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2011-02-16 thieryUpdate .gitignore
2011-02-16 coldpeacecheck HAVE_MC before calling MC_assert
2011-02-15 navarropCorrectely use xbt_str_varsubs
2011-02-15 cristianrosaAdd another SMPI bugged example to test the MC.
2011-02-15 cristianrosaAlways show the MC statistics on exit.
2011-02-15 cristianrosaIf --cfg=model-check:2 was passed, use a DFS exploration.
2011-02-15 cristianrosaAdd SMPI bugged example to test the MC.
2011-02-15 cristianrosaCount the context switches as user code also.
2011-02-15 cristianrosaCompute the real simulation time.
2011-02-15 navarropThis job is done two time.
2011-02-15 navarropFind simgrid version
2011-02-15 thieryConsider the value of the cfg=model-checker flag
2011-02-14 navarropAdd sources for rngstreams
2011-02-14 navarropAdd --log option to token_ring.tesh
2011-02-14 navarropReimplement old tag random.
2011-02-14 navarropCosmetics
2011-02-14 navarropAdd a gforge sync for simgrid.dtd
2011-02-14 navarropAdd an unused (for the moment) module file
2011-02-14 navarropDon't search for RngStream.h but specific file simulator.h
2011-02-14 schnorr[trace] fix bug on interconnections tracing
2011-02-11 agierschReview const attribute for pointers..
2011-02-11 agierschUse xbt_dynar_free to destroy dynar.
2011-02-11 agierschRemove useless cast.
2011-02-11 agierschCosmetics: fix indentation.
2011-02-11 agierschRemove useless operation.
2011-02-11 agierschFix and cleanups for test msg-icomms-waitany.
2011-02-11 agierschFree mallocator for SIMIX actions on exit.
2011-02-11 agierschAdd missing XBT_PUBLIC.
2011-02-11 agierschRemove duplicated declaration.
2011-02-11 navarropNeed to set DIR_IS_LINK for use pwd -P
2011-02-10 cristianrosaUse verbose instead of debug-
2011-02-10 cristianrosaCompute the user code execution time
2011-02-10 cristianrosaShow also the sub-scheduling rounds.
2011-02-10 navarropAdd a verification on gcc version.
2011-02-09 sahumake jedule compilable with all warning flags
2011-02-09 sahujed output written to simgrid.jed
2011-02-09 sahuadded jedule output to SimDAG
2011-02-09 sahujedule binding to SD started
2011-02-08 thierySimix: add requests to make isend+wait or irecv+wait...
2011-02-08 thieryChord: display the number of messages created
2011-02-08 navarropIt does not work on apple to.
2011-02-08 navarropThose lines are UNIX only.
2011-02-08 navarropAdd tests for code covergae.
2011-02-07 schnorr[trace] process container creation must be before simix...
2011-02-07 velhoRemoved unnecessary print on master process, tests...
2011-02-07 velhoRemoved master message to improve output readability.
2011-02-07 schnorr[trace] updating tesh'es to consider the new event...
2011-02-07 schnorr[trace] only one id generator for tracing system
2011-02-07 schnorr[trace] free the type values
2011-02-07 schnorr[trace] new data structure to hold values of states...
2011-02-07 schnorr[trace] removing unused code
2011-02-07 schnorr[trace] better way of getting references to types
2011-02-04 agierschDefine CONTEXT_THREADS in simgrid_config.h.
2011-02-04 agierschDoctype as changed.
2011-02-04 schnorr[trace] cleaner instrumentation
2011-02-04 schnorr[trace] categories are only used for characterized...
2011-02-04 schnorr[trace] return NULL instead of launching exception...
2011-02-04 schnorrmodel-check output more parsable
2011-02-03 thieryChoose between parallel and serial dynamically only...
2011-02-03 thieryVarious optimizations
2011-02-03 thieryThis action name is not used
2011-02-03 thieryThe process list of MSG is now a swag instead of a...
2011-02-03 thieryOptimization of the lmm_variable_t mallocator
2011-02-02 thieryLarge-scale simulations need bigger mallocators
2011-02-02 thieryUse a mallocator for SIMIX actions
2011-02-02 thieryOptimize xbt heaps a little bit: xbt_heap_pop() is...
2011-02-02 thieryC99 allows us to put %zu after all
2011-02-02 schnorr[trace] fixing tracing tesh'es due to changes in event...
2011-02-02 schnorr[trace] constant model is explicitly not traced
2011-02-02 thieryA cast is needed here to avoid warnings in both 32...
2011-02-01 thieryFix a compilation warning introduced by r9557
2011-02-01 thieryAdd a flag --cfg=contexts/parallel_threshold:n
2011-02-01 thieryAdd parallel contexts test binary to .gitignore
2011-02-01 thieryRemove SIMIX requests that get src and dst buffers...
2011-02-01 thieryUse a mallocator for the Surf actions
2011-02-01 thieryForgot void inside parenthesis
2011-02-01 cristianrosaOptimization, if no parallel execution is selected...
2011-02-01 cristianrosaImplement a dynamic parallel execution mode.
2011-02-01 cristianrosa-Add smx_ctx_sysv_get_thread_id to the parallel ucontex...
2011-02-01 thieryDon't read a comm after completion since it is auto...
2011-02-01 cristianrosaCompile fix: rename function changed after merge.
2011-02-01 cristianrosaReplace the req_todo heap with a table of swags one...
2011-02-01 cristianrosaUse the extra data field of the xbt_os_thread to store...
2011-02-01 cristianrosa- Add SIMIX_context_get_thread_id to the context factor...
2011-02-01 cristianrosaBugfix: set parallel contexts to 1 par default
2011-02-01 thieryI forgot the ones without the extension .tesh
2011-02-01 thieryProtect --log=root.fmt flag with double quotes in tesh...
2011-02-01 thieryRename flag cfg=contexts/parallel to cfg=contexts/nthreads
2011-02-01 thierycfg=contexts/parallel:nb is now the number of threads...
2011-01-31 thieryFix possible compilation problem with the declaration...
2011-01-31 thieryFix segfault when using parallel contexts
2011-01-31 cristianrosaUse a thread specific variable to store the current...
2011-01-31 suterbetter to include msg/msg.h to use msg functions
2011-01-31 cristianrosaMake SIMIX_req_comm(test/wait/testany/waitany) requests...
2011-01-31 thieryFix a compilation problem with dsend and Chord
2011-01-31 navarropRename two_peer by two_peers
2011-01-31 navarropAdd token_ring example.
2011-01-31 cristianrosaMake SIMIX cleanup the user data of the detached isend...
2011-01-31 thieryChord: use MSG_task_dsend when possible
2011-01-31 navarropAdd an example for communication between cluster or...