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2016-04-13 Martin Quinsontypo--
2016-04-13 Martin Quinsonsimgrid_update_xml: more explicit message when no file...
2016-04-13 Martin Quinsonalso provide an informative error message when Java...
2016-04-13 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove orphaned declarations
2016-04-13 Gabriel CoronaRemove useless #includes
2016-04-13 Gabriel Corona[mc] Livenesschecker, make private stuff private
2016-04-13 Gabriel Corona[mc] Move liveness stats out of mc_stats into LivenessC...
2016-04-13 Gabriel Corona[mc] Delegate some part of Session::logState() to Check...
2016-04-13 Gabriel Corona[mc] Move MC_print_statistics() as Session::logState()
2016-04-13 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove old dual-stack-related comment
2016-04-13 Gabriel Corona[mc] Use Session::execute() in LivenessChecker as well
2016-04-13 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove useless model-checker/model-checked round...
2016-04-13 Gabriel Corona[mc] Add methods to Session
2016-04-13 Gabriel Corona[mc] s/getRecordElement/getTransition/
2016-04-13 Gabriel Coronasimgrid::config::flag, a more declarative way to descri...
2016-04-12 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2016-04-12 Martin Quinsonmore informative message when java needs libcgraph
2016-04-11 degommeChange underlying datatype for some fortran ones (MPI_A...
2016-04-11 Martin QuinsonCheck for boost-graph
2016-04-11 Gabriel Corona[mc] Rename RecordTraceElement as Transition and use...
2016-04-11 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2016-04-10 Frederic Suterhave uniform log format for the same example
2016-04-10 Frederic Suterone step further in documenting MSG examples
2016-04-10 Martin Quinsonkill an unused layer of code
2016-04-09 Frederic Suterrework documentation for
2016-04-09 Martin Quinsoncosmetics
2016-04-09 Frederic SuterMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2016-04-09 Frederic Suterrevisit examples/msg/sendrecv
2016-04-08 degommetry to get rid of random crashes in RMA.
2016-04-08 Martin Quinsonuseless psychotic cleanup
2016-04-08 Martin Quinson__FUNCTION__ is now in the standard
2016-04-08 Frederic Suterjust opened Pandora's doc ...
2016-04-08 Frederic Suter3 more renamed tests
2016-04-08 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove the ugly is_in_vector() hack
2016-04-08 Gabriel Corona[mc] Move resolve_process...() as methods of Process
2016-04-08 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove old commented-out code
2016-04-08 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove useless MC_MODE_CLIENT paths
2016-04-08 Gabriel Corona[mc] Mark some remote pointers as such
2016-04-08 Gabriel Corona[mc] Misc. comments
2016-04-08 Gabriel Corona[mc] Mark xbt::string as a hack
2016-04-07 degommeDon't check value of an output .. it may be uninitializ...
2016-04-07 Martin Quinsonoups, forgot to adapt MC to my last change in config
2016-04-07 Martin Quinsonfix the binary name to test Lua
2016-04-07 Martin Quinsonscaling tests are not welcome in the regression testing
2016-04-07 Martin Quinsonfurther tiny commit in xbt_config. that's not multivalu...
2016-04-07 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove orphaned declaration
2016-04-07 Gabriel Corona[mc] Sort out FIXMEs and TODOs
2016-04-07 Gabriel Corona[mc] Debatably better documentation of State
2016-04-07 Gabriel Corona[mc] s/value/req_num/ because 'value' does not convey...
2016-04-07 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove the client-side processing in simgrid:...
2016-04-07 Gabriel Corona[mc] Get rid of the ugly "value" out parameter in MC_st...
2016-04-07 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove MC_state_get_internal_request()
2016-04-07 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove MC_state_get_executed_request()
2016-04-07 degommeFix some tests failing in out of source builds
2016-04-07 Gabriel Corona[mc] Add Factor some gorry code to State::getRecordElem...
2016-04-07 Gabriel Corona[mc] Simplify/unify the interleeaving/exploration logic
2016-04-07 Gabriel Corona[mc] Get rid of MC_state_set_executed_request() in...
2016-04-07 Gabriel Corona[mc] Document/cleanup State
2016-04-07 Martin Quinsonns3: ignore the output as it changes with the version
2016-04-07 Martin Quinsonsearch for NS3 v3.25 now that I uploaded it to debian
2016-04-07 Martin Quinsonconfig: kill unused functions
2016-04-06 degommeSame thing. But working, this time.
2016-04-06 degommeTry to fix win build - may not be enough
2016-04-06 degommefix two teshes for out of source buiilds
2016-04-06 Frederic SuterMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2016-04-06 Frederic Suterattempt to please jenkins
2016-04-06 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2016-04-06 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove MC_state_remove_interleave_process() (not...
2016-04-06 Gabriel Corona[mc] Use nullptr consistently in C++ code
2016-04-06 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix #includes
2016-04-06 Gabriel Corona[mc] Use std::vector for PatternCommunicationList
2016-04-06 Gabriel Corona[mc] Use std::vector for State::incomplete_comm_pattern...
2016-04-06 Gabriel Corona[mc] Add PatternCommunication::dup()
2016-04-06 Gabriel Corona[mc] Rename the communication pattern types
2016-04-06 Gabriel Corona[mc] Get rid of MC_list_comm_pattern_free()
2016-04-06 Gabriel Corona[mc] Get rid of MC_comm_pattern_free()
2016-04-06 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove always disabled code
2016-04-06 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove duplicate init in State
2016-04-06 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix #includes
2016-04-06 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove the declaration of a function which has...
2016-04-06 degommestupid me.
2016-04-06 Martin Quinsonfurther cleanups to the config stuff
2016-04-06 degommeSwitch to actually perform out-of-source builds.
2016-04-06 Martin Quinsonsome cleanups in the SMPI option declarations
2016-04-06 Martin Quinsonplug a memleak
2016-04-06 Martin Quinsonkill a deprecated function
2016-04-06 degommetry to get rid of smpi tracing segmentation faults...
2016-04-05 Martin Quinsonjtrace: some more calls for kenenbek
2016-04-05 Martin Quinsonjtrace: add a missing call
2016-04-05 degommeReplace MPI->PMPI stupid wrappers by macro-generated...
2016-04-05 Gabriel Corona[mc] Use std::string for request_get_dot_output() and...
2016-04-05 Gabriel Corona[mc] Use std::string in simgrid::mc::request_to_string
2016-04-05 Gabriel Corona[mc] Don't copy or move states (yet)
2016-04-05 Gabriel Corona[mc] Use RAII std::vector for s_mc_comm_pattern::data
2016-04-05 Gabriel Corona[mc] Use RAII std::string for s_mc_comm_pattern::rdv
2016-04-05 Gabriel Corona[mc] Constructor/destructor for s_mc_comm_pattern
2016-04-05 Gabriel Corona[mc] C++ification of State
2016-04-05 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove MC_state_delete()
2016-04-05 Gabriel Corona[mc] Avoid useless stuff when logging is disabled in...
2016-04-05 Gabriel Corona[mc] Create SafetyChecker::backtrack() method