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2019-09-03 Frederic Suterdisk not mount
2019-09-02 Frederic Suterfix distcheck
2019-09-02 Frederic Suterfix typo
2019-09-02 Frederic Suterimplement sg_platf_new_disk
2019-09-02 Frederic Suteradd a platform file using the new disk tag
2019-09-02 Frederic Suterstart implementing what is behind the new <disk> tag
2019-09-02 Arnaud GierschExit with a special exit code on failure in the last...
2019-09-01 Martin Quinsondoc: specify that you need to build the tests before...
2019-09-01 Martin Quinsoncmake: accept enable-model-checking as an alias to...
2019-09-01 Martin Quinsonanother batch of small improvements advised by clang...
2019-09-01 Martin Quinsondoc: specify that ltl2ba is not part of SimGrid
2019-09-01 Martin Quinsonfurther very small steps to modernize our code. thanks...
2019-09-01 Martin Quinsonmodernize our C++
2019-09-01 Martin QuinsonDon't name the unused parameter of this callback
2019-09-01 Martin Quinsonfix a bug in a deprecated function
2019-08-31 Gene CoopermanSpelling fixes & a few cases of polishing the English...
2019-08-28 Arnaud GierschFactor common definition, and avoid empty component...
2019-08-28 Arnaud GierschDrop spurious colon.
2019-08-28 Augustin Degommedon't forget to set include path in this case.
2019-08-28 Augustin Degommedon't throw away existing LD_LIBRARY_PATH in our tests.
2019-08-28 Augustin Degommeactually failsafe has to be applied in all cases.
2019-08-27 Augustin Degommefix mc build with gcc10
2019-08-27 Augustin Degommelet's be gentle with old cmakes which can't handle...
2019-08-27 Augustin DegommeAttempt to ease detection of boost libraries.
2019-08-27 Augustin DegommeAdd some includes to please GCC 10
2019-08-27 Arnaud GierschWorkaround build error seen with clang 10 on freebsd.
2019-08-27 Arnaud GierschUse C++-style cast.
2019-08-27 Arnaud GierschFix build with MC.
2019-08-27 Arnaud GierschFiles were regenerated.
2019-08-27 Arnaud GierschFix: undefined reference to `typeinfo for simgrid:...
2019-08-27 Arnaud GierschDisable test stack-overflow with tsan too (false positive).
2019-08-27 Arnaud Giersch[cppcheck] Reduce scope for variable.
2019-08-27 Loic GueganWIFI: Now implemented
2019-08-25 Martin Quinsonfix pip packaging
2019-08-25 Martin Quinsontesh kill timeouted processes with KILL also
2019-08-25 Martin QuinsonDPOR: improve debug messages
2019-08-22 Augustin Degommeadd test proposed in #39
2019-08-22 Augustin Degommeshould work better with the hostfile in the dist.
2019-08-22 Augustin DegommeOne rma test actually needs exactly 2 processes per...
2019-08-22 Augustin Degommetypos
2019-08-22 Augustin Degommeattach errhandlers to some forgotten calls
2019-08-22 Augustin DegommeErrors occurring during calls to routines that create...
2019-08-20 Augustin DegommeMerge branch 'trace_smpi_execute_flops' into 'master'
2019-08-20 Faure Adrienfix bad private function location
2019-08-20 Faure Adrienexecute_flops now logs compute
2019-08-19 Augustin DegommeAllgatherv : don't output MPI_ERR_BUFFER if recvbuf...
2019-08-19 Augustin DegommeFor File, we can change the default error handler by...
2019-08-19 Augustin DegommeUnlike errors on communicators and windows, the default...
2019-08-18 Martin QuinsonThese tests really need zero buffering
2019-08-18 Martin Quinsonswitch to infty buffering for now as some tests are...
2019-08-18 Augustin Degommeupdate changelog
2019-08-18 Augustin DegommeThis particular RMA test is filled with stupid calls...
2019-08-18 Augustin Degommefix request and coll failing tests
2019-08-18 Augustin Degommetopo was a bit too eager to return errors.
2019-08-18 Augustin DegommeDon't return an error when a key is not found in an...
2019-08-18 Augustin Degommeour coll-* tests include bad calls for coverage, they...
2019-08-18 Augustin Degommeset default error handler to MPI_ERRORS_ARE_FATAL,...
2019-08-18 Augustin Degommedisalign tags for collectives from their nonblocking...
2019-08-18 Augustin Degommeadd tests for errhandlers
2019-08-18 Augustin DegommeAdd support for MPI Errhandlers in Comm, File, Win.
2019-08-18 Martin QuinsonApply the default settings of 'smpi/buffering' too
2019-08-18 Martin Quinsonmore informative error message when checking params...
2019-08-18 Martin Quinsonappveyor: don't build python as it was not tested anywa...
2019-08-18 Martin QuinsonMPI_Scatterv: sendcounts and displs params can be NULL...
2019-08-18 Martin Quinsonmore informative error messages on parameter checks...
2019-08-18 Martin QuinsonFix tesh for the new mc-sendsend test
2019-08-18 Martin Quinsonfix make dist and python dist
2019-08-17 Martin Quinsonadd a test of MC detecting blocking send/send patterns
2019-08-17 Martin QuinsonNew MC option: smpi/buffering, to control MPI buffering
2019-08-17 Martin Quinsonsmpirun: add a -quiet argument, allowing failing tests...
2019-08-17 Martin Quinsonmore informative message when setting inexistant config...
2019-08-17 Martin Quinsondocs: fix borken links
2019-08-17 Martin QuinsonPMPI_Cart_create: check that each dim is positive
2019-08-17 Martin QuinsonHave SMPI fail on MPI_ERR_* in MC mode
2019-08-17 Martin Quinsonfix non-MC builds
2019-08-17 Martin Quinsonuse assignment to non-trivial class rather than artific...
2019-08-15 Martin QuinsonRestore triviality of s_smx_simcall to please GCC
2019-08-15 Martin Quinsonfix java build
2019-08-15 Martin Quinsonsmall comments improvements around a complex code
2019-08-15 Martin Quinsonnow, kernel::actor::simcall_blocking can return a value
2019-08-15 Martin QuinsonLet simcall.py produce valid code after recent renamings
2019-08-15 Martin Quinsoncode simplification + replace a FIXME with an assert
2019-08-15 Martin Quinsonsmall simplifications around simcalls
2019-08-15 Martin Quinsonsmall logic simplification
2019-08-15 Martin QuinsonIntroduce a class mc::SimcallInspector, that allows...
2019-08-15 Martin QuinsonMC: rename processes to actors
2019-08-15 Martin Quinsonobey our coding standards, and snake_case some parts...
2019-08-15 Martin Quinsonstart to make generic simcalls observable from the MC
2019-08-15 Martin Quinsontransparent cleanups around simcalls mechanism
2019-08-15 Martin Quinsonmove the simcall template to the kernel::actor namespace
2019-08-13 Frederic Suterprotect accesses to cnst->cnst_light_
2019-08-10 Martin QuinsonPort simcall_process_suspend to the modernity
2019-08-10 Martin Quinsongetters don't have to be simcalls
2019-08-10 Martin Quinsonconvert simcall_process_sleep to modernity
2019-08-10 Martin Quinsonreduce the use of simcall_process_sleep() -> this_actor...
2019-08-09 Martin Quinsonport a blocking simcall to the modernity
2019-08-09 Martin Quinsonsmall simplification
2019-08-09 Martin Quinsonintroduce a simcall_blocking(), and improve the comments
2019-08-09 Martin QuinsonFix GCC+MC builds
2019-08-09 Martin Quinsonconvert SIMIX_simcall_answer() into ActorImpl::simcall_...