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2016-01-07 Millian PoquetRemoval of TRACE_msg_process_end
2016-01-07 Millian PoquetFix TRACE_msg_process_destroy: PJ_container_get_or_null...
2016-01-07 Millian PoquetIn MSG_process_create_with_environment, inversion of...
2016-01-07 Millian PoquetRevert "A candidate patch to Github issue #15. Three...
2016-01-07 Martin Quinsongive simgrid::Host a getState() method, and use it
2016-01-07 Martin Quinsonshallow cleanups in net_cste: overide markers and kill...
2016-01-07 Martin Quinsondon't commit my personal eclipse settings
2016-01-06 Martin Quinsonkill methods overriding super to the same content
2016-01-06 Martin Quinsonarguable cosmetics
2016-01-06 Martin Quinsonkill an eclipse warning about unused static functions
2016-01-06 Martin Quinsonkill a useless obscure function
2016-01-06 Martin Quinsoncosmetics in comments and error messages
2016-01-06 Martin Quinsonremove a C-like pimple
2016-01-06 Martin Quinsonplug a memleak
2016-01-06 Martin Quinsonstrange, tesh ignores these extra arguments
2016-01-06 Martin Quinsonspeed up the tests a bit
2016-01-06 Martin Quinsonfix a compilation error when NS3 is activated
2016-01-06 degommeonly cleanup previous build when starting a new one...
2016-01-06 Martin QuinsonNetworkCM02: various cosmetics
2016-01-06 Martin Quinsonkill an unused function prototype
2016-01-05 Martin Quinsonmake it compile with -fpermissive even on travis
2016-01-05 Martin Quinson[energy] react sainly when the host speed is 0
2016-01-05 Martin Quinsonkill deprecated code
2016-01-05 Martin QuinsonAdapt lua to the latest code changes
2016-01-05 Gabriel Corona[simix] Move other simcall to the Host class
2016-01-05 Gabriel Corona[simix] Make host->{on,off}() do the simcall directly
2016-01-05 Gabriel Corona[simix] Comments and fast path for simgrid::simix:...
2016-01-05 degommeadd some missing prototypes
2016-01-05 degomme-Wno-unused-local-typedefs was only added post clang...
2016-01-05 degommeavoid some boost warning/errors on windows
2016-01-05 degommeweirdly, DEPENDS clause seems to be ignored sometimes...
2016-01-05 Gabriel Corona[simix] Remove lots of simcalls, use run_kernel instead
2016-01-05 Martin Quinsonreindent
2016-01-05 Martin Quinsoncleanup: don't initialize variables to dummy values...
2016-01-05 Martin Quinsonconvert some C bits into C++ in surf
2016-01-04 Martin Quinsoncompile simdag with g++ so that Surf cleaned of its...
2016-01-04 Martin Quinsoninline two C calls in surf
2016-01-04 Martin Quinsonmv src/simdag/private.h src/private/simdag_private.h
2016-01-04 Gabriel Corona[simix] Fix forwarding of function in run_kernel
2016-01-04 Martin Quinson[cmake] fix make dist
2016-01-04 Gabriel Corona[simix] Add assertion in run_kernel
2016-01-04 Gabriel Corona[simix] Fix simgrid::simix::kernel for void return
2016-01-04 Gabriel Corona[simix] simcall to run code in kernel mode
2016-01-04 Martin Quinsonspeed up travis: no need for compile_optimizations...
2016-01-04 Martin Quinsontiny cosmetics
2016-01-04 Martin QuinsonDo the right thing in CpuL07::onSpeedChange
2016-01-04 Martin QuinsonSimplify the code taking Cpu::m_speedPeak changes into...
2016-01-04 Martin Quinsonadd a comment explaining the current state of the code
2016-01-04 Martin QuinsonCpuTI cleanups: initialize fields, dont overide with...
2016-01-03 Martin Quinsoncleanups in CpuCas01: overrides, initialize fields...
2016-01-03 Martin Quinsoncleanups in CpuTi: overide markers, initialize fields...
2016-01-03 Martin Quinson[CpuTI] don't override pstate handling with THROW_UNIMP...
2016-01-03 Martin Quinsonkill dead code in Cpu constructors
2016-01-02 Martin QuinsonMark another execution path for deletion
2016-01-01 Martin Quinsonsome cleanups in the CPU constructor hierarchy
2015-12-31 Martin Quinsoninitialize fields at declaration, to improve readability
2015-12-30 Martin Quinsonkill dead code
2015-12-29 Martin QuinsonGive a p_netcard to simgrid::Host instead of relying...
2015-12-28 Martin QuinsonCompile src/instr with g++ so that we can use C++ const...
2015-12-27 Martin QuinsonRename RoutingEdge into NetCard
2015-12-27 Martin Quinsonkill a redundent type
2015-12-27 Martin Quinsonthis is C++
2015-12-27 Martin Quinsongive simgrid::Host a p_cpu field instead of relying...
2015-12-27 Martin Quinsonkill the numerical SURF_HOST_LEVEL
2015-12-27 Martin Quinsoncode simplification: directly give the host name to...
2015-12-27 Martin Quinsonkill dead code
2015-12-26 Martin Quinsonempty surf::Host into simgrid::Host
2015-12-25 Martin Quinsonrename executeParallelTask into L07Action ctor
2015-12-25 Martin Quinsongive a default value at field declaration, not everywhe...
2015-12-25 Martin Quinsonkill methods overriding super to the exact same content
2015-12-25 Martin Quinson[ptask] kill the last global: the maxmin system is...
2015-12-25 Martin Quinson[ptask] remove some static variables
2015-12-25 Martin Quinsoncosmetics and informative comments
2015-12-25 Martin QuinsonMake the energy plugin usable with ptask (but not DVFS...
2015-12-24 Martin Quinsonmake MC compile out of tree
2015-12-24 Martin Quinsonport NS3 to the new extension mechanism
2015-12-23 Martin Quinsonrevert a cleanup in Storage that left the lmm_constrain...
2015-12-23 Martin Quinson[cmake] fix outoftree build for Java
2015-12-23 Martin Quinsoncosmetics in Storage
2015-12-23 Martin Quinsonfix a stupid error: actually plug the CPU into the...
2015-12-23 Martin Quinsonsimplify how cpus are plugged into hosts at creation
2015-12-23 Martin Quinsonmove createHost higher in the surf::HostModel hierarchy
2015-12-23 Martin Quinsondon't pack the library into the jar until the library...
2015-12-23 Martin Quinsoncosmetics in VM13
2015-12-23 Martin Quinsongive the VM a link to their PM as a simgrid::Host
2015-12-22 Martin Quinsoninline onliners with lambdas
2015-12-22 Martin Quinsonrename networkLinkCreatedCallbacks into Link::onCreatio...
2015-12-22 Martin Quinson[energy plugin] inline the callbacks using lambda functions
2015-12-22 Martin Quinsonrename callback cpuActionStateChangedCallbacks into...
2015-12-22 Martin QuinsonKill unused simgrid::surf::HostAction
2015-12-22 Martin Quinsoncode simplification
2015-12-22 Martin Quinsoncosmetics in doxygen
2015-12-22 Martin QuinsonKill the surf::Host subclasses (surf::HostModel remain...
2015-12-22 Martin Quinsonpull up another (useless) method in the surf::Host...
2015-12-22 Martin Quinsonpull up two more methods in the surf::Host hierarchy
2015-12-21 Martin Quinsonpush up a method in the surf::Host hierarchy
2015-12-21 Martin Quinsoncosmetics
2015-12-21 Martin Quinsonkill unused code
2015-12-21 Martin Quinsoncode simplification around Host::onDestruction
2015-12-21 Martin Quinsongive all machines the exact same energetic profil,...