source lines.
2010-02-12 navarropForgot smthing...
2010-02-12 navarropPass with all flags.
2010-02-11 mquinsonbummer. Didn't meant to break everything for everyone...
2010-02-11 mquinsonSomehow integrate ruby to the library. That's ... crude...
2010-02-11 coldpeacegit-svn-id: svn+ssh://scm.gforge.inria.fr/svn/simgrid...
2010-02-11 coldpeacegit-svn-id: svn+ssh://scm.gforge.inria.fr/svn/simgrid...
2010-02-11 navarropAdd flag options.
2010-02-10 navarropfix smpi compile failed.
2010-02-10 navarropTake care of xbt/log.c file during supernovae mode.
2010-02-10 navarropmake smpi's lib STATIC for mac
2010-02-10 navarropworks on Linux...
2010-02-10 navarropDefined _XOPEN_SOURCE if mac
2010-02-10 navarropSupernovae mode with cmake.
2010-02-10 piniOops, forgot to commit the updated Makefile.
2010-02-09 mquinsonvarious small cleanups. Not quite there yet
2010-02-09 mquinsonFirst version of ruby bindings by Medhi
2010-02-09 mquinsondoc improvement
2010-02-09 mquinsonHello java 5
2010-02-09 mquinsonKill useless code
2010-02-09 mquinsonreindent
2010-02-09 mquinsonupdate documentation
2010-02-09 mquinsonmassive reindent
2010-02-09 navarropaccept lua option
2010-02-08 piniSMPI over SIMIX_network in a two days rush.
2010-02-05 navarropRemove arg Rate.
2010-02-04 suterone parameter less in SD_task_get_execution_time
2010-02-04 mquinsonKill the useless 'rate' argument of SD_task_get_executi...
2010-02-04 mquinsonin function SD_task_get_execution_time, return a time...
2010-02-04 mquinsonImprove documentation after discussion with FS
2010-02-04 navarropSet full path.
2010-02-04 navarropSet full path.
2010-02-04 suterRepair collective operations (changes made for asynchro...
2010-02-03 navarropAdd maintainer mode with flex and flexml
2010-02-03 navarropCompilation and context work on Mac
2010-02-03 navarropremove Args NO_POLICY_SCOPE for Mac compatibility
2010-02-02 alegrandHandle correctly (hopefully) timeouts in communications.
2010-02-02 alegrandIt's the least I can do in a cancel function...
2010-02-02 alegrandMake SIMIX_sem_block_onto public and fix a bug in SIMIX...
2010-02-02 alegrandWork even when names have ":"
2010-02-02 navarropModified for tesh test
2010-02-02 navarropAdd code coverage for simgrid compilation
2010-02-02 piniOops, forgot to add this in r7040.
2010-02-02 velhoAdded missing header file.
2010-02-01 alegrandCosmetics.