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2004-12-14 mquinsonMake sure HAVE_WINSOCK_H is defined even if only versio...
2004-12-14 mquinsonsome more possible logs (printf is the only way to...
2004-12-14 mquinsonuse gras_exit, not only xbt_exit
2004-12-14 mquinsonCompile pas avec les warnings, sinon
2004-12-14 alegrandAdding a context library to xbt.
2004-12-12 mquinsoncosmetic
2004-12-11 alegrandNo more use of abort.
2004-12-11 alegrandNo more xbt_maxmin_float_t not xbt_heap_float_t. I...
2004-12-10 mquinsonbuglet and improvement
2004-12-10 mquinsonFix the semantic (gras_os_time returns seconds, not...
2004-12-10 mquinsonFix the semantic (gras_os_time returns seconds); Fix...
2004-12-10 mquinsonAdd a blurb on cross-compiling lin->win
2004-12-10 mquinsonglanced rapidely
2004-12-10 mquinsonrun_tests now run tests from their directory. But for...
2004-12-10 mquinsonignore crufty lex results
2004-12-10 mquinsonrun the testsuite with wine if needed (will certainly...
2004-12-10 mquinsonadd portable.h (headers to include to program in a...
2004-12-10 mquinsondefine gras_init
2004-12-10 mquinsonuse gras_init. xbt_init is not enough
2004-12-10 mquinsonfirst work on the cross-compilation
2004-12-10 mquinsonEnsure portability to win32 using the gras_os_functions...
2004-12-10 mquinsondefine max only when not previously defined (win32...
2004-12-10 mquinsontest local version of gras, not the installed one;...
2004-12-10 mquinsontest local version of gras, not the installed one;...
2004-12-10 mquinsonfix some (c) dates; do test the local version of gras...
2004-12-10 mquinsonEnsure portability to win32 using the gras_os_functions :)
2004-12-10 mquinsonCompile pas cte merde :)
2004-12-10 mquinsonfix (C) dates
2004-12-10 mquinsonThere is now a proper gras_init function
2004-12-10 mquinsonremove gras from the xbt
2004-12-10 mquinsoncosmetics
2004-12-10 mquinsonCompile pas, c'te merde
2004-12-10 mquinsonmoved higher for the surf
2004-12-10 mquinsonFix (c) dates; make clear this is deprecated code
2004-12-10 mquinsonFix (c) dates
2004-12-10 mquinsonFix (c) dates; Initiate win32 cross-port
2004-12-10 mquinsonInitiate win32 cross-port
2004-12-10 mquinsonfix headers
2004-12-10 mquinsonContain all the system headers we may need. Works on...
2004-12-10 mquinsonFix (c) dates; win32 cross-port
2004-12-10 mquinsonA proper gras_init function
2004-12-10 mquinsonInitiate port to cross compile over win32. Try to let...
2004-12-10 alegrandA meta-resource : workstation is simply a CPU and a...
2004-12-10 alegrandRelic of the star removal.
2004-12-09 alegrandEach action can now have a maximum duration. That is...
2004-12-09 alegrandHUSH !
2004-12-09 alegrandTss... lead to inconsistencies.
2004-12-09 alegrandcosmetics
2004-12-09 alegrandBug fix + handling of variables with a weight equal...
2004-12-09 mquinsonFix (C) dates
2004-12-09 mquinsonfix (C) dates
2004-12-09 mquinsonFix (C) dates; cosmetics on documentation
2004-12-09 mquinsonuse BEGIN_DECL (ie, useless cleanup); picky documentati...
2004-12-09 mquinsonfix (C) dates; proper xbt_log function
2004-12-09 mquinsonkilkilkil useless and deprecated stuff
2004-12-09 mquinsonFix (C) dates; minor documentation improvements
2004-12-09 mquinsonproper xbt_log_init function
2004-12-09 mquinsonfix a typo correctly [thanks Guillaume]
2004-12-09 mquinsonfix a typo [thanks Guillaume]
2004-12-09 alegrandMore explicit names
2004-12-09 alegrandAdding workstation : a single CPU and a network card...
2004-12-09 alegrandAdd missing dependency.
2004-12-08 alegrandFixed licence and copyright. No more reference to da...
2004-12-08 alegrandI'm not supposed to comment this module yet but it...
2004-12-08 alegrandDestruction of a relic of the revolution gras->xbt
2004-12-08 alegrandRenaming tbx to xbt and adding some of my functions.
2004-12-07 alegrandI will translate one day. However those informations...
2004-12-07 alegrandTaking latencies into account to bound the effective...
2004-12-07 alegrandAdd lmm_get_var_from_cnst
2004-12-07 alegrandMartin wrote :
2004-12-07 alegrandTaking latencies into account (but not for the bandwidt...
2004-12-07 alegrandRemove useless comments.
2004-12-07 alegrand> CRITICAL1 fait des logs, c'est tout. C'est normal...
2004-12-07 mquinsonSave some space ;)
2004-12-07 alegrandOooups !
2004-12-07 alegrandInitializing logs once and only once.
2004-12-07 alegrandNetwork module is working. Does not take latencies...
2004-12-07 alegrandmove resource_used to the private part
2004-12-07 alegrandUsing logs
2004-12-07 alegrandmove resource_used to the private part + a few renaming
2004-12-07 alegrandAdd some convenient functions
2004-12-07 alegrandIf a system has not been modified between two successiv...
2004-12-07 alegrandmove xbt_heap_float_t
2004-12-07 alegrandcompile the network module
2004-12-07 alegrandmove xbt_maxmin_float_t and xbt_heap_float_t here
2004-12-02 alegrandCosmetics
2004-12-02 alegrandSee the diff. Sorry for the noise.
2004-12-02 alegrandStarting the network module.
2004-12-02 alegrandTaking in account the fact that some resource may have...
2004-12-02 alegrandPublishing some internal parsing function.
2004-12-02 alegrandUsing the Surf parser.
2004-12-02 alegrandSurf Parser
2004-11-30 alegrandKILKILKIL
2004-11-30 alegrandMy bad. Sorry about that.
2004-11-30 alegrandRemoved a bunch of unused variables. Mostly some xbt_er...
2004-11-30 alegrandiso-c does not like , at the end of an enum.
2004-11-30 mquinsonme finds malloc within macro, me killkill it
2004-11-30 mquinsonTest du script de commit log qui déchire
2004-11-30 mquinsoncommit de l'état courant de mes réflexions sur le wire...
2004-11-29 alegrandRha!