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2016-04-29 degommeleaks --
2016-04-29 degommeleak--
2016-04-29 degommebcast on one process is a no-op
2016-04-29 degommeleak --
2016-04-29 degommesegfaulting is not leaking - exclude this test from...
2016-04-29 Gabriel CoronaEnsure that the dict subsystem is initialized when...
2016-04-29 degommethis test actually caused an overflow which led to...
2016-04-28 degommeDon't create structures for 0 sized datatypes
2016-04-28 Gabriel CoronaRemove spurious XBT_PUBLIC
2016-04-28 degommefix warning and build
2016-04-28 degommeAvoid allocating 0 bytes (issue with mallocators only?)
2016-04-28 degommeSome more cleanups in datatypes end of life
2016-04-28 degommeleak-- (duplicate of a predefined datatype can be released)
2016-04-28 Gabriel CoronaRemove useless boost #includes
2016-04-28 Gabriel CoronaUse C++ Flag for context factory selection
2016-04-28 Gabriel Corona[config] Add a template declareFlag<T>(...)
2016-04-28 degommefix The leak
2016-04-28 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix compilation when MC id disabled
2016-04-28 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove redundant 'mc_mode' global variable
2016-04-28 Martin Quinsonstart the development of 3.14 right away
2016-04-28 Martin Quinsonnote to self
2016-04-28 Martin Quinsongosh, that logo is awful
2016-04-28 degommeindent to avoid GCC6 warning madness
2016-04-28 degommesetup a cleanup routine for mvapich collectives.
2016-04-28 degommeleaks --
2016-04-27 Martin Quinsonfix a bunch of typos reported by lintian
2016-04-27 Martin Quinsonthis file was removed
2016-04-27 Martin Quinsonthat was funny, but that's a probable copyright violation v3_13
2016-04-27 Martin QuinsonFix the detection of backtrace
2016-04-27 degommeIgnore leaks that are not ours
2016-04-27 degommeNetcards are bound to die, ignore their leaks.
2016-04-27 degommeorder output of some tests, for windows
2016-04-27 Martin QuinsonThis is v3.13.
2016-04-27 Martin Quinsonwe don't do nsis releases nor separate bindings anymore
2016-04-27 Martin Quinsonfix the detection of backtrace: not all linuxes have it
2016-04-27 Martin Quinsonsupport for backtraces on windows is gone
2016-04-27 Martin Quinsonplug a memleak in that example
2016-04-27 Martin Quinsonthese files are gone, don't specify their optim level
2016-04-27 degommeFix awful code.
2016-04-27 degommeSend the right size here.
2016-04-27 degommestill not our
2016-04-27 degommeAdd warning, as next Boost release will break boost...
2016-04-27 degommeleak--
2016-04-27 degommesilence stupid warning
2016-04-27 degommeleak --
2016-04-27 Martin Quinsondon't test for boost-graph as we don't use it yet
2016-04-27 degommefix some more leaks
2016-04-27 degommenot our leak.
2016-04-27 degommeremove some bad casts
2016-04-27 Gabriel CoronaAdd missing #include for std::current_exception()
2016-04-27 Martin Quinsondocument signals
2016-04-27 Martin Quinsonreindent
2016-04-27 Frederic Suteredits
2016-04-27 Martin Quinsonproposal of NEWS and ChangeLog files
2016-04-27 Martin Quinsonplug some harmless memleaks
2016-04-26 degommeleaks --, for a change
2016-04-26 Martin Quinsonplug the memleaks of the cloud-capping example
2016-04-26 Frederic SuterMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2016-04-26 Frederic Sutercouple cleanups
2016-04-26 Martin Quinsonenergy: plug some memleaks
2016-04-26 Martin Quinsonplug a memleak in VM
2016-04-26 Martin Quinsonplug 2 memleaks
2016-04-26 Martin Quinsonmbox: kill an unused field
2016-04-26 Martin Quinsoncomplete the API of s4u::Mailbox
2016-04-26 degommeleak--
2016-04-26 degommeIf we call them -thread-, might as well use thread...
2016-04-26 degommeleaks again
2016-04-26 degommenot ours
2016-04-26 Gabriel CoronaAdd a comment/TODO about i386 RawContext
2016-04-26 Gabriel CoronaRawContext: add comments for x86 raw_swapcontext()
2016-04-26 Frederic Suterrenaming a bunch of tests
2016-04-26 Frederic Suterkill exception example
2016-04-26 Frederic SuterMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2016-04-26 Frederic Suterrenaming properties to platform-properties
2016-04-26 Frederic Sutera couple of rewritings
2016-04-26 Martin Quinsonfix the lua test
2016-04-26 Martin Quinsonalso alias the 3.12 option names
2016-04-26 Martin Quinsonand now kebab-case the tracing options
2016-04-25 degommeleaks --
2016-04-25 degommetypo made alias non functional
2016-04-25 degommeThis one was not ours.
2016-04-25 degommen-th cleanup on datatype refcount handling
2016-04-25 degommeYet another wrapper for main..
2016-04-25 degommeWe don't support MPI_Init( 0, 0 ), actually, and crash...
2016-04-25 Martin QuinsonAll options are consistently in kebab-case (but the...
2016-04-25 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2016-04-25 Martin Quinsonkebab-case some smpi options
2016-04-25 degommeleaks -- with smp algos
2016-04-25 Gabriel CoronaUse our own minimal signal implementation
2016-04-25 Gabriel CoronaAdd #includes in cpu_interface.hpp
2016-04-25 Gabriel CoronaFix bad pointer cast in the L07 model
2016-04-25 Martin Quinsonthis file should be compilable in C
2016-04-25 Gabriel Coronabg-set-signal.tesh, Don't run the perl interpreter...
2016-04-25 Gabriel Corona[mc] Really ignore the output of bugged1_liveness
2016-04-24 degommeFix build
2016-04-24 degommeleaks --
2016-04-24 Martin Quinsonstart converting option names to kebab-case
2016-04-23 Martin QuinsonRevert "We never use the name of the mailbox"
2016-04-23 Martin Quinsonpopulate s4u::mailbox
2016-04-23 Martin Quinsonkill an unused MSG function